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Luftwaffe North African award Document Group


Code: 10477

Group of documents and photograph to Gefreiten Helmut Zoller, 7th (Heavy Searchlight) Luftwaffe Signals Regiment (motorised) Africa. Previously 7th Heavy Searchlight Company (motorised) Africa.
1) Award document for the Iron Cross 2nd class. To Gefreiten Helmut Zoller 7./schw. flugm. –komp. (mot) Afrika. Stabsquartier, 9 Mai 1942. Signed by Generalmajor. With ink stamp ofLuftgaupostamp Munchen 2 Diensteille Feldpostnummer L 00143 (FP No.L00143 was LuftgauKommando Tunis) Very good condition with one corner crease.
2) Award document for the Italio-German Africa medal. To Gefreiten Helmut Zoller 7./(schw.Flum.) Ln.Rgt.mot. Afrika. 1 Juli 1942. Signed by Oberleutnant und Komp.- Chef. With ink stamp of 7/schw Flugm. Komp. (mot) Afrika. Very good condition, once folded and with the image of the signature reflected to the upper half.
3) Award document for the Afrika armband. To Obergefreiten Helmut Zoller 1.5.1943. Signed by a Major. With ink stamp of Der Oberbefehishaber Sud. Very good condition
4) Ausweiss to Obgefr. Helmut Zoller, 14.12.1944. With ink stamp of Dienstftelle Feldpostnummer L51574. Very good condition
5) Photocard of Obergefreiten Zoller in tropical uniform. Very good condition