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Kriegsmarine Reefer Jacket, Kapitan Zur See

A nice quality navy blue wool Double Breasted Reefer Jacket in fine whipcord worsted wool weave to a Kriegsmarine Kapitan zur see, sea service.
The Jacket is closed by four pairs of Kriegsamrine buttons with a fifth pair of non-functional buttons.
There are three pockets, the lower pair with flaps the left breast pocket open and functional but prohibited in regulation for the display of a handkerchief.
On the right breast is a hand embroidered eagle and Swastika constructed in an appealing mix of celleon and bullion thread.
Each sleeve carries the golden thread appropriate to his rank, the subtle variation in colour suggesting this officer has seen promotion during his wear of the Jacket. Above the stripes is a star relating to a sea service officer.
Again, in accordance with regulation the jacket has no rear vent.
Inside, the jacket is lined in blue/ black rayon with two pockets, the sleeves lined in a typical tailor’s striped material.
Overall condition is very good with no moth or other damage. Large size, perhaps a 40” chest.

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WW1 Turkish Soldier's Belt Buckle

A very good example of a WW1 Belt Buckle of a Turkish Soldier of the Ottoman Empire.
Of two piece construction with a brass back plate and nickel plated centre disc with the toghra (personal cypher) of Mehmet V under the five pointed star, the buckle bears a striking resemblance to those produced by Germany and demonstrated the strong influence Germany had over the Turkish army at that time.
Overall condition is very good with one dent between the lower two arms on the star.

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1937 Dated Luftwaffe Buckle and Tab

A very good example of an early Luftwaffe other ranks aluminium Buckle impress JD (J. Deutschebein) with its original 1937 dated leather tab by the same maker.
The die struck Buckle features the second pattern eagle and is in overall very good condition with just the normal light surface wear to the high points associated with this soft metal. For the same reason the closure catch also shows wear.
The leather tab is very good but with loss to the stitching on three of the four sides where the tab is folded over the prongs.

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NSKK 1st Pattern Field Cap

A good 1st Pattern ( 1935 -39) NSKK Field Cap (Feldmutze) for an NSKK Mann featuring the raised panel to the front dropped as an economy measure with the later caps.
Each side features a fold down flap held in position by a single hook securing into a ventilation grommet, the flaps intended to be worn down in cold conditions to protect the ears and chin. The flaps are close with two buttons embossed with an early style eagle and spoked wheel. Each button has a diameter of 14mm, smaller than earlier buttons and perhaps dates the cap to 1938.
On the left side is a machine embroidered eagle and Swastika below the NSKK banner, introduced in 1935. The yellow background is for Motorgruppe Franken who had their headquarters in Ansbach.
The interior of the cap is fully lined in a black cotton-rayon blend and the original RZM label remains in place, showing the manufacture’s number 4 , which I have not yet identified.
Overall condition is very good with no moth or other damage.

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Kriegsmarine Official's Bordmutze / Side Cap / Overseas Cap

An absolutely superb Kriegsmarine Official’s Bordmutze constructed in a high quality smooth wool with side flaps piped with a silver aluminium twisted braid.
Insignia comprises a hand embroidered rosette with a machine embroidered silver thread eagle in the BeVo style.
Inside, the cap is lined in a black rayon marked simply 57.
Overall condition is excellent with absolutely no damage and no marks or stains with only the slightest evidence of it having been worn..
It would be quite impossible to upgrade this outstanding example.

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Junghans Luftwaffe Cockpit Clock. Version 1 1938 -40

A very nice working example of the First Version of the Junghans Cockpit Clock Fl23885, Bo-UK 1, which is believed to been produced between 1938 and 1940.
These early examples carried no data plate, the serial number impressed into the mounting plate, in this case 26203
As with later versions there is a stop watch function operated by a push button below the winding knob with a subsidiary dial at the bottom of the face showing elapsed time. The winding knob is also used to set the hour and minute hands.
These early versions have a blackened brass rotating bezel with a red pointer and a pressure fit back plate however this example has the bayonet fitting seen on subsequent versions making this a transitional piece.
Again with the first version, there is no plate covering the movement which in this case has a number of 25634. There is a good BAL stamp to the rear.
Overall condition is very good. The clock runs well with all functions operating as they should however, it has not been serviced and is therefore not guaranteed.

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Horn for German Sea Mine

A heavy lead and steel Horn for German Sea Mines being approximately 164mm in length and weighing about 710 grams.
The hollow Horn would once have contained a glass acid fitted vial, broken on impact and detonating the mine.
Although perhaps generic this was perhaps for the EMA 150 kga and EMB 250 kgs mines amongst others.
Overall condition is very good with the heavy washer sealer still in place.
A useful display piece and ideal paperweight always prompting discussion

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Zeiss Kriegsmarine 7x50 Artillery Binoculars

A very good useable pair of Kriegsmarine 7x50 Artillery Binoculars by Zeiss produced in May 1939 as one of a batch of 500.
Early examples such as we have here featured a Vulcanite covering and the eagle and Swastika on the left prism cover with the Zeiss banner and serial number, in this case 1965658 and with their Marine Artillery inventory markings on the right. These have the original strap and rain guard, the rain guard with 2C Achtern (Aft or astern) impressed into the leather.
Overall condition is very good. The covering has just one small areas of loss (13mm x 10mm) and the optics are without damage, the coating appearing intact and with the right ocular retaining the often missing artillery reticule. They are in collimation and give a nice clear picture.
There is obvious repainting to the four plates but most importantly the markings are without damage although slightly affected by the painting.
A good pair of glasses for display or recreational use.

Code: 53864


Kriegsmarine 3rd S Boat Flotilla Squadron Plaque

Schnellboot Plakette constructed of aluminum with multi-coloured enamels, the obverse with a map of Europe overlaid by an E-Boat and palm tree, topped by a Kriegsmarine-style German national eagle clutching a mobile swastika, with an Iron Cross bearing a mobile swastika at the bottom.
Mounted on a wooden plaque measuring 217mm x 148mm the plaque is in very good condition with only minor loss to the enamel at the lower arm of the Iron Cross at the bottom.
Positioned above centre of the wooden plaque I assume this was to allow for the provision of a dedication plate.
A beautiful piece, ideal for display.

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Luftwaffe 8 Day Clock by Keinzle with History

A working example of an early Kienzle instrument panel Clock, Fl 22602 used in a number of Luftwaffe aircraft including the JU52 but with this particular piece identifiable to a FW 44, D-EIXI.
The Clock has an 8 day movement with hands set by rotating the bezel whilst holding down the lever on the left side. Turning the bezel to the right without holding down the lever winds the movement. Turning the bezel to the left moves the red arrow as an aide memoire of flight time.
The Clocks runs well but fine adjustment to time keeping can be achieved by moving the advance/retard lever which is easily accessible via a window at the back.
The dial is clear and the luminous painted hands and numerals glow when charged with a bright light. Markings are clear and also show the serial number 9133 making this an early production example. The only obvious drawback is a crack to the glass which shows well in the pictures. However the glass remains without loss and is absolutely secure.
On the reverse the movement is enclosed in a single piece case with a thread intended to fit it to the panel with another hand locked thread wheel which is not included. Scratched into the case is D-EIXI Wrk Nr. 178.
A very nice and functional Clock idea for desk use.
The plate stand I have used for display purposes is not included

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