WW11 British Armoured Vehicle Sun Compass

WW11 British Armoured Vehicle Sun Compass

Code: 56100


Cole Pattern Sun Compass of the type used for navigation in armoured vehicles in the desert during the Second World War where the featureless terrain made other methods impossible.

Fairly complex, it was not considered soldier proof and needed constant adjustment unlike the Bagnold Sun Compass used by the LRDG and SAS, yet the army chose never to adopt the Bagnold.

Complete and with the mountings which allowed it to be positioned in full view of the driver present, the only missing component I can see is the vertical pin which cast the bearing shadow .

The brass circular plate measures approximately 204mm across and has engraved degrees around the outside from 0 -360 with sliding latitude plates and needle bar. There are various instructions engraved to the brass disc and a small table of 'Dates and Minutes' for the Equation of Time (added to or subtracted from mean time converts to true or apparent time). Also engraved ' To Find Local Mean Time ' in hours & minutes.

Overall condition is very good with no noticeable damage.