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A collection of Photographs and Documents to the Greek Sacred Regiment


Code: 55589

The last of the three listings related to the WW11 Special Forces Greek Sacred Squadron / Regiment (Raiding Forces) is this important collection on paperwork and original wartime photographs.

The history of this little known unit, closely tied to the SAS and SBS is detailed in the previous two listings and I hope makes interesting and informative reading.

This collection to Lt. Lagarias comprises:

22 original and possibly unpublished photographs all seemingly taken in the field or on active service.

His Certificate of Entitlement to wear the Badge of the Greek Sacred Regiment.

An impressive parchment Certificate showing SAS wings  and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Regiment.

A document relating to Samos Island dated November 1943

A number of wartime dated paperwork orders and other related documents in Greek which I have not been able to translate which I believe cover the activities of the Sacred Squadron including notes on the Sudan.

A picture of the monument to the Sacred Squadron on Symi Island.

All in very good condition with the signature of Tsigantes who commanded the Regiment, along with others.

A significant collection of historical importance.