WW1 German M17 Gas mask and Tin, 1917 Dated

WW1 German M17 Gas mask and Tin, 1917 Dated

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A outstanding example of the classic WW1 German M17 "Lederschutzmaske" Gas Mask in absolutely complete and undamaged original 1917 configuration.

The leather-faced Gas Mask was first introduced for use by the German Army in 1917 and today of course it is much sought after as being one of the most evocative WW1 pieces.

This example  in very good condition. The leather to the  body of the Mask is soft, pliable, and un-punctured with the viewing lenses whole and unscratched.

The sprung head and hanging straps atop the Mask are very good and again  undamaged, every one is strong and functioning correctly.

Finally, the original weight-bearing cord to the front of the Mask is still present. This important item is usually lost as it is simply knotted in place and this is only the second original example I’ve ever come across.

The filter is clearly dated 1917 and this too is in very good condition as often than not these are rusty, frequently to the extent of piercing the filter, this due to the internal chemicals starting to degrade. Here there are no such holes or extensive rust, with the field grey paint at least 95% present.


The Gas Mask Tin is original to the Mask and no less pleasing. It retains all its original grey "paper cloth" carrying straps. Paper cloth straps are the correct pattern for the M17 Tin, however, these rare items are most typically found to be lost or in shreds given the material's substance, this leading to the often seen collector replacement to a more readily available, but incorrect, fabric type. The straps on this Tin are not only all there, they are undamaged and strong.

Lastly the spare lens compartment to the inside of the lid retains its original compliment of 1917 dated twin replacement lenses in their original paper sachet.

An excellent example which would prove difficult to upgrade.