WW1 Prussian Marksman's Lanyard.73rd Hanovarian Regt.

WW1 Prussian Marksman's Lanyard.73rd Hanovarian Regt.

Code: 55810


A lovely regimentally marked example of the WW1 German Army Markman’s Lanyard, or “Shutzenschur”, in very good condition. These were worn on the tunic to denote good marksmanship and were hung from the second closure button to the shoulder. They came in a number of subtly different versions depending on the marksmanship grade achieved. The single hanging acorn on this example denotes the second grade, the lowest grade for this award having no hanging acorns at all.

The Markman’s Lanyard here is in the classic pre war/ early war format of having the red, white and black colours of Imperial Germany interwoven throughout its length. In the late war/post war period this was changed to a simple all grey format.

What makes this Markman’s lanyard most exceptional however is the original owners named regimental label to the rear, this being marked to the elite 73rd Hanoverian Fusilier Regiment. The 73rd was one of the German Army’s best regiments, made famous of course by Ernst Junger’s defining WW1 memoir “Storm of Steel”. The Regiment was also entitled to wear “Gibraltar” armband