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Navaho American Indian Silver and Leather Horse Halter


Code: 10456

An excellent example of a Silver and Leather Navaho Horse Halter ( or headstall) dating from the 1890s.
Well displayed in a glazed frame measuring 57 cms x 54 cms the Halter is in very good condition.
At centre on each side arm sits a sunburst decorated oval disc known as a “Concha” whilst the arms themselves are decorated with a repeated native design roughly resembling a Wigwam. Everything is arranged on a leather backing strap which continues up to a buckle and strap which fitted across the horse’s head and downwards to a bit. PLEASE NOTE the bit is not original Native American and is added simply to complete the display.
Joining the side arms is a leather strap adorned with silver bearing the same Wigwam design whilst the centre section carries a leaf pattern and loop from which hangs the “Naja” (Cresent Shaped) pendant intended to ward evil spirits away from the horse.
A quite beautiful display which will always attract admiration.


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