WW1 Model 1895 Baden Pickelhaube Helmet - 113rd Infantry Regiment

WW1 Model 1895 Baden Pickelhaube Helmet - 113rd Infantry Regiment

Code: 56097


A very nice “enlisted man’s” WW1 Model 1895 Baden Pickelhaube Helmet to the 113rd Infantry Regiment in very good condition.

Constructed in the standard pre war black leather the Pickelhaube has matching brass fittings throughout. Affixed to the front is the classic Baden griffin Helmet Plate or “Wappen” in brass for Infantry. The Helmet Plate has always been in situ with no extra holes for another Plate added to the body of the Helmet.

The Pickelhaube is superbly date and unit marked to the inside of the rear peak. The markings show it was made in 1896 and first issued to a soldier in the 2nd Battalion of the 113rd Baden Infantry in 1900. The “II” marking shows it was subsequently graded for field use and re-issued to another soldier in that unit at a later date, this presumably at the outbreak of ww1.  

All the fittings  are complete aside from the chin strap and cockades. The Baden cockade is missing and the Reich cockade and chinstrap  fitted to the Helmet are in my opinion very good museum quality copy replacements. It must be said however I am not 100% sure of this.

To be safe however I have priced this Pickelhaube as if both the chinstrap and cockade are replacements.

The liner to the Helmet is original and in nice strong undamaged condition, it has always been in situ.

A very good example of a Pickelhaube to one of the scarcer smaller WW1 German states.