WW1 German M16 Helmet - Q66

WW1 German M16 Helmet - Q66

Code: 56035


A very nice example of a WW1 German M16 Q66 Helmet

The shell retains virtually all of the factory field grey finish and has just one small dent above and to the left of the right vent lug, the lug themselves being the A1 type appropriate to the large 66/68 shells. One lug is blocked and interestingly I believe there was an order at some time to block them

Inside, the shell is stamped Q66. The leather liner band is in very good condition and stamped with the 1916 depot mark, and whilst all three sweat pads show wear, they are intact with the exception of one tip. At the back of the sweat pads all three cushion pocket are present with their ties.

There is no chinstrap.