WW1 German Telescopic Sight

WW1 German Telescopic Sight

Code: 56091


A pre WW1 German Telescopic Sight of the type impressed into service in the trenches prior to the production of sights specifically intended for military use. So successful were these Sights that the British Periscopic Prism Co copied the design for their Sight which was to become the standard Telescopic sight for the S.M.L.E and P14 rifles.

Constructed with a steel tubular body with blackened brass fittings and steel mounting posts, the fittings are stamped D.R.G.M and Helios 8 with the reticle adjustment knob, R Fuess Steglitz-Berlin.

Overall condition is very good, the eyepiece focusing correctly as does the reticle adjustment. The optics are without damage and with just a very slight haze.