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Early Luftwaffe Double Zip Flying Boots

A scarce pair of early Luftwaffe double zip Flying Boots typical of those seen in images of the early air war and of course, The Battle of Britain.
The Boots have a black shoe section with a leather cross strap and friction buckle helping, along with another strap at the top of the boot, to ensure the Boots remains in place after bale out. Upper sections are of black suede with a full length Ri Ri zip fastener on both the inside and outside of the Boot. Inside the Boots are lined with a dense fur.
The shoe sections are very good and retain their “Original Willop” rubber soles, the fur lining is very good and without loss and all Zips work well if a little stiff.
Of the upper suede sections, the left Boot shows an area of wear on the inner side but the right boot has fared less well with a patched repair and split at the back of the heal.
Both labels remain but with no visible markings other than a personalised initial but the sole length of 27 1/2 cms suggests a size of approximately a UK 8

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Single Decal M35 Reissue ET64

A very pleasing example of a field reissue M35 Heer Helmet overpainted in a typical olive green, obscuring the tricolour shield but with a very good toned eagle carefully painted around.
The shell is without damage and retains approximately 80% of the reissue paint. The rivets are closely matched in colour but there is a discernible difference in the shade so it is just possible the liner was added later.
Inside, the shell is stamped ET64 with a lot number 4564 and with the reissue paint extending down to but not beyond the liner band which shows no overpaint.
The leather is soft and undamaged with one tongue stamped 57. An original drawstring is in place but there is no chinstrap although I will happily include a reproduction example free of charge.
A very nice helmet, possibly with a later applied but original liner.

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Silver Wound Badge in Original Case

A particularly attractive Tombak Silver Wound Badge bearing the The Präsidialkanzlei des Führers Lieferant (Führer Chancellery Supplier) number 30 allocated to the manufacturing firm of Hauptmunzamt in Vienna and contained in its original case of issue.
The Badge itself is in excellent undamaged condition and whilst the case lid remains attached to the base, the hinge operation is by the cloth joining the base to the lid, the fabric of the case itself now separated.
A lovely example

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Pre War Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge by Assmann

A quite beautiful example of a pre war Luftwaffe Pilot’s Badge by Assmann, featuring a Tombak silver wreath and aluminium eagle.
Overall appearance is very good with the reverse of the wreath impressed with the Assmann trade mark and the reverse of the eagle nicely personalised with the initials ES infilled in red.
Of interest is the repair to the rivet in the eagle’s left wing which has clearly been effected using an aircraft grade aluminium rivet. In my view this in no way detracts from the piece and combined with the owner’s personalised initials shows a true combat example, once much cherished by its owner.
Pin and hinge are undamaged.

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1940 Dated Luftwaffe 10-30 Schwimmweste

This is the first of these rare early Luftwaffe 10-30 Schwimmwestes I have ever been able to acquire. Short lived during wartime, it suffered major design defects which became apparent in combat conditions and was replaced by the much improved B-1.
Seen in period photographs in use during the early months of the war and most certainly during the Battle of Britain, this example has a good clear label with a manufacturing date of 8.40, the height of the battle. To the left of the label is a hand painted "26". Could this be JG 26 of which Galland took command in August 1940?
Rather dirty from service use and with signs of perspiration marks perhaps caused by flying in shirtsleeves, this was a consequence of the full back, discontinued with the later design. Of the three closure tapes at the front, two are very good but the bottom tape has separated. This remains full length and could be re stitched into place but nevertheless, the defect is there. Again, this was a design fault with most of the strain being placed on the lower strap and again corrected in the later design with a waist belt. At the centre of the neck is a split which I have shown in the images and which has been lightly stitched to prevent further damage. The tube for the top up mouth piece is very good with the valve working well. The vest inflates but slowly deflates. The strap securing the back of the vest to the front when in wear, is complete but has a split near the end where it joins the closure rings.. Finally the CO2 battle is in place and in very good inert condition. This is dated 1941. A very good Luftwaffe Battle of Britain period dated display piece.
SHIPPING NOTE. Due to restrictions on shipping CO2 bottles by air, I can only ship the item complete to EU countries. Any other country will require the bottle to be sent separately and at the customer’s risk.

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Luftwaffe Auer 295 Flying Goggles

A very good pair of early Luftwaffe 295 Flying Goggles by Auer, complete with their impressive aluminium storage case and spare lenses.
Absolutely typical of those in use during the Battle of Britain the Goggles feature the wide green rubber surround marked Auer, the rubber remaining soft and complete. The tinted lenses are very good and without cracks and the wide green headband retains it’s elasticity, the band itself having one hole to the fabric on the right side and one split further along.
The storage case is very good and has a brass data plate dated 18.3.1934 on the top of the lid whilst another plate inside the lid lists the contents and instructions.
Two clear lenses remain within their felt wallet in their storage compartment.
A very nice example of these early Goggles which would be difficult to upgrade.

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Luftwaffe Officer's Erel Sonderklasse Extra Cap

A classic example of an early Tellerform (Saucer Shaped) Luftwaffe Officer’s cap by the prestigious maker, EREL.
This “Sonderklasse Extra” cap is in good condition but presents a slightly dusty appearance from years of storage. The blue/ grey Tricot cloth is, however, free from moth or other damage. The three rows of silver piping are intact with just one very small area of rubbing on the right side. Similar, but not noticeable, wear has been caused by the toggles of the chinstrap. Insignia is again good with just light wear. Of note is the smaller style of the bullion eagle, entirely in keeping with early caps. The centre of the roundel is non-ventilated.
The mohair hat band has been rubbed on both the left and right sides in the area of the buttons by the fall of the brim, but this is hidden from view.
The outside of the black fibre peak shows some crazing to the finish with loss to the edge trim evident underneath, along with the green finish. Inside, the cap is undamaged although a little dirty from use, the cellophane shield remaining in place over the manufacture’s text “Verkaufabteilung der Luftwaffe, Berlin W9, Vosstr7, Erel, Berlin, Sonderklasse, Extra. A size label for 57 ½ remains visible.

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Luftwaffe Marksman Lanyard

A very good undamaged example of a Luftwaffe Marksman Lanyard which I believe to be for grades 1-4. Formed of an interwoven braid of blue grey silk with aluminium thread and three fixed aluminium sliders. A wreathed Luftwaffe eagle with a darkened or matt finish sits on an oval backing the reverse of which is hand finished with a dark blue grey wool. Awarded to individuals for proficiency with firearms up to and including flak guns. Worn on the right side of the service tunic, flying blouse etc. when on parade, walking out or guard duties.

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1936 Dated Luger Holster

A very good example of a black leather holster for the PO8 Luger semi-automatic pistol. Made by Wilhelm Brand in Heidelberg, the reverse of the holster clearly displays the date 1936 and the pre Nazi eagle of the Weimar Republic. Unusually, the cutaway below the flap carries a stamped number 7429 which relates to the original pistol issued with it, a practice dating back to WW1 and one soon to be dropped. Hand written on the inside of the flap is BAP11 with a similar text appearing on an attached linen patch inside the magazine pouch. I assume this relates to the owner. The leather is still firm from its original pressing and all stitching, straps and buckles are intact, as is the leather “lifting” strap. The shell appears never to have been polished with some of the original white stitching still showing. There are the usual light scratches and bruises but really the holster is well above average, the only point of note being the missing stud on the loading tool pocket.

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1938 Dated Luftwaffe Service Tunic KG27 Geschwader Boelke

A particularly nice example of a Luftwaffe four pocket Service Tunic to a Flying Personel Obergefreiter with KG27, Geschwader Boelke. Overall condition is very good with just one moth hole that I can find, located at the upper right sleeve and one patch to the inner lining near the shoulder. Stampings remain clear and show a 1938 date and a chest size of 94 cms (37”) so a good mannequin display size. Above the French cuff of the right sleeve is an originally applied Geschwader Boelke Cuff Title, in itself a rather rare item. A second pattern Eagle sits above the right breast pocket whilst the chevrons of an Obergefreiter are on the left sleeve. The collar is piped with the golden yellow of the flying branch and matches that of the sewn in shoulder straps and Obergefreiter Collar Tabs. All insignia is originally applied. A ribbon for the Iron Cross second class is correctly sewn in place whilst above the left breast pocket are two rows of award loops, with a further three pairs of loops on and below the pocket for further awards. By Fuhrer Order the new commemorative Cuff Title was to be worn by all Officer’s NCO’s and men of Fl. Gruppe Fassberg which later became KG154, then KG157 and finally KG27. The Cuff Title is a scarce item in itself.
A prominent unit during the Battle of Britain with He111’s, KG 27 participated in the Polish campaign of 1939, and then became part of Luftflotte 2. During May–June 1940, KG 27 then participated in the Battle of France. KG 27 was part of Luftflotte 3 during the Battle of Britain, with their Headquarters 'Stab' and I Gruppe based at Tours, II Gruppe at Dinard and Bourges, and III Gruppe at Rennes. From August onward in KG 27 flew operations during the offensive against Britain until June 1941, when the unit flew bombing operations on the Southern Russian front during the attack on the USSR.

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