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WW1 British Officer's Binoculars 1917

A remarkably nice pair of WW1 British Army Officer’s Binoculars with their correct military Binocular case.
The Binoculars are by the French manufacturer Lemaire and are focused by a single focusing wheel which moves both tubes simultaneously. Whist one tube is marked with the War Department /I crow’s foot, the other is marked S-3 40591.
Both barrels are covered in a smooth brown leather which is without loss. Optics are undamaged and remarkably clear
The Case is in very good condition and complete with its original carrying strap. To the front is the War Department /I whilst the lid is stamped H and J Cripps 1917.
Probably as nice a pair of British Army WW1 Binoculars as you will find.

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German Artillery Rucksack

A very good example of the German Artillery Rucksack introduced in February 1940 to replace the infantry’s Model 39 assault pack previously issued.
Heavy green cotton construction with black leather straps and four grey painted steel attachment hooks to secure it to the A Frame.
Closed at the neck with a cord and secure with a flap and strap, the Rucksack has two affixed straps to hold the Zeltbahn or Poncho.
Inside, there is an additional pocket with strap and alloy button.
Overall condition is very good two minor nicks to the cloth on the reverse side. No markings are evident with the exception of the owner’s initials WT on the leather panel at the back

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Dutch Made Heer Transport Officer's Tunic and Breeches

A very good example of a tailor made and perhaps unworn, Heer Transport Leutnant’s Tunic and Breeches, typical of those made in the occupied Netherlands using the Dutch heavy wool material.
The Tunic is in excellent condition, free from moth, stains or other signs of damage. The four flapped pockets are closed with grey pebbled steel buttons, the Tunic itself being closed by five matching buttons with two hook and eye fastenings at the neck. The sleeves are open at the wrist with two buttons to allow for adjustment.
Above the right breast pocket is an excellent hand embroidered eagle and Swastika whilst the Shoulder Boards are sewn in and backed with hellblau (Light Blue) Waffenfarbe of the Transport Units which is repeated in the Collar Tabs. All insignia is originally applied and in as new condition.
Inside, the Tunic is part lined and no provision exists for the wear of the officer’s dagger, further suggesting this to be a true field service uniform.
The Riding Breeches are those for unmounted troops and are tailored in the same cloth, this time in a medium grey colour. Closure is with five buttons with a claw buckle and belt at the rear and dished aluminium buttons around the waist for braces. There are two diagonal slash front pockets and a small watch pocket with one rear pocket at the back. Both legs close at the calf with ten pairs of eyelets both with the original laces in place.
The Breeches are unworn but there is one moth hole at the seat and a small amount of moth trails and two small holes at the end of the right leg. These would of course be concealed by boots when displayed on a mannequin.
A quite exception German Army Officer’s Uniform

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Zeiss 6x30 Dienstglas with Bakelite Case

A very good example of a c1939 pair of Zeiss 6x30 Dienstglas Binoculars, contained in the correct Bakelite case.
The Binoculars are in overall very condition, retaining virtually all of the Rauhlack exterior finish. Both brown Bakelite eyecups are undamaged and the oculars adjust smoothly. Markings on both shoulder plates are clear and without damage.
Optically the glasses are in very good condition with a light haze. They are in collimation but the range reticule has been removed.
The Bakelite case is generally very good but with a hairline crack running from the front left of the lid down into the main body of the case. Nevertheless it is intact and sound.
The closure strap works well and the leather tab is in place. Both belt loops are in good condition, one displaying a good waffenampt stamp.
Generally a very good set, ideal for display or use.

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First Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife

An excellent example of the highly collectable First Pattern Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife or Commando Dagger.
The nickel plated Dagger itself is in very good condition with no damage whatsoever. The blade measures 167mm and is free from nicks or bends and never sharpened. The ricasso bears the original acid etched double logos but these have faded somewhat with time. The nickel plating to the S shaped cross guard, grip and pommel is without loss.
Scabbard, frog and chape are no less pleasing with the scabbard retaining the wings, the nickel plated chape free from dents and the frog complete with the hilt securing strap and Newey press fastener. All leather is very good with the stitching still firm and intact.
A lovely example and one which would prove difficult to upgrade

Shipping. I can only ship to an address in the UK

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M31 German Canteen and Cup

Known as the M31 Feldflaschen this German Canteen and Cup are in very good overall condition with no moth damage to the felt covering and no obvious dents in the aluminium Canteen itself. The throat of the Canteen is clearly stamped WAL41 and the Bakelite screw top is very good.
The early style aluminium cup has perhaps been repainted and no markings are visible whilst the harness has faint markings which suggest a 1942 date.
Generally a very good example.

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Luftwaffe Bomber Operational Flying Clasp in Bronze

A very pleasing zinc example of the Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp in Bronze showing virtually no wear to the high points and complete free from damage.
Awarded to crews of heavy, medium and dive bombers for twenty operation flights, this Operational Flying Clasp (Frontflugspange) shows the manufacture’s initials F & B.L on the reverse (Funcke & Bruninghaus). It is quite uncommon to find these clasp with a maker’s mark.
A very good example.

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Heer Tropical Belt and Buckle

A very nice example of army tropical belt and stamped metal Heer Buckle.
The cotton webbed belt retains its’ original colour and is in very good undamaged, unstained condition and stamped 95 (cms).
The leather tongue for the buckle has seven adjustment points for the buckle claws, six of these having the points for the prongs joined, perhaps to ensure a more secure seating.
The buckle is by B & N (Berg and Nolte) and dated 43. It retains about 60% of the original olive green paint with wear to the finish on the high points and with light rust along both top and bottom edges.

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RFC Seal Skin Gunner's Gloves

A very nice and rather rare matched pair of RFC Gunner's Gauntlet style gloves, the upper side made of seal skin with the underside of soft brown leather.
Immediately recognisable by the individual trigger finger whist the remaining digits are enclosed in a common mitten both gloves are in very good condition with small patches where the fur is missing. In addition there is a small split in the side of one. These show well in the pictures.
Commonly noticeable in period photographs they now quite scarce and recognised as an iconic piece of flying clothing from WW1.
A very rare find this actual pair will feature in a reference work on RFC flying clothing to be published next year

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RFC Boots For Flying Personnel

Custom made with a rubber sole by the Military Outfitters Stallwood & Son these private purchase boots were intended for wear by flying personnel after it had become apparent that leather soles were prone to freezing at altitude if wet.
Overall condition is very good with just slight cracking on the lower left side of the left boot and with some wear to the rubber heals.
Both soles show light wear only and it is important to note that these boots have not simply been resolved, the rubber sole running the length of the shoe and Through the heal
A very rare find this actual pair will feature in a reference work on RFC flying clothing to be published next year

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