Zeiss 7x50 U Boat Binoculars

Zeiss 7x50 U Boat Binoculars

Code: 56494


A pair of Zeiss 7x50 U Boat Binoculars with serial number 39946 being one of a batch produced for the U Boat service between 1943-45.

These feature the rough green Rauhlack exterior coating, unusually is in very good condition.

The rubber armour around the objective lenses is excellent although these are modern reproductions, indistinguishable from the originals. The armour to the prism covers and eyepieces show cracking, particularly where the right side has been lifted to inspect the markings which are 7x50 blc 39946.

The so called Benutzer (User) cap or rain guard is in place.

Optically they are free from damage but cloudy and hazy and in need of cleaning. The blue lens coating appears intact, and the neck strap is in very good supple condition.

Overall, a very good example well worth cleaning.