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1939 Dated Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse. Flak

£1,440.00 Approx $1795.51, €1696.11, £1440

Code: 10488

A seemingly unissued and particularly interesting 1939 dated Fliegerbluse with original factory applied shoulder straps, collar patches and red collar piping for a flak regiment. The eagle is original but applied at a later date possibly by a collector.
What makes the Blouse of particular interest is the inclusion of the two slanted and flapped pockets, not introduced until May 1940. Despite the fact that there is a clear 1940 LBA stamp it was manufactured for the Munich depot in 1939.
In volume 1 of Angolia’s “Uniforms and Traditions of the Luftwaffe”, he make the observation that “Blouses are known to exist with hip pockets and without the tucks at the back. As these are marked with a 39 stamp and they are believed to be specimens for test and evaluation by units”. This is perhaps one of these test items.
Made in a blue grey basic cloth it has a five button front closure. The top button is missing but the Blouse was usually worn open to the second button. Each cuff has a hidden strap which can be brought from the inside to close the cuff on an outside button. Both pockets and shoulder straps have a single grey pebbled button, again, not brought in until the 1940 modifications.
Inside, there is a dressings pocket, part twill lining, buttons for a collar protector and one pocket. There are waist laces for a better fit and the straps and hooks to support the belt.
Overall condition and appearance is very good but there are four moth holes on the lower front right side and five on the lower back right side.