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Very Early Silver Lion's Head SS Sword by WKC

£5,895.00 Approx $8108.67, €6902.81, £5895

Code: 10413

An early Silver Lion's Head Sword by the maker WKC, dating from between 1935 - 36
The grip is a black celluloid over a wooden core with eleven bands of interwoven silver wire, the celluloid intact but with one crack at the top from the Lion's mane down as far as the second row of wire bands.
The grip strap is nicely detailed over it's full length from the ferrule through the lion's head with it's two faceted eyes, all heavily silver plated.
The P shaped grip guard is also heavily silver plated and decorated with oak leaves turning to hand finished fern leaves as it joins the crossguard which is again silver plated and terminating with yet another lion's head within a roll. At centre obverse is the langet here bearing the all important early style SS eagle and Swastika, the reverse with a centre oval to allow for a dedication. Sitting above the crossguard is the silver plated and oakleaf decorated ferrule.
Moving to the blade the Knight's head of WKC is clearly visible below the langet. The blade is full length without damage but does show marking overall which I am told can be polished out. I have left it as it is.
Finally, the scabbard is without damage but has one screw missing at the throat and shows paint chipping overall.
The hand tooling and finish of this Sword far surpasses anything similar on the market today. An exceptionally rare Sword and quite possibly made for someone of importance.