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Imperial German Officer's Dagger Cane. Over 100 Years Old


Code: 10415

The first I have ever seen or been able to offer, this WW1 German Officers Dagger Cane is clearly over 100 years old and is therefore considered legal to be sold or owned in the UK.
Approximately 520mm in length when closed the wooden cane is topped with a brass band beautifully engraved with the owner’s initials ES and a perfectly executed representation of the 1914 instituted Iron Cross no longer used after Wilhelm's abdication was announced on November 9, 1918. The division between the two halves of the cane is concealed by a second brass band with a third at the base.
When pulled apart a rectangular spike 164mm in length is revealed twice marked Solingen and with the number 4,the final 65 mm with an ornate pattern to the four edges.
Overall condition is very good, the full length being 523 mm.

Shipping to UK and EU only and would EU buyers please ensure they can legally import this piece.