WW1 H.M. SUBMARINES. Sailor's Cap

WW1 H.M. SUBMARINES. Sailor's Cap

Code: 55711


An excellent example of a World War One period Royal Navy Sailor’s cap for a Submariner.

Similar in concept and design to RN caps of later periods these early examples are distinctive in their lower profile and general appearance.

This example is constructed with a one piece white waterproof Tarpaulin top with four side panels of the same material, each side with a pair of brass ventilation eyelets with white pained enamel finish. The hatband is the standard Royal Navy-blue wool with an H.M. Submarines. (dot) cap ribbon or Tally approximately 26mm wide which along with the smaller size of the lettering is slimmer than later Tallies.

Inside, the lining is a buff-coloured cotton with a crown piece, adjustable with a draw string.

Overall condition is very good. There is one small area of moth or wear to the lower edge of the blue hatband and light marking to the tarpaulin top. The Tally is dusty, and the bow dispensed with, the ends of the Tally sewn together.