WW1 Manchester Regiment Rimless Brodie. 1919 Russia Relief Force use?

WW1 Manchester Regiment Rimless Brodie. 1919 Russia Relief Force use?

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A very interesting  WW1 Brodie Helmet with a Manchester Regiment cap badge braised to the front, which at some time has been overpainted in white. 

In my view the white colour either indicates snow camouflage for the Allies campaign against the Bolsheviks in North Russia in 1919, or perhaps re-use of the helmet for the Home Front in WW2. It is impossible to know which with any certainty.

What is certain is that elements of the Manchester regiment were indeed part of 1919 North Russia Relief Force which I believe gives credence to that hypothesis.

Whilst the Helmet is devoid of its liner, with some rust pitting to the underside and just the remnants of its leather chinstrap, this Brodie shell is actually also quite a rare Hybrid. It is the rimless 1915 Pattern Brodie but with the wide chin strap bales of the later MK1 Helmet introduced mid 1916. Such Hybrid Helmets were typically issued during the September 1916 cross over period and then retained for the remainder of the war, this to include the 1919 North Russia expedition.

Another nice feature is the Manchesters cap badge to the front, having such a regimental distinction added is again typical of early Brodies. The badge itself is naturally the WW1 bi-metal version of the Manchester’s badge, the design being changed to a brass Fleur de Lys in January 1923. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that when this helmet was over painted in white the badge was carefully painted around so that it remains plainly visible; this in a very similar manner to German Helmets having their decals carefully painted around when white snow camouflage was applied to them for Russia in WW2.

The Manchesters badge retains the ginger brown paint that was first applied to it when the whole helmet was initially overpainted in that manner as camouflage for the mud of the Western Front. Some of this ginger brown mud camouflage paint is also still visible in places to the underside of Helmet .

A helmet with much history.