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Documents To a Fallschirmjager Knights Cross Winner with Signature

A unique collection of documents relating to Fallschirmjager Knights Cross Holder Leutnant Viktor Vitali.
Viktor Vitali was a highly decorated Oberleutnant in the Fallschirmjäger, he was a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross as well as the Anschluss Medal, Flak Battle Badge, War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords, Iron Cross (1939) 2nd Class, 1st Class, Wound Badge. He was Zugfuhrer of 5./Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 4 during the Battle of Monte Cassino and was awarded the Knights Cross on 30th April 1945 by General Der Fallschirmtruppen Heidrich.
The collection comprises two documents on which Vitali applies for service as Fallschirmjager with ratings and reviews, signed by Vitali and his commanding officer along with photocopies of his awards documents and extracts from “Die Ritterkreuztrager 1939 – 1945” a copy of which is available elsewhere on my website ( item number 52770 )
Both document are in very good condition with a rare wartime signature of a Knights Cross holder.
The last two picture can be found on the internet

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Wound Badge in Black Steinhauer & Luck.

Not uncommon but always nice to find a steel die-stamped Black Wound Badge in such lovely condition.
Awarded for receiving one or two wounds in hostile action this near mint example retains virtually all of its original shiny black painted finish. Not really visible in the pictures is the number 4 on the reverse raised in the stamping and positioned to the left of the Swastika. This is the mark of Steinhauer & Luck.
The needle pin is hinged in tombstone posts. The securing hook is very slightly bent up.

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German Gas Detection Sensor

An interesting German Gas Detection instrument manufactured I believe during the inter war period and contained in its’ original wooden transit box with suspension cord and clips.
Overall condition of all components is very good with the exception of the spring loaded release buttons to the box which are both missing. Nevertheless the lid opens without difficulty.
The probe itself appears to be solid brass finished with a black enamel, the lower section taking batteries which I assume allows the illumination of a warning light when the sensor detects gas.
At centre is an adjusting wheel and graduated dial with the maker’s name Vulkan-Werke G.m.b.H Gutersloh i/W. There are two rings allowing the instrument to be suspended both vertically and horizontally.
There are no military markings but early research suggests this company produced gas detection devices for use in ships,
Mines and tunnelling works.
The sensor is 25cm in length, the transit box 28cms.

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Brirish Royal Navy Duffle Coat

A very nice example of a British Royal Naval issue Duffle Coat in overall very good clean condition with just minor moth nips to the hood but no actual holes. The label remains in place and shows it to be a size 2 but the maker’s name and date are no longer discernible. Nevertheless it is an absolutely textbook WW11 pattern. All buttons toggles and straps are in place
Made as an oversized fit in a coarse woollen material the name of which comes from the town in Belgium where its woollen fabric was originally produced, it was made large so it could be easily thrown over a uniform, with toggle closures—sometimes called walrus teeth—to allow it to be easily closed while wearing gloves.
Although Naval issue to Officers and ratings alike it was famously worn by General Montgomery while on campaign and was even used in the desert where the nights could be bitterly cold, David Stirling, founder of the SAS, being noted for wearing one.
In the post-war period when clothing was scarce (and rationed) and surplus duffle coats were plentiful, they became a staple of British (and continental European) style. In the 1960s they became associated with students, bohemians and protestors.
A very wearable example and a comfortable fit over a clothed 42” chest.

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Kriegsmarine Binocular case. Zeiss 7x50 gas Mask

Cases for the Zeiss Kriegsmarine 7x50 Gas Mark Binoculars have always been hard to find and here we have a very good example.
The case is without damage. The closure strap is complete and with a good strong spring, the lid hinge is perfect and all blocks and lens holders are in place inside.
At the front are the correct Kriegsmarine marking below the Zeiss code blc.

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Reversable Splinter Pattern German Helmet Cover

An extremely rare and of course absolutely original WW11 German reversible Splinter Pattern Helmet Cover.
This piece is from my own collection and was forum discussed when I bought it some years ago where it achieved absolute approval.
The only original example I have ever been able find, it is in overall very good condition with just the right amount of service wear evident. Colours of the splinter camouflage remain bold and the tightening tape is in place although this has been broken at the tie and knotted back together.
The main body is without damage and the foliage loops are all in place. There is one 15mm area of wear with several small nicks along the lower seam where the cover turns over the rim of the helmet.
The cover is unlined, the reverse being a natural off white which serves as winter camouflage when the cover is reversed. There are no significant stains to this side but it is rather dirty.

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Q64 M40 Single Decal Helmet. Untouched

A particularly nice unmolested example of a Heer M40 Single Decal Helmet by Quist.
A Q64 with a lot number of 353 the Helmet is in generally very good condition and retains virtually all of the factory applied field grey paint with the aluminium oxide granules still very pronounced over the entire shell. Nice to find as most become smooth with age and handling. The shell itself is free from dents.
The liner has never been disturbed and the band is tight against the shell and not damaged by collectors trying to find a date. The leather is good and soft but shows perspiration marks and two of the tongues have one minor split going only from one edge to the first hole. The drawstring appears original to the liner. Marked 56.
The chinstrap is very good and Rb marked.
Of particular note is the decal which has been forum discussed and is a nice ET decal found on Quist Helmets.
A good original and untouched Helmet now becoming so difficult to find.

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Death Card and Letter. Gold Cross Gebirgsjager Commander Oberleutnant Wolfgang Graf Von Bullion

A Death Card and letter signed by Oberleutnant Wolfgang Graf Von Bullion, Company Commander of 3./Gebirgsjager Regiment 144. Facsimile signature.
Killed near Srobry in Russia in February 1943 at the age of 24, Graf Von Bullion was a highly decorated Company Commander and winner of the German Cross in Gold, Ehrenblattspange (Roll of Honour Clasp), Iron Cross 1st and 2nd. Class and the Wound Badge in Black.
The open letter to 3./Geb. Jag. Reg 144 is dated 2.10.1942 and addressed to “My Brave Hunters” and appears to be a morale boosting exercise telling of 800 dead Russians along with 770 prisoners.
Both the Death Card and letter are in very good condition.

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Award Documents for the Lufwaffe Ground Assault Badge - Hermann Goring Division

An exceptionally rare set of documents relating to Schutze Otto Kirst, z.b.V. 1/ Panzerrgt. Hermann Goring.
The set comprise his awards document for the Erdkampfabzeichen (Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge) signed by Paul Conrath, commander of the Panzer Division Hermann Goring who was a recipient of the Knights Cross with oak leaves, and a letter to and from the company regarding Kirst’s award and the fact that he was missing, in fact killed in action in Italy, 4th July 1944.
Finally there is a letter dated 9th October 1944 to Kirst’s father, the Buergermeister of Allstedt giving details of his son’s death and his burial at the Friedhof Certosa in Bologna. Interestingly the reply was sent on the reverse of the same letter, an indication of the shortages that existed late in the war.
Kirst’s unit was formed from the remnants of the Tiger Company from the Hermann Goring Division on Sicily. The crews that lost their tanks were formed in a z.b.V. Kp, a company for special use.
All documents are in very good condition.

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Hollow Back Infantry Assault Badge in White Metal

Another from the small collection recently acquired is this nice white metal hollow backed Infantry Assault Badge.
Non maker marker it is completely without damage and retains some of the original finish

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