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Auer Neophan Goggles

A pair of Auer Neophan goggles, primarily utilized by U-Boat crews as night adaptation and sun goggles and by all other branches of the Wehrmacht as dust or sun goggles
Constructed in a malleable black rubber frame with shatter-proof red plastic eyepieces.
The goggles retain a dark green cotton strap with metal buckles for secure attachment, the strap having lost a degree of its elasticity.
The obverse bears are raised maker’s mark of “AUER, NEOPHAN”, while the interior has a raised number “270/12”.

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Luftwaffe North African award Document Group

Group of documents and photograph to Gefreiten Helmut Zoller, 7th (Heavy Searchlight) Luftwaffe Signals Regiment (motorised) Africa. Previously 7th Heavy Searchlight Company (motorised) Africa.
1) Award document for the Iron Cross 2nd class. To Gefreiten Helmut Zoller 7./schw. flugm. –komp. (mot) Afrika. Stabsquartier, 9 Mai 1942. Signed by Generalmajor. With ink stamp ofLuftgaupostamp Munchen 2 Diensteille Feldpostnummer L 00143 (FP No.L00143 was LuftgauKommando Tunis) Very good condition with one corner crease.
2) Award document for the Italio-German Africa medal. To Gefreiten Helmut Zoller 7./(schw.Flum.) Ln.Rgt.mot. Afrika. 1 Juli 1942. Signed by Oberleutnant und Komp.- Chef. With ink stamp of 7/schw Flugm. Komp. (mot) Afrika. Very good condition, once folded and with the image of the signature reflected to the upper half.
3) Award document for the Afrika armband. To Obergefreiten Helmut Zoller 1.5.1943. Signed by a Major. With ink stamp of Der Oberbefehishaber Sud. Very good condition
4) Ausweiss to Obgefr. Helmut Zoller, 14.12.1944. With ink stamp of Dienstftelle Feldpostnummer L51574. Very good condition
5) Photocard of Obergefreiten Zoller in tropical uniform. Very good condition

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Two Fallschirmjager Arab Made Souvenir Dishes

Two locally produced small beaten brass souvenir dishes one for the Afrika Korps, the other for the Fallschirmjager, each measuring about 95mm in diameter and perhaps intend as coasters or ashtrays.
Both decorated at the outer rim the Fallschirmjager dish features the Luftwaffe swooping eagle and Swastika with Afrika atop, the other with DAK 1942 and a Palm Tree with Swastika.
Interesting variant to the souvenirs produced for the German forces in North Afrika

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British Military "Dirty Dozen" Record Wristwatch

A very nice example of a British Military Record waterproof mechanical Wristwatch, one of the so called “Dirty Dozen” WWW watches commissioned by the British Ministry of Supply from 1944 onwards.
With a 36mm stainless steel case the watch has a very good black dial with the original “train track” sub seconds dial at the 6 o’clock position. The hands are original to the watch and are without loss to the luminous paint although there is slight deterioration to the paint on the markers.
The case is very good and shows signs of light use only and is without notable damage, the crystal (glass) having very light scratches as you would expect. The lugs measure 18mm and have fixed bars but a brand new NATO style nylon band is included.
The movement runs well and the watch keeps good time. Case back is numbered 534322 whilst one of the strap lugs is numbered 242. This suggests the watch was once serviced by the REME who switched the case back with another watch, a very common and often seen occurrence.
A highly collectable timepiece with no issues at the time of sale.

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RAF White Dial Wall Clock. A Published Example

An impressive working example of a “Published” pre war Elliott White Dial RAF Wall Clock, extensively featured on pages 131 – 134 of Bob Gardner’s “A History of Clocks in the RAF”.
The Clock works well and keeps good time but as with all these old mechanical clocks I cannot guarantee it and it may well need a service at some time in the future, the last being carried out about seven years ago. Diameter is approximately 460 mm.
Overall condition is very good the only points of note being slight deterioration to the dial in the nine O’clock position. The case is in fine condition and heavily stamped with the RAF property stamp, maker’s name and 1928.
Of particular interest is the Crown and A.M. at the 12 O’clock position, this being the only example I have seen without either the RAF wings or crest. Even more interesting is the fact this is hand painted, a feature Bob Gardner is happy with. At the bottom half of the dial is the inventory serial number 2504 and No. 1.S.D.K (No1 Stores Depot Kidbrook) 10.12.30.
In his book Bob goes on to tell us the Clock has a wartime dark bezel and an undated movement by Elliott, correct for 1928.
A beautiful and functional RAF Clock that without doubt saw service into WW11.

The Clock is heavy and will be costly to ship so collection from the PO8 area of Hampshire is possible and recommended

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WW2 Polish 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division in 800 Silver

Second World War period 'Polish 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division breast badge in 800 silver 'Monte Cassino Cross' bearing DSK, fir tree, bayonets and eagle on 'Tobruk' tablet.
The reverse impressed in relief with Polish legend "WWIARA-WYTRWAŁOŚĆ-ZWYCIESTWO"(Faith Perseverance Victory) and 800 silver stamp.
Sadly the securing nut is missing but perhaps by the maker F.M. Lorioli, Milano-Roma. Very good condition.
Formed in Syria 1940 the badge was designed badge designed by Lt. Z. Ochnio

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Polish 5th Kresowa Infantry Division Badge

Two-piece construction with bronze charging buffalo on a yellow and black enamelled crest, mounted to a silvered bronze cross base with "5" on the top arm and "K P D" on the other three arms, the British 8th Army insignia on the rim of the lower arm. Complete with its packet of issue
Maker marked "F.M. LORIOLI MILANO-ROMA" on the screw back. Very good condition.
This unit was formed in the Soviet Union in 1941, later evacuated to Iraq to form with the 2nd Polish Corps under the British command.

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Solid Silver Polish 3rd Carpathian Artillery Badge with Provenance

The first of an excellent collection of WW11 Polish Ground Force Badges I will be listing is this superb provenanced example of the solid silver breast badge awarded to Fabiszewski Antonio Bomb.- 3rd Polish Carpathian Artillery Regiment, Polish Independent Carpathian Brigade.
Accompanied by a letter from the Polish Institute dated 22nd February 1991 identifying the original recipient, the Badge is in very good condition and complete with screw post and locking disc showing the Italian maker F.M. Lorioli, Milano and Roma.
Stamped into the rear of the badge is the 800 silver mark and 3563 identifying the recipient.
A very fine and attractive piece.

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1942-1943 Eismeer Front Medal

1(Medaille zur Erinnerung an die Eismeer-Front) Commemorative medal for Gebirgsjagers who fought in Eismeer Front, the north of Russia between 1942-1943 year. Constructed of patinated zinc, with double loops for suspension, the obverse with a raised edelweiss, the reverse with an inscription of “EISMEER FRONT 1942-1943.
Very good condition.

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Sleeve Badge for Ski Qualified Troops

Another exceptionally rare Sleeve Badge worn on the upper right arm by Heer and SS Troops from rifle units qualified in the use of snow skis.
This uniform removed example is the still more rare being of BeVo weave construction rather than embroidered thread on a wool backing.
Overall condition is very good, the edges of the rayon baking folded in prior to application.
The first I have been able to offer.

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