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Falklands War - General Belgrano Sailor's Hat

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An extremely rare and unissued example of an Argentine Sailor’s Hat with original ribbon to the ARA General Belgrano, sunk by the Royal Navy during the Falklands war.
The Cap is in excellent condition and a poignant reminder of the conflict.
ARA General Belgrano was an Argentine Navy light cruiser in service from 1951 until 1982. She was sunk on 2 May 1982 by the Royal Navy submarine Conqueror with the loss of 323 lives. Losses from General Belgrano totalled just over half of Argentine military deaths in the war.
Although controversial the captain of the Belgrano, Héctor Bonzo, has testified that the attack was legitimate, as did the Argentine government in 1994.
She is the only ship to have been sunk during military operations by a nuclear-powered submarine.