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Zeiss 10x50 Dienstglas Binoculars


Code: 55295

A late war produced pair of Zeiss 10x50 Dienstglas Binoculars left behind after the occupation in the Island of Jersey

As part of the emergency contingencies to speed up production, the previously use Rauhlack exterior coating was replace with a simply grey sprayed finish, the ocular distance scale on the bending bar was removed and the reticule in the right ocular abandoned.

The right prism plate is stamped, Dienstglas, 10x50, 90738, rln and with the lubricant code suitable for temperatures down to -40 degrees. The serial number dates the production to between 1943 -45. rln is the late war code for Zeiss.

There is wear to the painted finish and perhaps a very small chip, no bigger than a pin head on the edge of each prism. There is a slight haze but the glasses are useable and in collimation.

The leather neck strap is perhaps a later addition.