WW1 Royal Flying Corps Cowl Helmet

WW1 Royal Flying Corps Cowl Helmet

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£1,950.00 Approx $2468.35, €2278.04, £1950

An absolutely superb example of the so called “Cowl” pattern RFC Helmet.

Constructed in a balaclava style pale brown chrome soft leather the helmet is complete with the often missing chin strap and leather covered claw buckle along with two straps and buckles for forehead adjustment.

On each side are the ear flaps with castle type press fasteners allowing positions from closed to open, in front of which are the roll wind deflectors.

Inside, the Helmet is lined with a chamois crown and lower section in between which is a fur lined section. The lower chamois skirt has a bold WD stamp with a circular manufacturer’s stamp which is not discernible.

Overall condition is near excellent the leather with a few very minor spots but with no damage and with firm stitching. Inside, there is no loss to the fur and no damage to the chamois.

I believe it would be very difficult to upgrade this outstanding example.