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Kriminalpolizei Warrant Disc with Award Papers and Iron Cross Second Class

A Warrant Disc "Staatliche Kriminalpolizei" Disc, Iron Cross second class and paperwork relating to Karl Kurten and covering the period from December 1917 through to May 1956.
The Kriminalpolizei" Disc is die struck in bronze, measures 5.1 cms x 3.7 cms and is impressed on the rear with the number 3178. In overall very good condition it is complete with what I take to be a gold watch chain and is supported by a written confirmation of authenticity from Gordon Williamson.
In addition is the awarded Iron Cross second class, the decoration itself in very good condition but with extensive staining to the reverse of the ribbon.
Also included is Kurten’s award certificate for the Iron Cross dated December 1917, a 1934 dated certificate for the WW1 Ehrenkreuze F.Frontkämpfer to Hausmeister Karl Kurten, a 1940 dated award certificate for 25 years’ service to Assistenten Kurten with nice embossed eagle and Swastika a 1942 dated award certificate for the War Service Cross second class again with a large embossed eagle and Swastika three post war certificates and one letter showing his promotion through to Polizeiobersekretar.
A good researchable collection all in very good condition.

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1944 Dated British Military Snow Shoes

A nicely matched 1944 dated pair of British military Snow Shoes in overall very good condition without damage but with some staining to the canvas shoe platforms.
Adjustable webbing harness allows for one size to fit all boots. Despite a long hard search I could only find one picture of these in use, in this case during a mountain exercise by Australian troops.

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Cleaning Rod for the K Number Luger Onwards

A very good all steel Cleaning Rod for the K number onwards PO8 Luger pistol.
Once again forum discussed to establish originality this has been confirmed to be of 1934 -45 manufacture and is in very good perhaps unused condition.
As with all such Cleaning Rods, there are no markings.

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Pre 1945 Manufactured Luger Grips

Although modern reproductions are available there is, in my view, no acceptable substitute for a genuine pair of pre 1945 manufactured walnut grips for the PO8 Luger Pistol.
Confirmed by forum discussion this pair is in excellent undamaged condition with little if any wear apparent to the chequered grip pattern.
Nicely matched there are no obvious stampings.

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Rain Guard and Neck Srap for Dienstglas Binoculars

The finishing touches to any pair of Dienstglas 6x30 or 7x50 Binoculars is the rubber rain guard and neck strap so often found to be missing.
This complete example is without doubt the best I have seen. The Rain guard itself remains supple and without cracks whilst the neck strap and fitting tabs are in excellent condition.
Seldom available as a separate item it would be very difficult to upgrade this set.

Code: 54013


Four Combat Award Documents To One Soldier. Sevastopol, Stalingrad, Normandy (Omaha) .Original Knights With Oakleaves Holder Signature and Gold Cross Winner Signature

A four piece Ostfront and Normandy combat document group named to a Gefreiter later Unteroffizier Karl Neumann, a machine gunner with Infanterie Regiment 105 and Grenadier Regiment 546. The group comprises an Iron Cross Second Class certificate dated 1st July 1942 and awarded Vor Sewastopol (in front of Sevastopol). The document is signed by an Oberst Vogel (German Cross in Gold winner) and Kommandeur of the 72nd Inf Div.
An Infantry Assault Badge in Silver certificate dated 16th July 1942 and awarded in the Crimea (Krim), signed by an Oberst Martin Strahammer, a Knights Cross with Oakleaves holder who was shot by the Americans under unclear circumstances.
Black Wound Badge certificate signed by the Battalion Commander who incorporated a swastika in his signature, cert dated 4th June 1942 for a wound received on the 12th March 1942.
Silver Wound Badge dated 15th January 1945 for a wound received on the 28th September 1944, signed by the Battalion Führer.

Karl Neumann was a machine gunner in 4./ Inf Regt 105 (the 4th company were machine gunners) and as part of the 72nd Inf Div took part in the great battles and siege of Sevastopol where he earned his Iron Cross, Infantry Assault Badge in Silver and Black Wound Badge for his first wound received in action.
At some point after this he must have transferred to 8.(M.G.)Kp./ Gren Regt 546 (again a machine gunner) and took part in the battle for Stalingrad, he was probably wounded and was one of the few survivors of the regiment as it was virtually destroyed at Stalingrad. The survivors of Gren Regt 546 were then transferred to the new Inf Div 352 which was being formed, this division was the first to defend Omaha and Normandy on D-Day against the Allies. Karl Neumann was again wounded fighting the Americans for which he received the Silver Wound Badge for his 3rd wound.

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NSKK Regiment Speer Officer's Cap

Certainly the first I have ever been able to offer and I believe an exceptionally rare, NSKK Regiment Speer Officer's peaked or visor hat. This unit was attached to the Luftwaffe, and personnel wore Luftwaffe uniforms with NSKK insignia or the brown uniform of Speer’s staff.
At first glance the Cap appears identical to the Luftwaffe officer’s cap but there is a subtle difference. Luftwaffe caps are constructed with a non-removable mohair hatband. With NSKK Caps the hatband is again non-removable but either of brown or the more scarce black wool as we have here.
The Cap appears to be a late war example, the NSKK reaching maximum strength in 1944 and is best distinguished as such by the subdued aluminium piping and imitation leather sweatband.
The NSKK eagle is zinc and the winged cockade is the standard Luftwaffe hand embroidered silver wire with an aluminium wire chin cord lying on a green backed vulcanite peak.
Inside, the lining is a golden rayon, the celluloid sweat shield still completely intact.
Overall condition is generally very good with light moth nips, primarily to the underside of the brim.
The Cap has been forum discussed to 100% positive acclaim, one suggesting being that it was perhaps manufactured in one of the occupied territories, perhaps Holland or France.

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Single Decal Luftwaffe ET66 with Relic Liner

The second of these entry level Helmets which came as part of a collection is this large single decal M42 Luftwaffe Helmet.
Although the liner is now in relic condition, a common problem with the sheepskin used, this ET66 with a lot number of 1593 is well worthy of seeking out a replacement liner. There is no chinstrap
The shell is free from dents or other damage with the decal showing minor loss only.
Ideal for display, restoration or even for re-enactment perhaps with a reproduction liner.

Code: 54011


SA (Sturmabteilungen) Enlisted Mann's Belt and Buckle with Cross Strap

An SA enlisted man's belt and Buckle with the seldom seen adjustable leather cross strap.
The Buckle is a known variation in brass with mobile Swastika and with the eagle's head protruding above the the inner rope of the design.
Belt, cross strap and Buckle are all in very good condition the high points to the Buckle showing some wear through polishing. The belt is well stamped with makers details and further numbers which perhaps refer to the SA brigade

Code: 54009


Kriegsmarine Harbour Pilot Flag - Hafenlotseflagge

A very good and perhaps unissued example of the German Harbour Pilot’s Flag, the Hafenlotseflagge.
Flown at any time a qualified Pilot was aboard to guide a ship into port, this example is of multi panel construction and measures approximately 110cms x 95 cms.
Overall condition is very good with absolutely no moth or other damage and with the colours still bright. Close inspection reveals some marks to the white borders but these are few and do not detract in any way.
Both halyard hooks are in place on their respective ropes.
A very nice piece of quality manufacture which will display well.

Code: 52441


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