WW11 Rocket Propelled Target Drone Designed  by Neville Shute

WW11 Rocket Propelled Target Drone Designed by Neville Shute

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A very rare second world war designed rocket propelled gunnery practice Target Glider “Drone” in its original box and made by IMA , the International Model Aircraft company

Designed by Neville Schute who along Joe Mansour was charged with the construction design of a target drone, which had a four feet wingspan, to be used by Wrens (Women’s Royal Navy Service) to teach merchant seamen to ‘lay off’ when attempting to shoot down enemy aircraft.

It appears to be constructed for the most part in the traditional model aircraft theme, that being a Balsa (?) frame covered in a doped paper or light fabric. It was designed to be powered a Jetex “rocket motor” which was a small detachable solid fuel (cordite) motor. This would have fitted under the fuselage. It was launched from a catapult platform.

It has a length of 43” and wing span of 45”

Condition is generally very good, although I would not wish to guarantee its airworthiness! Some of the covering has gone a little slack with age. The box while solid is faded with age.

Undated, this Drone may be of early post WW11 construction