WW1 British Army1902 Pattern Straight Leg Trousers

WW1 British Army1902 Pattern Straight Leg Trousers

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A very good pair of WW1 Straight Leg British Army Trousers known as the “1902 Pattern”. These are particularly nice as the cream lining dates them to the mid war 1916/17-ish period. Most surviving 1902 pattern trousers are the late war type which have a much whiter lining.

The twin button set up for braces around the top band was introduced in 1915, before that date the braces buttons were in singles, not in pairs. All buttons are of a zinc plated steel matching those that close the fly and waistband. there are about four buttons missing at the waisband.

The WD marking is again classic WW1 period, on these the letters do not denote a date as in WW2, but instead the depot where the trousers were inspected. Here the letter “M” is for Manchester depot.

Twin lines of re-enforcing stitching feature at the bottom of the slash pockets. From 1922 onwards the pockets on trousers have one line of re-enforcing stitching in this position.

The turn-ups at the bottom were put in by the soldier, this was very commonly done in WW1 and are usually able to be rolled down when needed for puttees.

Overall condition is very good with some moth at the crotch.