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Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Shoulder Straps, Unissued

A very good matched pair of Luftwaffe Feldwebel’s slip on shoulder straps for a Feldwebel in the Flak Artillery.
Perhaps never used, the straps are free from moth or any other damage and are ideal for display on the Flyer's Blouse

Code: 52302

110.00 GBP

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Hollow Back Infantry Assault Badge in White Metal

Another from the small collection recently acquired is this nice white metal hollow backed Infantry Assault Badge.
Non maker marker it is completely without damage and retains some of the original finish

Code: 53384

135.00 GBP

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General Assault Badge by Hermannn Wernstein

A good General Assault Badge in Zinc, nicely marked to the manufacturer, Hermann Wernstein.
Although still with an attractive appearance the silver washed finish has now been mostly absorbed by the zinc. The badge is undamaged but the closure hook to the pin has been bent over locking the pin in place. I do believe it would be a simply task to bend it back slightly to free the pin but I never interfere with any item and prefer the purchaser to make the choice.

Code: 53368

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British NFS Helmet 1940

A really very nice example of a British Mk11 National Fire Service Helmet.
Dated 1940 the Helmet is by BMB in a good size 7 and is painted in a flat drab olive paint with some grit application evident in places.
The shell has one small barely noticeable dent and retains a good overall amount of the wartime applied paint and displays a very good NFS decal.
The liner is in unusually good condition, supple and free from damage with the liner bands and pads in similarly good condition.

Code: 53970

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Spade Grip / Ring Grip. Hurricane Gladiator etc.

The last in this collection of Spade Grips is this Canadian made Grip AH 2040 used famously on the Hurricane but also on numerous other types such as the Swordfish, Gladiator, Battle, Lysander and Whirlwind. Those used on the Harvard carried the same number but were without the fittings for the brake lever.
Overall condition is very good. The grip covering is completely without loss, the single pneumatic gun button operates perfectly and both pipes associated with the button are in place.
The brake lever is a reproduction and there is no brake locking latch.
Really an excellent example and I will include the homemade display stand in the sale.

Code: 53969

1025.00 GBP

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Spade Grip/ Ring Grip Meteor, Tempest, Spitfire

A scarce example of an RAF Spade Grip, more correctly termed Ring Grip, notable used in the Mk1 Meteor during the war which at that time was famously the only allied jet fighter to see service in WW11.
Also used in other types such as later Tempests, Spitfires and other pre ejector seat Meteors all of which were operational during the war it features the Selective Electric Gun Firing Button with allows for the guns to be fired simultaneously or in pairs or the individual operation of the camera.
Clearly stamped at the throat of the grip AH8090 it retains the original brake lever and park brake catch along with its wiring.
Overall condition is very good. The firing button operates as it should and although the grip has been period whip bound with cord presumably to cover loss to the coating only a small area of loss is visible.
An attractive desk ornament it is displayed on a homemade removable stand which I will include in the sale.

Code: 53968


Spade Grip / Ring Grip For Hawker Biplane Series

Best known as Spade Grips the correct terminology for these interwar and wartime stick tops is Ring Grip, for obvious reasons.
Although lacking the following and romantic appeal of those fitted to the Spitfire these beautiful grips for the Hawker biplane series are for me as much a piece as art as they are a piece of historic aviation memorabilia.
Beautifully made by BSA (British Small Arms) in heavy stainless steel those that have survived have stood the test of time and are usually in good condition no doubt as a result of the high standards demanded during the pre-war golden age of aviation. Although Hawker biplane fighters were replaced by 1939 either by the Gladiator or Hurricane some variants such as the Audrax continued in service notably in the Middle East until 1941.
This piece is in excellent overall condition. Clearly stamped with the BSA logo, serial number and 1936 date both machine gun paddles move freely and the grip covering is without loss. The two retaining bolts for attaching it to the control stick are in place and the traces of what I take to be dried oil are easily removed if required to provide a spotless stainless steel body.
A quite beautiful piece and one I certainly would not be offering had I not got one in my own collection.

Code: 53967

1200.00 GBP

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WW1 Guards Machine Gun battalion Cap Badge.

A very good example of a British WW1 Guards Machine Gun battalion Cap Badge.
Formed in white metal in the shape of a five pointed star with bullets forming the points and with the devices of the five foot guard’s regiments (grenade, rose, thistle, shamrock and leek) between the points. At centre is an intertwined and reverse monogram GMG surrounded by the moto “Quinque juncta in uno” (five joined in one). At bottom is the date 1916 which refers to the development of the GMG training centre.
Very good condition and complete with backing plate and spring fitting pin.

Code: 53965

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Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Field cap with Soutache

A fine example of a Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery NCO’s/ other ranks Field Cap (Feldmutze) with original golden Soutache which was discontinued in November 1942.
Constructed in a coarse grade wool with insignia in the BeVo weave style, hand applied machine embroidered golden eagle with the rosette machine stitched into place.
Inside, the lining is a grey cotton and shows no sign of having been used, stamped to a size 53.
Overall condition is very good, clean and with close inspection revealing just two pin head size moth nips which have not fully penetrated the cloth.
A textbook early example that would be difficult to upgrade.

Code: 53963

350.00 GBP

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Late War Printed Breast Eagle.

A scarce late war uniform breast eagle, machine roller printed on a cotton twill fabric base.
Very good condition, cut from a roll and finish with pinking shears to prevent fraying.

Code: 53962

75.00 GBP

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