WW1 Scottish Seaforth Highlanders Glengarry Cap

WW1 Scottish Seaforth Highlanders Glengarry Cap

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A lovely WW1 Glengarry Cap to the Seaforth Highlanders. Desirably this particular example bears a tartan patch behind the badge, this being not the norm on glengarries as usually this type of headdress has a simple black silk ribbon as standard behind the badge. Some battalions of the Seaforths however wore a piece of tartan behind the badge as battalion indicators, with which particular part of the tartan used, and its orientation, indicating which particular battalion.

On this example I believe the piece of tartan shown being worn as a saltire (or “X” shape) refers to the 7th Battalion Seaforths.

The 7th Seaforths were a war raised unit, a result of Lord Kitchener's call for volunteers to join the fight right at the start of the war. They were formed at Fort George in August 1914 and came under the command of the British Army’s 26th Brigade in the 9th (Scottish) Division.

They went to France in mid May 1915 and fought their entire war on the Wester Front.

The Glengarry is complete and in good service used condition overall, with just a small amount of moth damage to the obverse of the Cap as shown in my images. The Cap has the classic letter trim of WW1 examples and still retains its silk tails to the rear. Rather nicely the badge to the Cap has clearly always been in situ undisturbed.

A very nice example.