WW1 German Officer's Trench Knife / Dagger

WW1 German Officer's Trench Knife / Dagger

Code: 56073


A very nice example of a German WW1 Officer’s Trench Dagger.

Constructed along the lines of a bayonet the Dagger has an overall length of approximately 270mm and is in very good condition

The fittings are in nickel with an eagle’s head pommel with working release button and provision for a rifle bayonet lug and barrel recess at the top of the half quillon crossguard. Grip plates are staghorn. Below the crossguard is the leather buffer.

The blade is without maker’s mark, nickel plated and in very good condition.

The Scabbard is in brown leather with brass chape and belt loop, the retaining strap with a so called “castle” press fastener, not seen after WW1. Condition is very good.

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