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Luftwaffe 8 day Instrument Panel Clock (Bordhur) by Kienzle

A very good example of a Luftwaffe 8 day Instrument Panel Clock (Bordhur) by Kienzle with a 60mm dial with rotating bezel, the bezel now rather stiff to turn
This appears to be an early example with both the clock and hinged case made in brass. The back of the clock itself is impressed FL-23886-1, Nr. 7086 and 8 Tage and Bo-UK11, whilst the case carries the Luftwaffe LBA (Luftwaffebekleidungsamt) stamp.
Overall condition is very good with no loss to the luminous paint on either the markers or the hands. At the 6 o’clock position is the subsidiary seconds dial with the hand still in place.
The clock currently appears to function well and keeps good time but has not to my knowledge been serviced and is not guaranteed.
Used on a number of different types where a stopwatch function was not required the last pictures shows this type

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RAF Smith Instrument Panel Clock Mk11D

A very good example of an RAF 8 day instrument panel Clock by Smiths. Contained in a black Bakelite case this clock was used in numerous WW11 aircraft including the Typhoon, Tempest, Battle, Beaufighter, some Spitfires, Beaufort, Sunderland, Auster, Liberator, Tiger Moth and Mosquitos along with several other types.
With a twelve hour dial and centre second sweep hand the display is supplemented with a pair of red hands to set take off time as an aid memoir. At the 4.30 position is a winding and time adjusting knob.
The lower section of the dial is stamped 46975/ 41 indicating a manufacturing date above which is the subdued marking Mk11D ER 6a 1150.
The clock has been overhauled and cleaned with new brushes fitted and now runs well.
Overall condition of the case is very good with a small part of the lower left mounting point missing and with a crack to the outer bezel, now held secure with insulating tape.

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2nd Pattern Denison Smock by John Gordon Size 3

A very good and I believe wartime example of theBritish Airborne Troops Denison Smock by John Gordon in a good size 3
Whilst the label is mostly washed out, the title, manufacture’s name and the size are discernible whilst only the third digit of the date, a 4 can be clearly determined. The all-important fourth digit is mostly invisible although I believe I can make out a vertical segment which would suggest another 4. This is by no means conclusive and I have to accept the Smock could be slightly post war, however, other elements do suggest a wartime piece.
All press fasteners are by Newey and brass with information published in Bruce Wilson’s “Denison” also suggesting that by 1946 John Gordon had moved the positioning of the label up to the seam of the lower pocket ( see pages 140/141) . Here the label remains in the earlier wartime location.
The right sleeve shows the outline of a pair of qualification wings, a patch and some NCO stripes, the left sleeve the outline of a patch.
Overall condition is very good. The colours remain strong and Smock is without damage, the cloth with just some minor marks. The half zip is original to the Smock and operates perfectly with its’ Lightning pull to which the tab remains attached. All press fasteners are present as is of course the often missing “Ape Tail”. One or two buttons are broken but I will include some original buttons should the new owner wish to replace them.
A very nice example in a good size but without a positively determined date.

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Telescopic Pole For The Luftwaffe Seenotflagge (Signal Flag)

Whilst it is true to say that the Luftwaffe Seenotflagge (Signal Flag) must be considered almost impossible to find now in any condition it is no less exciting to be able to offer the pole alone as I have here.
Carried in the long lower pocket of the right leg of the Channel Trousers, this telescopic pole would once have had a large silk signal flag attached. Its position in the pocket would have allowed an airman floating with a life preserver to have reached down, extracted it, extended the pole and waived the flag to attract attention.
Condition of the telescopic tubular aluminium pole is fair only and I believe this example is perhaps ground recovered. The sections collapse and extend, remaining extended as they should but the springs that would normally hold them there are missing, making the pole a little slack. However, since the sections can be taken apart, a wooden rod could be placed inside to give absolute rigidity for display. There is corrosion to the tubing which I have tried to show in the pictures but most is to the tube ends which is not visible. The screw and nut at the base are in place but the wrist strap they once held has gone.
At the top of the pole the fitting to attach the flag remains.
Far from perfect or complete but an incredibly rare piece that will help to complete a pair of channel trousers.

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A "C" class gliding proficiency badge

A "C" class gliding proficiency badge, comprising a silver/aluminium wire circular border to three embroidered "gulls," also in aluminium wire, on a 45mm diameter, blue-grey wool base intended for wear on the Luftwaffe Tunic or Fliegerbluse. Hand embroidered with a black paper backing to the reverse.
Very good overall unused condition.
Awarded for the completion of a five minute solo flight without loss of altitude.

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NSBO Cap Badge

NSBO (National Socialist Factory Organization) Cap badge in Tombak.
Three fitting prongs remain in place with the badge retaining virtually all of the original finish.
Overall condition is very good.

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RAD Sports Shorts Badge

Early pattern RAD Sports Badge for wear on the sports shorts.
Machine embroidered in black cotton with a white circle on white rayon backing. Approximate 100mm x 90mm
Excellent unissued condition

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RADwj Sports Vest Badge

A RADwj (Reichsarbeitsdienst der Weiblichen Jugend), Woman's Labour Service badge for use on the Sports Shirt.
Machine woven on to a white rayon backing the badge is in very good used condition and measures approximately 90mm x 75mm.

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RAD Rank Insignia

RAD Sleeve rating for a Vorman for wear on the brown fatigue uniform.
Single grey embroidered pip centered between a matching grey chevron on a brown herringbone twill backing.
Very good unissued condition with one small mark at the lower end of the chevron

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RAD Rectangulars Unit Insignia of 1943 Pattern

RAD rectangular Arm Shield of the style introduced in 1943 for wear above the blank shield of the type shown in my previous listing.
Machine embroidered in white thread on a brown cotton backing and showing the company and unit number shown on the early pattern shields.
Excellent unissued condition

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