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Q66 Sud Camouflaged M40 Helmet

£2,500.00 Approx $3438.79, €2927.4, £2500

Code: 10424

An excellent and completely unmolested Q66 M40 Sud Camouflaged Helmet with a lot number of 325 stamped into the rear skirt.
The shell is completely without damage and retains a good 90% of what was perhaps a field spray applied camouflage tan and green paint. Close examination of the left side of the helmets suggests just a suspicion of a Luftwaffe eagle under the paint, absolutely in keeping with helmets in this lot range.
Inside, there is no chinstrap. The liner band fits snugly against the shell and I am pleased to say has not suffered the indignity of having been bent by collectors to inspect a date. The liner itself is very good, without damage and remaining supple, the drawstring still in place.