Zeiss Kriegsmarine 7x50 Binoculars with Hinged Eyecups

Zeiss Kriegsmarine 7x50 Binoculars with Hinged Eyecups

Code: 56543


Only the second pair of these rare Kriegsmarine 7x50 Zeiss Binoculars I have owned with hinged eyecups, no doubt intended to aid rapid cleaning of the oculars or use with a gas mask.

A late war production, the right prism cover is marked 7x50, 67258 and rln, the late war code for Zeiss. The eyecups themselves are rubber, mounted on a metal hinge and ring which can be rotated to allow focusing of the eyepiece. The body retains most of the original Rauhlack finish, the front plates fitted with desiccator cartridges and the objective lenses with rubber armour.

Optically the Binoculars are very good, the lenses clear and the coating appearing without loss. They are in collimation and ideal for recreational use without cleaning.

Overall, a lovely pair of rare Kriegsmarine Binoculars complete with their original neck strap.