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WW1 Imperial German Flying Goggles by Carl Zeiss

A very impressive pair of WW1 German Imperial aviation googles by Carl Zeiss.
Overall condition is near excellent. Both lenses have graduated lenses which must have been almost unheard of at the time and both have the Carl Zeiss logo etched into them. The lenses are fitted into a hinged metal frame which allows for easy replacement, the frames then sitting on a ventilated firm leather padded surround joined at the bridge by a single leather band.
The head strap is particularly impressive with two leather covered side springs and an adjustable leather section with claw buckle and yet another good clear Carl Zeiss logo stamp in the leather.
A remarkable pair of early German flying Goggles that would prove impossible to upgrade.
For further reading see “Vintage Flying Helmets” by Mick Prodger, page 139.

Code: 53303


1930s Condor Legion Used Flying Goggles

Although closely resembling WW11 Luftwaffe flying goggles these are in fact a pair of scarce Spanish made Mira Goggles used extensively by the Condor Region and indeed by Russian aircrew fighting on opposite sides during the Spanish Civil War.
Easily identified by the chain hinge joining the two lenses the frames are unpainted and cushioned by a single rubber face piece with the name “Mira” raised in the moulding.
Overall condition is very good but with some dryness and cracking at the nose area. The strap, which clearly follows that of the Luftwaffe Goggles, retains a good degree of elasticity and the lenses and frames are without damage.
For further reading refer to “Vintage Flying Helmets” by Mick Prodger, page 332.

Code: 53302

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Verkehrs-Aufsicht Armband for Traffic Control Personel

Bright orange cotton/rayon construction armband with black machine woven Latin script in two parts, "Verkehrs-Aufsicht" (Traffic Control)
When performing traffic control duties the Verkehrsregelungs-Bataillonen.( Feldgendarmerie) personnel were issued with this distinguishing armband which was to be returned to the authorizing authority on conclusion of the traffic duties.
The armband is in overall very good, clean condition.

Code: 53301

150.00 GBP

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NSKK Sports Vest Badge - Motor-Brigade Kurpfalz

NSKK Sports Vest Badge for the Motor-Brigade Kurpfalz.
118mm x 95 rayon backing with machine woven logo in black, the reverse with it's original RZM paper label.
Very good overall condition.

Code: 53300

145.00 GBP

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NSKK Sports Vest Eagle

Roughly 10cm x 9cm, machine woven rayon Sports Shirt insignia. Machine woven NSKK eagle in black and grey.
Very good condition with it's original RZM tag to reverse

Code: 53299

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Reichspost Letter Carrier’s Armband

Constructed of a green cotton blend with machine-embroidered black thread text with NSDAP ink stamp just visible to the left side.
Maker marked “Kruse & Söhne, Wuppertal-Barmen” on reverse.
Generally very good condition but with a brown stain below the eagle's left wing

Code: 53298


NSDAP / SA Armband. Altotting District

A very good lightly used example in red cotton with a machine woven Swastika applied to the white cotton circle at centre.
An ink stamp is visible to the bottom right of the Swastika showing this Armband was issued to the Bavarian Altotting District SA / NSDAP

Code: 53297

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NSDAP Sleeve Band

NSDAP Sleeve Band of all cotton construction with printed white field with black Swastika at centre.
Intended for were by SA members wearing civilian clothes, the Sleeve Band is just 50mm wide.
Overall age soiling but generally very good with one hole at the back

Code: 53296

120.00 GBP

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TeNo (State Technical Emergency Service) Armband

TeNo (State Technical Emergency Service) Armband in white rayon or silk with machine embroidered TeNo logo at centre.
Very good overall condition with light age staining and four marks to the reverse where it appears to have been displayed with Sellotape. Manufacture's and ges.gesch (pattern pending) to the reverse.

Code: 53295

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Small Deutsche Arbeitsfront ( DAF) Triangular Pennant

Small double sided Deutsche Arbeitsfront ( DAF) Triangular Pennant measuring 270mm in length and with provision for a cord at the hoist end.
Red cotton body with the DAF emblem to each side and in very good unused condition

Code: 53294

95.00 GBP

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