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Army Officer's Car Pennant

An excellent example of an Army Officer’s Car (fender) Pennant measuring 750mm x 350mm.
Contained in a leather trimmed removable cover closed by four press fasteners and with double sided clear celluloid sides, both pennant and cover are in excellent undamaged condition, the celluloid being free from the usual age cracks.
The Pennant itself is wire framed with a field grey field trimmed with a twisted white cord and with two pole fixing bars. Machine stitched to the fields are two perfect BeVo weave eagles in a silver thread.
A quite beautiful example which would prove difficult to upgrade

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550.00 GBP

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M16 Q66 Helmet Shell with Replacement Liner

A very nice M16 Helmet Shell retaining most of the original factory finish but fitted with a modern replacement liner.
The shell is a desirable Q66 without damage and has a pair of A1 vent lugs appropriate for 66 and 68 shells.
The split rivets appear original, which is a bonus but I feel certain the entire liner arrangement is a modern copy, artificially aged to deceive. As part of the process the culprit has applied some sort of oil to the inside of the shell which has dripped through the rivet holes to the outside. The liner also appears too small for the shell.
For display purposes the liner does have some use but please do note that I am selling this as an original M16 shell with MODERN REPLACEMENT LINER and hopefully have allowed for this in the price.

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200.00 GBP

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Award Documents for the Lufwaffe Ground Assault Badge - Hermann Goring Division

An exceptionally rare set of documents relating to Schutze Otto Kirst, z.b.V. 1/ Panzerrgt. Hermann Goring.
The set comprise his awards document for the Erdkampfabzeichen (Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge) signed by Paul Conrath, commander of the Panzer Division Hermann Goring who was a recipient of the Knights Cross with oak leaves, and a letter to and from the company regarding Kirst’s award and the fact that he was missing, in fact killed in action in Italy, 4th July 1944.
Finally there is a letter dated 9th October 1944 to Kirst’s father, the Buergermeister of Allstedt giving details of his son’s death and his burial at the Friedhof Certosa in Bologna. Interestingly the reply was sent on the reverse of the same letter, an indication of the shortages that existed late in the war.
Kirst’s unit was formed from the remnants of the Tiger Company from the Hermann Goring Division on Sicily. The crews that lost their tanks were formed in a z.b.V. Kp, a company for special use.
All documents are in very good condition.

Code: 53385

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Death Card and Letter. Gold Cross Gebirgsjager Commander Oberleutnant Wolfgang Graf Von Bullion

A Death Card and letter signed by Oberleutnant Wolfgang Graf Von Bullion, Company Commander of 3./Gebirgsjager Regiment 144. Facsimile signature.
Killed near Srobry in Russia in February 1943 at the age of 24, Graf Von Bullion was a highly decorated Company Commander and winner of the German Cross in Gold, Ehrenblattspange (Roll of Honour Clasp), Iron Cross 1st and 2nd. Class and the Wound Badge in Black.
The open letter to 3./Geb. Jag. Reg 144 is dated 2.10.1942 and addressed to “My Brave Hunters” and appears to be a morale boosting exercise telling of 800 dead Russians along with 770 prisoners.
Both the Death Card and letter are in very good condition.

Code: 53386

90.00 GBP

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Kriegsmarine Belt Buckle and Tab 1937

An excellent and rather rare example of a gilt aluminium Kriegsmarine Belt Buckle with leather tab by Richard Sieper & Sohn, the tab dated 1937.
The Buckle shows typical service wear to the high points of the eagle but with much more remaining of the gilt finish to the buckle than we normally see. There is no further damage.
The brown leather tab is in very good condition with loss to the stitching. To the outside is a good clear manufacture’s stamp but the reverse is a huge disappointment. Here a fraudster has stamped an eagle and Swastika over an M. Whilst a convincing stamp it is a good attempt at the wrong thing, the correct mark being very basic in its’ appearance.
In my view this has supressed the value of a £300+ example and I have set the prise accordingly. The stamp is to the reverse of the tab so it still displays very well.

Code: 53710

225.00 GBP

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British No. 32 Mk11 Sniper Scope OS.1650 A. 1943

A very good example of the scarce British No. 32 Mk11 Sniper telescopic Sight OS.1650 A, dated 1943 and with a serial number of 8315. The Sight is complete with an original but modified mount, eye shield and leather lens covers.
The Mk 11 rifle optic sight was designed and installed in the Lee Enfield sniper rifle (No.1 Mark 4 (T) and others) in 1943, the year this piece is dated.
Overall condition is very good. The body of the scope has a nice patina with some minor patches of surface rust but these really are not an issue. Optics are clear and undamaged with the deflection needle moving as the deflection drum is turned and the elevation cross hair moving up and down when turning the elevation drum. The brass eye or sun shield slides in and out freely.
The leather lens caps are also very good, the leather supple and the stitching without loss. The strap joining the two caps is stamped OS 12419.
Original mounts are very scarce and although an original piece this one has been modified by cutting away the rear arm which held the back clamping screw and replacing the front clamping screw with a nut and bolt, presumably to allow its use on another type of rifle. The side bar is stamped JG which I believe is the manufacturer and what appears to be AO3613.

Code: 53709


1942 RAF Airman's Service Dress Trousers

Perfect for a mannequin display these RAF other ranks / NCO’s Trousers have a waist size of approximately 30-31” and an inside leg measurement of 26”. The waist has about 1” of cloth available to let out whilst there is roughly the same turn up available in the legs.
Overall condition is very good with some discolouration from wear and a few very minor moth nips which have been nicely darned or are too small to even notice.
All brass dished buttons are in place and although the label has been removed from the rear waistband as usual, they have a good inspector’s stamp for 1942 (O)
Whilst the Jackets survive it is unusual to find these Trousers, most having been worn out during the early post war years

Code: 53708

85.00 GBP

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Four RAF First Aid / Survival items

Four RAF First Aid / Survival items ideal for display with RAF Dinghies or a Beadon Suit.
Red Signal Flare Tin for use with the 1” Flare Pistol and carried in the K Type Dinghy Pack. Very good condition. Empty.
Tube of Burn Jelly contained in a very good AM marked tubular tin, the tube somewhat compressed in places but with the contents still present.
Emergency Ration Tin, still sealed and complete with contents. The Tin is very good but has lost most of the original finish.
Tin for Water Sterilizing Tablets and carried in the Beadon Suit. Good condition with light surface rust. Empty

Code: 53707

215.00 GBP

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RAF 1940 Dated Silk Inner Gloves

A perfectly matched pair of RAF Silk Inner Gloves for wear inside the leather gauntlet.
Both are in overall very good condition with no damage but with one or two oil spots which in my view just adds to the appeal.
Inside, both have nice Air Ministry stamps with a 1940 contract date and both are a good size 9.
Rather scarce to find now especially of 1940 vintage.

Code: 53379

195.00 GBP

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Pin Back RAF Pilot's Wings for Tropical Wear

A very fine example of a purpose made pair of King’s Crown RAF Pilot’s wings for wear on the KD Tunic or Shirt and seemingly fitted with its’ pin during manufacture, most being in field adaptations.
Generally very good condition with slight wear to the left wingtip and some unidentified red marks just visible along the lower edge of the right wing

Code: 53022

95.00 GBP

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