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Army Wehrpass. RAD, Infantry, France, Russia, Crimea

A very interesting Wehrpass to a long serving soldier who saw extensive action during the war, this is the first pattern of Wehrpass featuring the eagle with downturned wings. Overall very good condition with all pages present but with a liquid stain to the bottom right hand corner of the cover and the first 26 pages.
The first page lists the usual details in this case of Paul Thamm and was issued on the 4th July 1936 with page 2 showing a good photograph of him in RAD uniform. There are personal details on page 3 whilst 4 and 5 show his educational details and results of his medical examination where he is classed 1, fit for service.
Details of his RAD service are covered on 8 and 9 whilst page 11 shows his entry into actual military service joining a machine gun company within Infantry Regiment 49 in October 1938. Page 12 details the units in which he served and his transfer to a Grenadier Regiment and finally Grenadier Regiment 1038 in July 44. This Regiment was part of the 64th Division and were isolated after the battle of Abbeville. Further pages show his promotion to Ober Gefreiter and award entitlement to the East Medal and Krim Shield.
Pages 24 and 25 suggest he was discharged on medical grounds in January 1939 but then clearly returns to duty.
Pages 32 and 33 show his extensive duties fighting in the Battle of France finishing up on the Channel Coast before being transferred to the Russian Front in June 1941 with the 9th Army and fighting at Sevastopol before it seems returning to France to be captured or perhaps killed at Abbeville.
An extensively completed and interesting Wehrpass

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British 08 Large Pack. Unissued

A quite excellent example of a 1943 dated British 08 Pattern Pack (Large Pack) with well matched side straps.
All components are in unissued condition with both side straps made by M.E.Co. one dated 1943, the other 1940.
Impossible to upgrade so why waste your money buying reproductions for the same price?

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Luftwaffe Officer's Wehrpass

Although somewhat sparse in it’s content, this Wehrpass to a Luftwaffe Officer is perhaps worthy of further research.
The second version of the Wehrmacht document, it is in very good condition with all pages intact.
Originally joining the army in June 1930, Martin Lontke served with infantry regiment 7 and was awarded the Wehrmacht four year service award.
In May 1936 he appears to have transferred to the Luftwaffe and this Wehrpass was issued at the Luftwaffe Signals School. Page two has a good photograph of him wearing the uniform of a Regierungsinspektor (Oberleutnant) in the Luftwaffe- Wehrmachtbeamten, the administrative branch of the Luftwaffe. In January 1941 he is promoted to the rank of Oberregierungsinspektor (Hauptman).
What I do find interesting is that on page 4 under foreign languages he is shown as being an English speaker and this combined with his training at the signals school might have earmarked him for special duties such as radio transmission monitoring. This would explain why he did not simply join a Luftwaffe signals regiment.
An interesting Wehrpass in very good condition.

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British 37 Pattern Holster. Unissued

1942 dated 37 Pattern Holster for the British service revolvers.
Far from scarce but nice to find one in this as new unissued condition.

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Webbing Sling for the Sten Gun

An unused and of course original Webbing Sling for the Sten Sub Machine Gun.
Overall condition is excellent with no damage and with no markings other that what appears to be a War Department arrow.

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Mid War RAF Officer's Peaked (Visor) Cap

A particularly nice example of a mid war RAF Officer’s cap in the classic saucer shape with large peak.
The cap shows very little sign of use and is completely free from moth damage, the only point of note being wear and loss of stitching to the Real Roam Leather sweatband where it nears the peak, entirely in keeping with the cap having been regularly carried under the arm.
The lining is clean with a nice Horne Brothers of Oxford Street silk label.
Interestingly, the officer’s cap badge is a mid- war metal three part badge, in itself quite uncommon. These were introduced as the attrition rate of aircrew necessitated the rapid promotion of NCO aircrew, with badge manufactures unable to meet the demand for the wire badge.
Size appears to be about 54 cms.

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Hitler Youth Cap Insignia

A small Hitler Youth Cap Insignia cut from a roll an in unissued condition.
Measuring 26mm x 19mm the HJ motif is machine embroidered onto a white rayon backing.

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Wartime Wired RAF C Type Helmet

A wartime internally wired RAF C Type Helmet complete with cord, connector plug and AM marked receivers.
Despite being a size 3 the helmet is in poor condition and the main interest of the listing must be the electrics which are perhaps best removed from the helmet for use in a better example. The cord, plug and AM receivers are all in very good condition and free from damage.
The helmet is perhaps best described from the pictures. Both receiver cups are in relic condition, there is a hole to the leather on the peak and surface flaking on the left side. The inside is very good with no damage to the chamois. With replacement rubber cups it might be acceptable for display, possibly as a background piece.
Priced accordingly

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Very Rare Published Feldgendarmerie Collection to Oberfeldwebel Erich Wolter. Soldbuch, Wehrpass and over 100 photographs.

A fine and very rare Feldgendarmerie grouping to Oberfeldwebel Erich Wolter comprising Soldbuch, Wehrpass and a collection of over 100 photographs.
Wolter began his career as a Pionier and served with various Pionier units until 1942, reaching the rank of Unterfeldwebel. In January 1942 he transferred to the Feldgendarmerie and was promoted to Feldwebel in May 1942 and Oberfeldwebel in May 1943.
He served with Feldgendarmerie Komp 220, Feldgendarmerie Komp 904, Feldgendarmerie Trupp 985 and Feldgendarmerie Trupp 422.
Most of his Feldgendarmerie service was on Crete and in Greece, where his Wehrpass confirms that he was involved in anti-partisan operations.(Bekämpfung der Bandenbewegung in Griechenland)
He was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class with Feldgendarmerie Trupp 985 on Crete. Bravery awards, even the modest EK2, awarded to Feldgendarmerie personnel are rare.
The Soldbuch photo is an excellent example in tropical uniform whilst the photo in the Wehrpass, rather thán showing the typical civilian dress, also has him in uniform, the Waffenrock of his Pionier unit.
The photographs range from him as a recruit in 1934 through to his service with the Feldgendarmerie on Crete. Most have period annotations on the reverse indicating dates where the pictures were taken. Also included is his original Wehrmacht personal data sheet.
Weapons he was issued at various points include the P08 Luger pistol and MP40 machine pistol.
Condition is very good with the Swastikas obscured in both the Soldbuch and Wehrpass, a common practice post war. Well over half of the photographs are service related.
Formerly part of the Gordon Williamson c ollection this Soldbuch is featured on page 98 of his book, Kettenhund

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Five Silk Escape Maps Carried by Squadron Leader John H Saffery DSO, Spitfire PRU Pilot

A collection of five wartime RAF Silk Escape Maps carried by Squadron Leader John H Saffery DSO whilst flying Spitfires as commanding officer of 541 Photo Reconnaissance Squadron.
Soon after the outbreak of World War II Saffery joined the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve to serve in the Fleet Air Arm, being commissioned as a temporary sub-lieutenant on 1 November 1939.
He transferred to the RAF as an instructor and on 11 June 1942 was awarded the King's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air. He was promoted from flight lieutenant to squadron leader on 1 July 1943. He took command of a photo reconnaissance training unit, and subsequently of No. 541 (Photo Reconnaissance) Squadron, flying specially adapted Spitfires.
Most sorties were flown at altitudes of around 40,000 feet beyond the reach of the Luftwaffe. Saffery flew 37 sorties over Germany and France, photographing potential targets for RAF Bomber Command including V-1 flying bomb and V-2 rocket launching sites.
On 1 June 1944 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order
Shortly after D-Day he had to bail out over the English Channel, spending a whole day floating on his life-raft, before being rescued by a passing torpedo boat.
In 1946 Saffery received a number of awards: firstly on 1 January, a mention in despatches then on 13 June his second King's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air, and finally on 26 July he was granted permission to the wear the Croix de Guerre (with palm), conferred by the government of
The collection comprises:
Two early Bartholomew single sided silk Escape Maps C and D, overlapping giving coverage from Heligoland in the North to the Spanish border in the South in a 1.2,000,000 scale. Map C with some staining.
Map H of Spain, in very poor condition perhaps the result of long term deterioration following Saffery’s time in a dinghy.
Double sided map W and R Eastern Europe to the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean to Iraq. Very good condition
Double side S2 and S3, Greece and Turkey and Italy to the Black Sea. Very good condition
Also included are a number of photographs recently downloaded and printed from the internet and affixed to a book containing research information on Saffery detailing his operational sorties.

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