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Miniature German Army Dagger

Perhaps proving the ultimate functional desk ornament for the collector, these miniature dagger were purchased as gifts or given by numerous firms for use as letter openers.
This miniature of an Army Dagger has a blade of approximately 130mm and is in overall very good condition.
The blade can be described as near excellent as are the white celluloid grip, fittings and scabbard. The only points of note are the missing hanger rings and slight wobble to the cross guard which could no doubt be corrected by tightening the pommel.
A very attractive piece particularly so if displayed alongside a full size dagger.

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Luftwaffe Navigation Chart with Fighter Network Boxes

A very good 1942 dated Luftwaffe Navigation Chart covering the whole of Germany, Holland and Belgium with surrounding border areas and showing Eastern England from the South coast North to Whitby. London of course features.
A Mercator projection with a scale of 1.2000,000 the top left corner carries the title “Erweitertes Blatt Deutschland mit Jagernetz” - Extended sheet Germany with Jagernetz, Jagernetz being the network of printed boxes each carrying a two letter code and intended help direct Fighters to intercept locations.
Printed on linen and backed with two thin layers of card with another linen backing, the chart measures 86cms x 57cms and folds down into sections of about 15cms x 28cms for easy use in a confined space such as a night fighter.
Overall condition is very good with no damage making this a very nice display piece

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Luftwaffe Officer's Belt

An interesting but well used Luftwaffe Officer’s Brown Leather Claw Belt.
I believe this to be a theatre conversion of an early other ranks brown leather belt, having had the internal tongue removed and an Assmann pebbled claw buckle period stitched in place.
Whilst the overall appearance is good the belt has at one time broken in half and been stitched together. This has been reinforced in recent years by a natural piece of leather which has been placed inside the belt. Fortunately all this is at the back so the belt is now ideal for display.
Maximum fitting size is 36”

Code: 52882

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Unissued Matched Pair Of Glider Pilot Regt. Shoulder Titles

An excellent and unissued pair of machine embroidered Glider Pilot Regt. Shoulder Titles, completely free from damage or marks.
Now very difficult to find in any condition.

Code: 52881

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British Army Helmet Net

A very good lightly used example of a wartime British Helmet Net in chocolate brown.
Generally very good condition and with that distinctive smell, the net shows only a small area of holes which I have shown in the images and which just add to its original appearance.
Ideal for wear on British Airborne, Mk11 or Armoured Corps Helmets and now becoming difficult to find.

Code: 52880

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Erel Artillery Officers Peaked / Visor Cap

A very nice example of a saddle form Artillery Officer’s Peaked (Visor) Cap by the prestigious maker Erel (Robert Lubstein)
Known as a “double Erel”, the maker’s trade mark appears on both the sweatband and beneath the diamond shaped sweat shield.
The Cap is made of a high quality doeskin material piped with the red artillery waffenfarbe and with a dark green hat band. Overall condition of the cloth is very good but there are three small moth holes and a circular mark on the top, one moth hole in the hat band and about six very small nibbles where the cloth turns over into the sweatband.
The insignia is of aluminium with the rosette of the cockade being felt and allowing ventilation as part of the Erel design. Insignia, chin cord and peak are all in very good condition.
Inside, the sweatband shows minor loss to the stitching in two places with the front having the ventilation holes to allow heat to dissipate through the rosette.
The lining has one small nick but is otherwise undamaged but shows sweats marks. The sweat shield is complete with good clear markings beneath showing the Sonderklasse Logo and the Offizier Kleiderklasse Berlin etiquette, indicating that this Cap would have been purchased through the Kleiderklasse catalogue and is an “Extra” (high quality)

Code: 52879

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Kings Crown Army Flying Badge

A very good lightly used example of the King’s Crown Army Flying Badge, often incorrectly referred to as the Glider Pilot’s Wings.
This badge is without padding and is of the type worn on the Denison smock and Battledress Blouse by both Glider and Air Observation Pilots of the Army.
Overall condition is very good with no damage and with a wingspan of 120mm.

Code: 52878

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British Airborne Pegasus Formation Patches

A very good matched pair of embroidered British Airborne Pegasus Formation Patches, in unissued condition.
Completely free from damage and maintaining their full bright colour, it would be difficult to upgraded these lovely examples

Code: 52877

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History Of The German Steel Helmet 1916 - 1945 by Ludwig Baer

Still perhaps the only complete history of the German Steel Helmet and now long out of print, The History of the German Steel Helmet 1916 - 1945 by Ludwig Baer is still considered the definitive work on the subject with recent publications by other authors crediting it for information.
Published by Bender in a very robust hardback version with 448 glossy pages covering every aspect of the subject with detailed text packed with essential information and supported by both black and white and colour photographs.
This is the second printing from October 1993 and is in very good used condition with slight bumps to the corners.
Unlike so many other books on the subject, this is a true and complete reference work and not simply a picture book.

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Brown Leather WW11 Luger Holster

A very good and really very scarce example of a WW11 Brown Leather Holster for the PO8 (Luger)
Generally associated with use by the Luftwaffe including Fallschirmjager, the holster is unpolished and free from scratches. All stitching is firm and intact and the lifting strap is present as is the flap for the stripping tool pocket.
Both belts loops are the original factory fitted pieces. The manufacture’s name is clear as is the Eagle and Swastika Waa stamp which is correct for a 1940 contract. The date is just visible above the fold of the rear belt loop and this is something of an anomaly as it looks like 1920. I can only assume this is an error and should in my opinion be 1940. Furthermore, holsters of the WW1 and I believe early post WW1 period had a flap formed as one piece with the back. This has the later two part species, entirely appropriate for the 1940 period.
A rare Holster and one which would prove difficult to upgrade

Code: 52615

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