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Polish Parachutist Badge. Arnhem Liason Officer


Code: 55332

A scarce London made Polish Parachutist Badge, the Znak Spadochronowy ( swooping eagle) with research letter from the Polish Institute date 10th July 2000.

Constructed from non ferrous alloy, silver plated, oxidized and then lacquered, the example is in very good undamaged condition.

The reverse is marked Tobie Ojczyzno (For you my country)  and 0525, which is the badge number. The screw back fixing  plate shows light wear but is clearly marked GR. Techn. London.

The research letter from the Polish Institute states” I can confirm that the Polish Parachutist Badge No. 0525 was awarded to Major Jozef Morkowski (1Polish Corps). It would appear that he was one of the Parachute Brigade liaison officers during Operation Market Garden – the absence of a wreath could probably denotes the fact he was attached to another allied unit and did not make an actual jump.”

A very good example researched over twenty years ago.