WW1 British Extra Ammunition Bandolier Dated 1918

WW1 British Extra Ammunition Bandolier Dated 1918

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A good example of the WW1 British cloth Bandolier for carrying extra .303 Rifle Ammunition, dated 1918. 

These five pocket cloth Bandoliers were issued to British and Commonwealth troops when a rifleman needed a ready supply of extra Ammunition in chargers. The most common use for these was issue to a soldier prior to his “going over the top”, as such these cloth Bandoliers form an indelible part of the silhouette of the WW1 British soldier in the attack as numerous period “battle" photos testify. 

Dated 1918 to the edge seam and closing via five copper hooks, this Bandolier is complete and in very good condition overall with no damage of any kind. It appears to have been used twice, once in 1918, and then refilled in 1946 as the red markings to one of the pockets shows.

An indispensable part of the WW1 British Soldier’s battle kit.