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A fine set of Harquebus English Civil War Armour

£5,500.00 Approx $6866.42, €6508.88, £5500

Code: 54905

A fine set of Harquebus Armour dating from the English Civil War period of the mid 17th. Century and typical worn by a horse mounted trooper
The armour comprises a Pot Helmet with two-piece skull joined by a low-comb, neck-guard (Lobster tail) of simulated lames and pointed peak or visor with three-bar guard hinged at each side to allow it to be raised when not needed. At each side are the cheek pieces for protection, hinged by means of leather strips. The Helmet is in very good condition, the leather cheek strips having been replaced.
The Breastplate is of shot-proof weight in blackened iron. The waistline of the armour is high, both for comfort on horseback and in line with the high waist of civilian fashion. The Breastplate has a strong medial ridge and a narrow flange which continues to the Backplate. The Back and Breastplates are held together at the waist and shoulders, the waist strap riveted to the Backplate and closed with a buckle at the front. This strap is now broken and is of course a later replacement. Riveted to each shoulder of the Backplate is a leather strap covered with a series of small iron plates and with a long slightly curved plate, each with three keyholes riveted to the end of it which attaches to mushroom headed rivets on the Breastplate.
Overall condition is very good with light surface pitting
The custom made hardwood display stand is not included but is available by separate negotiation