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Original Deumer or Leudenscheid Barter Board

Following their surrender in May 1945, Germany lay in ruins and the civilian population were without adequate food and indeed the basic essentials for life. Whilst the Western allies began immediately setting up food distribution points, food was still scarce and small luxuries could only be obtained by bartering with the allied troops, hungry as always for souvenirs.
The City of Ludenscheid in the Sauerland region of Germany was the former home of the well know medal and decorations manufacturers Willhelm Deumer and Steinhauer & Luck, now in the occupied British Zone. It is now believed that former employees of these firms gained access to the factories to collect souvenirs to trade or barter with the British troops. These were mounted on whatever boards were available and even canteen placemats are known to have been used.
Originally known to collectors as “Barter Boards” they are also known as “Deumer or Ludenscheid Boards”. Complete boards as we have here are now extremely rare, most having been broken up for gifts on the soldier’s return and the rest simply separated by dealers to realise the greater value of individual sales. To me these boards are a fascinating insight into the hardships which existed in those early post war days.
Accompanied by what I take to be the original typed list in German of the fifteen pieces on the board with a literal dictionary translation alongside.
Whilst the highlight of the collection is the extremely rare 25mm x 25mm “Prinzen” (8) clasp to the Iron Cross Second Class, there are several other very nice pieces such as a very good Iron Cross Second Class, A Luftwaffe Silver Bomber Clasp in zinc, Narvik and Krim Shields and a very pretty Mother’s Cross miniature.
A true piece of social history, now very rare.

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1914 Iron Cross First Class Produced During Third Reich Era

A quite beautiful and very rare cased 1914 Iron Cross First Class produced during the III Reich period by the firm of Wilhem Deumer and marked with their LDO code of L/11.
Intended as a replacement award for WW1 recipients, the Cross is factory vaulted and exhibits beautifully curved arms, like architecture in miniature. In appearance it exhibits the more attractive features of the 1939 award, but with imperial markings.
The core is iron and therefore "magnetic". The Cross retains the majority of its’ original frosted and burnished finish and both the cross and case are free from damage.
Complete with the case of issue which is the scarcer variant with the black flocked interior base, it would be impossible to upgrade this outstanding example.

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1942 Dated RAF Swift Training Rifle

A really very nice example of these rather scarce “Swift Training Rifles” used to train both the RAF and the Home Guard and originally costing a fraction of the cost of suppling the real thing. This is the second model serial B and intended to provide training on the P14 rifle, the instruction label dating it to 1942.
Supplied to the RAF and complete with the original transit case which is profusely stamped with RAF reference numbers.
The rifle itself is in very good condition with all components operating normally but with the two spikes intended to puncture the target held in the very rare wooden target bracket which fits to the muzzle, broken from their shafts, no doubt to reduce the possibility of injury in post war years. To achieve this the muzzle shroud was removed and replaced, but some screws are missing as a result. The spikes are included and could be re-affixed but most importantly the rare wooden bracket itself carrying the RAF stores number on a brass plate, 9b/1591, is also included, making this the complete set.
The woodwork to the rifle is excellent and stamped with a circular AID stamp whilst the bolt, trigger, spring and safety catch all work well.
The transit case is also very good but with loss to the baize on the securing blocks and with minor loss to the laminate wood construction. Most of the original card packing remains.
A complex training aid, its’ intended use is well documented on the internet, most of which I have printed off and will include.
This is a "Non Gun" and requires no certification but may I ask that overseas buyers check local regulations before buying.

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M43 Drillichbluse Summer Tunic

Generally referred to by collectors as a Herring Bone Twill Jacket, this is the first model summer tunic used for both combat and duty. Its pattern and manufacture was the same as the M43 field blouse but with just two belt support hooks both of which remain in this example fitted to rayon strips on the inside. Popular and comfortable it is seen in numerous images showing wear in the summer months in Europe, Russia and the Channel Islands.
This appears to be an example made of natural linen in a herringbone pattern, later jackets made of an artificial linen.
The machine embroidered eagle has possibly been re applied as is so often the case with jackets worn by POW’s. Nevertheless, it is original and absolutely correct. The collar bars have never been touched and are correctly stitched in place. Both shoulder straps have a yellow waffenfarbe which suggests signals and are of the early wool variety, later jackets being fitted with a linen strap closely matching the jacket.
Overall condition is really very good with no rips, tears or damage and with signs of minimal washing giving it just the right appearance. All the pebbled buttons are in place and secured by the correct S clips. The original label remains but this has been mostly washed out and at one time detached, being secured now simply to keep it with the jacket.
Points of note are minor. Each cuff should have two closure buttons for adjustment whilst only one remains on each cuff and the left lower bellows pocket has become partially unstitched on the inside.
An extremely nice jacket and one which prove difficult to upgrade.

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Luftwaffe Night Bombing Map. UK, Blitz Period

Being without doubt the most sought after of the highly collectable series of Luftwaffe maps intended for night operations, this double sided map is printed on rubberised linen and features the British Isles, Ireland and the Channel Coast on side one and Germany on two.
With yellow known as the best background for contrasting with black, they were ideal for plotting using a chinograph pencil with track lines being simply wiped off with a damp cloth for re use. Dimensions are approximately 735mm X 600mm.
Side one shows two early swept tail Luftwaffe Eagles and the 1941 dated chart is depicted in Mercator projection in a scale of 1:2000,000. Features are fairly basic showing only those which might be visible at night, coastlines, built up areas, rivers and lightships. In addition water depths are shown to allow for minelaying operations. The production date is important since it covers the period of the Blitz which continued through to the late summer of 1941, after which the attention turned to Russia.
A small section has been cut from the top right hand corner, perhaps to use the material elsewhere, otherwise the entire map is in very good condition.
Side two is presented in the same scale and features the whole of Germany along with its’ borders to the neighbouring countries. Entitled “Blatt Deutschland” it is dated 1940 with lines of magnetic variation correct for 1938 and shows more detail than side one, such as airfields and navigation beacons. Two second pattern eagles border the heading.
A rare and collectable Map which would make an excellent display backdrop.

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Kaiserliche Marine Sailor's Cap and Ribbon

An excellent example of a rare Imperial German Naval Sailor’s Cap and Cap Ribbon, to 5.11.WERFT = Division 11.5
Overall condition is near excellent and suggests this cap was never issued. It is quite incredible to think it is perhaps 100 years old.
The blue wool material retains all the original colour and is virtually without damage, the exception being two tiny moth nips under the brim on the left side.
At the front sits the tri colour rosette, the centre red section having minor loss to the red paint. The silver wire ribbon is again virtually as new with the ends cut to shallow swallows tails.
Inside, the sweatband shows no sign of use, whilst the lining shows most of the original manufacture’s printed log.
Research shows that 5.11 WERFT = DIVISION 11.5 relates to the Wilhelmshaven Depot Organisation that provided initial recruit training for conscripts for the technical branches. Two original postcards showing recruits wearing these caps are included in the sale.
A beautiful piece that will prove impossible to upgrade.

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USAAF Personal Aids Kit E-3A

Originally the brainchild of Clayton Hutton of the British MI-9 and called “Ration Boxes or Aids Boxes, the USAAF was quick to develop and improve on the idea for their own crews.
Now called “Personal Aids Kits” their own kits continued to be improved to the “Bale Top” E-3A where E stands for Emergency.
The E-3A featured a “bale top” held in place by a strong spring which allowed the empty container to be used as a water flask.
This example is in very good condition and appears to have all original contents in place. Apart from some wear to the printed directions, it shows only light surface scratches.

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US Navy PT Boat Group

A colourful group of WW11 USN artefacts relating to an enlisted sailor in the PT Boat service.
Comprising, his “Cracker Jack” uniform jumper shirt, with the machine embroidered circular badge on the left sleeve showing PT over a speeding Torpedo, and the Ruptured Duck embroidered patch on the right breast. The shirt is in overall very good condition but a little dusty and with one or two light surface marks which would probably clean off. There is a small area of wear above the breast pocket where a badge has rubbed. Manufactured by Better Made Uniforms, in a small size.
A 48 Star Stars and Stripes flag measuring 5’ x 3’ and made by Storm King. The Flag is without damage and constructed of 13 stitched stripe panels. There are however some stains which show in the pictures.
A July 1944 dated Life Vest by Firestone in very good, perhaps unissued condition, complete with all straps and inflation tubes but minus the two Co2 inflation bottles.

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WW11 British Officer's Private Purchase Helmet

Only the second of these interesting private purchase British Officer’s helmets I’ve seen in recent years, this example is in generally very good condition, but missing what appears to have been a leather chinstrap utilizing the standard attachment hooks.
In some ways the liner is reminiscent of a WW1 Brodie in that the band is made with cloth loops to accommodate tubular rubber sections for extra comfort, most of which are present.
The sweatband is clean and intact with the original drawstring for fine adjustment still present, however perhaps 70% of the stitching that attaches the sweatband to the liner is missing. Nevertheless, it sits in place very well.
In the crown is a nice soft rubber buffer, still attached to the rust red fibre cross bands. The most interesting aspect of the liner is the cloth section at the back which drops to a protruding peak, making for a secure fit.
The shell is without damage and retains about 80% of the early WW11 shiny finish, the back showing an area of light surface rust which I have shown in the pictures.
A rare helmet probably supplied by a high class military tailor.

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Scarce Inter War RAF "Works & Buildings" Cap Badge

A rather scarce example of the RAF Works & buildings Cap Badge instituted in 1921 to recognise the large amount of airmen involved in the construction of new airfields required by the RAF. The badge was short lived and was withdrawn in 1929.
The Badge shows a Mason’s square forming a V shape with the letter W&B within the angle with the Eagle and King’s Crown above.
Very good overall condition but showing wear from extensive polishing.

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