WW1 German 7.65mm Pistol Holster - Stormtrooper Interest

WW1 German 7.65mm Pistol Holster - Stormtrooper Interest

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A nice example of the WW1 German Army Issue 7.65mm Pistol Holster. These Holsters were specially designed to hold both the M1914 Mauser and M4 Walther 7.65mm Pistols as these were of a near identical size. Such holsters and their respective weapons were issued to NCO’s, and then specifically Stormtroopers as a backup weapon due to their conveniently un-impeding small size.

The holster  is in good service used condition with all stitching strong throughout. There is lovely Regimental Depot repair to the barrel end of the holster in the usual weak spot where the foresight rubs the leather.  Depot repairs are a classic feature of these holsters.

In my view the Regimental Depot repair makes the Holster all the more interesting as it defines a true front line piece, such basic “patch” repairs only carried from necessity when close to the front. Here the Regimental Depot repair patch is of the proper German Army “pebbled” type only seen on these Holsters and the standard infantryman’s ammunition pouches.

To the inside of the flap the Holster is maker marked and dated 1915.

A wonderful German Trench Raider piece.