WW1 U-Boots-Kriegsabzeichen (U-Boat War Badge)

WW1 U-Boots-Kriegsabzeichen (U-Boat War Badge)

Code: 56364


A very nice example of a WW1 U-Boots-Kriegsabzeichen bearing a number of features of those marked to the designer (Walter Schott fec). Perhaps produced in the early post WW1 period and often seen worn by WW1 veterans serving in the Kriegsmarine, the condition is very good and the badge is free from damage of any kind with just a pleasing appearance of light service use. Some evidence of the original sea green finish remains.

The horizontal fixing pin, hinge and locking catch are all working well the pin typical of inter war examples.

A good point to look out for on these badges are the machine striations (scratches) on the reverse. These are perhaps caused by the sanding wheel used to hand finish the badges and would seem to appear only on original pieces as I have here. Weight 24.26 grams.

The U-Boots-Kriegsabzeichen was instituted during the First World War on February 1, 1918. It was awarded to recognize U-boat crews who had completed three war patrols. The badge was worn on the lower left side of the uniform.