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Silver Cigarette Case - Number 5 Commando

Another from the superb collection of WW11 period Cigarette cases is this beautiful 1933 produced example by Charles S Green of Birmingham, gifted in 1941 by Joan to “Johnny” of Number 5 Commando.
Measuring 80mm x 142mm this silver case bears a hand engraved No.5 Commando insignia on the dedication plate to the outside on the case.
On the inside the recipient has, alongside the dedication from Joan, commissioned engravings to depict his career from 1942-45 in the Far East and on to his service in the BAOR, UK, Middle East including Suez, BOAR again and finally the Far East up until 1960.
Overall condition is very good and a wonderful piece of social and military history to a Commando.

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Wartime Model 9 German Esbit Stove

Designed by Erich Schumm, the Esbit Stove is a pocket sized cooking device designed for use with alcohol tablets which came in a packet which fitted exactly inside the stove.
This is the Model 9 produced for and used by German troops during WW11. Overall condition is very good used and does not include the tablets.

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1937 Dated K98 Cleaning Kit

A good complete and 1937 dated Cleaning Kit for the standard German K98 rifle.
Contained in a 1937 dated tin with manufacture’s code KY which opens at both ends, with each flap held firmly in place by a brass clip. The blued steel tin is in very good condition with one dent to the edge of the top flap. The contents comprise one large bore brush, one small bore brush, a steel oiler, the often missing take down tool stamped also stamped KY 1937 and the full length aluminium chain link pull through.
The lower compartment contains a string like oiled material for general oiling and cleaning.
Nice to find a complete pre 1945 set, most on offer being post war.

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Nurnberg Tribunal Cigarette Pack Holder

In 1962 I was given an identical Cigarette Pack Holder by a friend of my fathers who was present at the War Trials in Nurnberg. I still have that gift and this is the only other example I have seen since then.
Measuring 77mm x 58mm and intended to hold a pack of US made cigarettes these were available for purchase during the war crimes trials in 1945.
Overall condition is very good but there is a hairline crack on the front running down about four fifths of the way, but only visible on close inspection.
A truly rare piece of history

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Silver Cigarette Case, Arnhem Veteran, 1st Independent Polish parachute Brigade

A quite beautiful Silver Cigarette Case formerly the property of 2nd Lieutenant Edward Bąk, 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade, 1 Corps.
Heavy continental silver pocket cigarette case measuring 90mm x 70mm, on the lid are the initials BG, and three badges: Polish Parachutist qualification badge with combat wreath; Combat badge; Wound badge with three stars (signifying wounded three times).
The inside of the cigarette case is engraved: "23/26.9.44 Garden Driel Arnhem ppor. E. Bak 1 S.B S. 1270 1410". This is the date of the operational parachute jump, Operation Market-Garden, Driel near Arnhem where the Polish Parachute Brigade was dropped. Bak's rank and unit, the number of his parachute qualification badge, and number on the combat wreath.
Inside, the lid has the screw fixings for the badges, maker and hallmarks, also engraved "6.II. 1948 Gienek", details of the date and jeweller who attached the badges and engraved the details. Interestingly the wheel fittings show an Italian manufacture’s name whilst that holding the wound badge carries the initials J.D.
The parachute badge number and combat wreath number comply with the roll of recipients and show Bak with the Machine Gun Company, 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade.
A superb piece of history once belonging to an Arnhem veteran.

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SS Officers Hand Embroidered Collar Tab with Runes

An excellent example of an SS Officer's right hand black wool construction collar tab with hand embroidered SS runes in bright silver/aluminum wire threads with a silver/aluminum cord piping around the borders , all mounted on a buckram backing.
Although no longer present, there are traces on the original paper label evident.
Overall condition is very good with absolutely no signs of damage.

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WW11 Hungarian Paratrooper's Tunic

An extremely rare Hungarian WW11 period Paratrooper combat grade uniform to a Corporal and formerly part of the collection of Robert Kondor who is the authority on Hungarian Paratroopers.
This is a government issued piece and is stamped for the year 1938. It has been modified for the 1939 regulations and the wearer at the same time had it modified for comfort by the addition of the breast and shoulder padding. Combat grade uniforms are devoid of this feature.
There are only a handful of such uniforms in existence. It is believed that this uniform was used by an individual as a parade and combat tunic and that the individual was perhaps killed in training or perhaps during the one and only combat jumps made by Hungarian paratroopers during the invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941.
The early wings are extremely rare and in order for an individual to retain their jump wings they had to make a yearly quota of jumps to maintain the privilege of wearing the wings. Many simply transferred out of the paratroopers and were put into the infantry where they served valiantly.
Made in a heavy wool the Tunic is in very good condition, free from moth or other damage and with all buttons and original insignia in place.
A truly rare addition for the airborne collector or for those with an interest in Germany’s WW11 allies

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Russian SSh36 ( or M36) Steel Helmet

An extremely rare and very good example of the Russian SSh (stalnoy shlem, or steel helmet) 36.
The shell retains a good amount of the original factory semi gloss dark green paint and is free from damage.
Inside, the rear flare is stamped with a series of number but these are largely undiscernible.
The liner is very good with hardening to the rubber pads behind the sweatband but is otherwise without damage. Between the liner band and shell is the corrugated metal band. The chinstrap is the later cotton web which replaced the earlier and unsatisfactory leather strap
Designed by Aleksandr A. Shvartz, its large front rim and wide flares over the ears provided good protection for the wearer. The German M35, introduced a year before the Russian M-36, served as a model for the development of the M-36. The M-36 was also fitted with a comb on top, which allowed for ventilation.
Replaced by the Ssh39 these early helmet are now rather rare.

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1944 Dated British Dispatch Rider's Helmet

An unissued and near mint example of a 1944 dated British Army Dispatch Rider’s Helmet.
The shell retains all of the original factory dark brown paint with granulated finish and is completely without damage.
The leather chinstrap, side flaps and brow pad are in similarly excellent condition as is the harness. The only point of note is very slight moth nibbling to the felt inner ear flaps.
The padded sweatband is impressed with the maker’s initials, BMB, size 6 ¼ and 1944. Both the last letter B and the last digit 4 have lost their infill colour but there is no doubt the date is 1944 and is guaranteed as such. A small size but women of course operated extensively as dispatch riders.

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Kriegsmarine Officer's car Pennant

A really nice and textbook example of a double sided Kriegsmarine officer’'s Car Pennant with chain stitched Eagle and Swastika.
The Pennant retains all the original colour and is complete with both dulled metal attaching clips and is free from moth or other damage.
Top and bottom edges are trimmed with a golden cotton.
Measures approximately 30cms x 20cms and flown by all branches of officers including coastal artillery, below Admiral rank when the officer was in the car

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