WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Winter Heated Flying Suit

WW2 Imperial Japanese Army Winter Heated Flying Suit

Code: 55792


A fur-lined, medium brown cotton one-piece heated Flying Suit introduced by the Imperial Japanese army in in 1937 for use by crews during winter conditions.

The front is closed by a full-length zip with a single button and button-holed tab to its top and a four button French fly to the right of the main zip. The fly is fully stamped in Kanji.

There is a fur-lined, lay-down collar with two buttons to its left underside through each of which are fed triple button-holed tabs which mate with corresponding dual buttons under the right collar.

 All buttons to the angled French fly and to the zig-zag stitched underside of the fur-lined collar are of 2cm diameter olive drab Bakelite. There is large  pocket to each breast, each with a vertical zipper under a French fly next to the front closure zip.

The waist belt runs along the reverse of the waist, ending above each hip, with leather reinforcing to the left hip.

Zips on each hip allow access to the interior which is fully lined in a soft white fur. To the front of both thighs are fur-lined pleated patch pockets whose top openings are diagonally angled. The cuffs of each sleeve and to the base of each leg have zip closures.

With the exception of the right leg zip all zips function perfectly and have their original tabs. The defective zip is held in place by the runner, but the teeth open behind it as it’s closed. There is a 90mm patch inside of the left leg patch pocket and a small repair where the right leg pocket is attached to the suit. In addition, the small pocket at the back which once housed the cable for the heated element is torn, the cable itself removed.