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K98 Bayonet with Late War Web Frog

A good K98 Bayonet with mismatched Scabbard and late war web Frog.
The Bayonet itself is in overall very good condition with the pommel nicely double WaA stamped 519 and with a good blade stamped 42 cvl and numbered 5878. Although otherwise without damage and retaining most of the original factory blueing, the blade does show some light sharpening to the cutting edge.
The Scabbard is number stamped and re stamped but neither matches the Bayonet and with the reverse stamped J. Sch 1939. There are some rust patches.
The Frog is a nice late war 44 dated example in very good condition.

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Single Shoulder Board to a Jager Major

A single Slider Shoulder Board to a Major in Jager Regiment 8
Woven aluminium wire denoting rank with an Arabic 8 all on a green backed board.
Very good service used condition with some surface wear to the aluminium wire and very light traces of blue tack to the

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Luftwaffe Unteroffizier Slider Shoulder Strap. Signals

A single, perhaps unissued, Shoulder Strap Slider to a Luftwaffe signals unteroffizier.
Blue grey background trimmed with silver Tresse and signals brown piping.
Excellent condition but with faint signs of blue tack from display

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Luftwaffe Shoulder Strap. Flying Branch.

A single Shoulder Strap cut from the uniform of a Luftwaffe other ranks flying branch member.
Grey wool with yellow piping. Overall condition is very good but with signs of blue tack to the reverse from display

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Single Shoulder Strap To a Pioneer Major

A single Slider Shoulder Board to a Major in Pioneer Regiment 90
Silver aluminium braid woven to rank with golden Arabic numerals. Black wool backing.
Very good condition free from moth but with very light traces of blue tack from a previous display.

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LRDG / SAS Chapplies

From an impressive collection of original Long Range Desert Group artefacts comes this rare pair of LRDG “Chapplies” or “Chupplies” (desert sandals) locally sourced in Egypt or obtained like much of the special equipment, from the Transjordan Frontier Force or the Egyptian Defence Force.
Overall condition is very good although both soles are worn.
As we would expect there are no markings.
A very rare addition to any LRGD or SAS collection

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Hanoverian Army Officer’s Gorget

Formerly part of the The Jack Webb Collection of Medals and Militaria this Hanoverian Army Officer’s Gorget dates from c.1820-30.
A copper gilt example correctly constructed on a wire frame, the central area shows in relief St. Edward’s crown over a very distinctive ‘GR’ cypher for G.IV.R.
No gilt remains and rubbed down to the copper. The Gorget is free from damage and retains its correct shape.

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Battledress Blouse 1943 Size 16, 39"- 40" Breast

1943 dated US War Aid Battledress Blouse in a good size 16 ranked to a Captain.
Overall appearance is very good with close inspection showing a number of small moth nips and some hand darning to others on the right shoulder and upper back. None of these are readily noticeable and the Blouse remains very wearable.
Each epaulette carries the three 'Tria Juncta In Uno' brass pips of a captain. All buttons are present.
Inside the two labels are present, the manufacture’s label with a January 1943 date, breast size 39-40”, 6’1” – 6’2”, the QM inspector’s label with a September 1943 date

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Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruiser Badge in Tombak

A very good used example of a Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruiser War Badge struck from Tombak with a fire gilded finish.
Although no maker’s name appears I’m inclined to think this badge is by C.E. Juncker with such features as the hinge block, coastline profile on the globe and indeed the separate face of the globe itself pointing to this manufacturer.
A portion of the right side of the gilded wreath along with the bow of the Viking ship and the reverse of the badge in the same areas have become discoloured and this may suggest loss of the gilding. Other than these points there is no damage to the badge which still remains a very appealing and rather rare badge.

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Junghans Luftwaffe Cockpit Clock. Version 4 1941-42

Another form the superb collection of Luftwaffe Clocks I have been able to offer is this very nice working example of the fourth Version of the Junghans Cockpit Clock Fl23885, Bo-UK 1, which is believed to been produced between 1941 and 1942. All functions work well and the clock appears to keep good time but is not guaranteed.
As with version 3, version 4 implemented changes. There is a stop watch function operated by a push button below the winding knob with a subsidiary dial at the bottom of the face showing elapsed time. The rotating bezel is made of black painted Bakelite with a white pointer and the back plate now has a bayonet fitting. An interesting variation with this piece is the clear Perspex glass which is positioned on top of the rotating bezel rather than underneath it.
Perhaps the most noticeable change from version 1 is the provision of a lever to the right of the winding knob which when lowered allows the hands to be set by the winding knob.
The rear data plate has now been dispensed with, the Werk Nr 79366 now faintly visible where the plate appeared on the previous version. Movement number is 77274.

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