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Cased Luftwaffe Flak Badge in Tombak


Code: 55318

An early Luftwaffe Tombak Flak (Flakkampfabzeichen) Badge by Gustav Brehmer Markneukirchen. Maker marked on the reverse and contained in its early presentation case.

This example is in excellent condition and of two-piece construction with an eagle mounted to the wreath. It retains much of the original finish and is completely without damage.

The case is in similarly fine condition, the badge sitting on a slightly domed blue velvet covered plinth. The case is without damage although there is some loss to the gold blocked title. The spring catch works perfectly and close the lid securely.

Generally an excellent example.

The badge was awarded on a point system, with a total of sixteen points required to receive the badge. Regulations also stipulated the award was for solitary award only, meaning it went to an individual for reaching the required points based on merit, and not to a group. Each member of the unit credited with some aspect of destroying an enemy aircraft received:

4 points: For the unaided destruction of an aircraft.

2 points: For cooperating in the shooting down of an enemy aircraft. Crashes due to barrage balloons or blinding from search- lights were valued the same.

1 point: For first detection of an enemy aircraft by a searchlight or sound-locator.