WW2 Camouflaged M18 Helmet - Coastal Artillery?

WW2 Camouflaged M18 Helmet - Coastal Artillery?

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An excellent example of a M18 Helmet which saw service in WW2

Spray painted in what in my view is the typical camouflage pattern seen on Atlantic Wall fortifications and indeed some of the helmets used along it, the Helmet is in very good condition but missing the chinstrap.

The shell is completely without damage and retains most of the original period camouflage paint. Under the paint on the left side below the visor horn is the clear outline of a single decal.

Inside, the rim has been had painted in green, the paint spilling over the non reinforced  liner band in places. The manufactures stamps are quite difficult to make out, but I believe they are the “Bell” L. a.k.a. rattle logo of R. Lindenberg A.G., Remscheid-Hasten. The size is 64, the only size that company made.

The liner is an M31 of wartime production but the leather  tongues are earlier and carry the early oval shaped stamp of Schuberth. The date on the stamp is  probably 1931 but that was not changed during the time the stamp was used by the company until it was changed to a different shape in 1935.

The leather and liner band have clearly always been together and never removed from the helmet, Schuberth perhaps using up old stock to make up liners for second line Helmets. The leather is very good but heavily treated with a leather preserver. Lifting back the liner reveals an ink stamp to  1/J.R.18 which was then blacked out presumably when the Helmet was again issued, in my view to a coastal unit perhaps Kriegsmarine.

A lovely and very rare helmet