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German Fire Engine First Aid Kit

£650.00 Approx $781.25, €728.7, £650

Code: 55479

A very large and impressive German First Aid / Medical Kit for use in Fire Engines.

Purported to have come from The Airport in Jersey the contents are neatly packed in a plywood case measuring 70 x 40x 11 cms and weighing something in the region of 13 Kilograms.

The case is well marked with red crosses both to the lid and sides with its purpose clearly stencilled on the lid

 “ Verbandenkasten Fur Fueurwehrfahrzeuge”

The case itself is in very good condition with some minor loss to the top layer of ply at some edges from knocks.

The contents are too extensive to list and appear original to the kit with the exception of two or three bandages and a thermometer which are period British made along with one surgical instrument, perhaps given further credibility to its claimed history. There is also a Swiss made Syringe and kit but this is quite possibly correct and provided for the German forces by the Swiss.

Some of the contents are dated 1944 which seems appropriate to the ordnance tan paint on the case handle and catches. There are arm slings, splints, and finger stools along of course with the various ointments, powders etc. There are no Ampules.

On the left side of the case is a lift out wooden box which has two levels, the lower carrying just surgical instruments none of which carry a maker mark .

An extremely impressive item which displays very well and is the first I have ever seen.