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1939 Mk11 Brodie Helmet with Heavy Camouflage


Code: 56042

An interesting 1939 dated British Mk11 helmet which came with a belt from a Khaki Drill Tunic and an unidentified blue cotton sleeve bearing the numbers 7139 in white felt numerals.

The Helmet retains most of a thick muddy coloured camouflage, intact over nearly all of the shell apart from a small area which appears to be the result of the buckle rubbing against it when position over the front of the shell.

Inside, the fixing points for the chinstrap are dated 1939 as is one of the fibre bands which also shows a size 7.

The oilcloth liners is very good whilst the early bump pad shows signs of excessive heat suggesting that the helmet saw service in a very hot climate, borne out by the camouflage finish and the KD drill tunic belt.