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POW Identity Disc, Stalag Luft 3

An extremely rare example of an RAF Prisoner of War identity disc to POW number 326 at Stalag Luft 3, Sagan.
Unearthed during a dig on the site in 1995 the Disc is unusual in that it clearly follows the pattern of the German identity discs and not the more familiar rectangular style used for POWs. This of course may simply reflect a shortage at the time.
Research shows POW number 326 was Sgt J. Daniels (751677) of 58 Sqn. He was sole survivor from Whitley T4174 (GE-X) which was hit by flak whilst attacking Berlin on the night of the 14th/15th November 1940, the Whitley crashing into barracks in Santisstrasse in Marienfelde south of Berlin.
The crew comprised Sub Lieutenant I R Webb (RN), Sgt RB Lister, Sgt T Hanlon, Sgt C Stockman and Sgt N S Smith who were all killed. The crew had taken off from RAF Linton-on-Ouse at 1649 that evening.
Taken to Dulag Luft Sgt. Daniels moved to the centre compound of Stalag Luft III in 1942 before eventually moving on to Luft 6 later in the war, his final camp.
Of zinc construction the disc is in very good condition and stamped “326, Krgfl d. L.w. Nr 3 Sagan”

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Luftwaffe Aluminium Drinking Cup

A small aluminium cup, perhaps from a flask, standing 55 mm in height and with a good clear Luftwaffe eagle and 1942 date stamped on the base.
Overall condition is very good but with a small number of dents.

Code: 54758


K98 Rifle Single Ammunition Pouch

A single ammunition pouch for ten cartridges for the K98 Rifle.
In my view cut for purpose from an original set of three, albeit no doubt at the time, these Pouches remain something of an enigma. I have seen several over the years and popular opinion seems to be that they were intended for perhaps guard duties where a reduction in weight was useful and the need to carry sixty rounds of ammunition was deemed unnecessary.
Overall condition is very good

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Kriegsmarine Grand Admiral Raeder Signed Promotion Document

An impressive Kriegsmarine Promotion Document dated 1st November 1939 promoting Oberfahnrich N.T. (signals) to the rank of Leutnant N.T.
The Document measures 355 x 255 mm and is in very good condition without folds. Details of the recipient are typed to the pre printed Document which carries the signature of Grand Admiral Erich Raeder alongside a large embossed eagle and Swastika. It is generally accepted that Raeder hand signed these Promotion Documents.
Raeder joined the navy in 1894 and during World War I he took command of a cruiser in 1917. He was chief of the naval staff from 1928 and commander in chief of the navy from 1935 to 1943 when he retired over differences with Adolf Hitler.
Raeder advocated the creation of a powerful navy and the conduct of unlimited submarine warfare. He urged that Great Britain be totally defeated before beginning the aggression against the USSR.
In 1946 he was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Nuremberg International Tribunal but was released in 1955 and died in 1960

Code: 54756


British Driver's goggles

WW11 period British Army Driver’s Goggles with tinted lenses.
Generally good condition with slight delamination to the lens edges and with a small crack in the right lens.
The last image shows these in use, actually in Korea, which demonstrates well the continued use of WW11 era clothing.
Of note also are the RAF MkV11 goggles worn by the soldier on the right of the picture.

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WW11 British Sun Spectacles

A nice useable pair of WW11 British Army Sun Spectacles, the glasses themselves identical to those used by the RAF, the difference only being the case which here is marked, “Spectacles, Tinted, Dash, Nos 2 or 3, Case Mkl1 M. W. & Co. Ltd. RAF Spectacles have an AM marked case.
Very good usable condition with leather side screens and sprung side arms and free from damage, the case though with some dents to the lid.

Code: 54754


British Army Driver's Goggles 1939 Dated

A good pair of British Army Driver’s Goggles complete with their tin of issues by Francis & Co. 1939.
Very good condition with only the usual loss to the elasticity of the headband.
Seen in use by dispatch riders but more interestingly in the desert and by the Long Range Desert Group

Code: 54753


WW1 British Officer's Map Case

Although used during WW11 by an officer in the Royal Engineers during his service in Burma, this is a WW1 British Officer’s private purchase Map Case for use with the Sam Browne belt.
The Case is attached to the belt by a leather suspension harness and clip. There is access to a large pocket an six pencil holders while the case is closed, the case opening up to reveal two celluloid windows in front of a map pocket.
Overall condition is very good with no damage and no breaks in the celluloid

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RAD Man's Belt Buckle and Tab

A very good example of RAD man’s Belt Buckle in pebbled aluminium and complete with its original leather tab.
Perhaps unissued, the Buckle is in very good condition with absolutely no wear to the high points, no damage and with the maker’s initials LGS and 36 raised on the reverse.
The leather tab is perhaps a little stiff from storage with a slight surface crack and two or three loops from the stitching loose. The maker’s name L Gottlieb & Sohne 1936 are stamped into the tab.

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Luftwaffe Tropical Shirt Eagle

This is the second of these Luftwaffe Tropical Shirt Eagles I have been able to offer
Although clearly removed from a shirt, this Luftwaffe Tropical Beast Eagle is in very good condition with a light surface mark only on the right wing which will probably sponge off.
Machine embroidered in a silver grey thread on a triangular cotton backing with the side edges turned over prior to fitting.
Difficult to upgrade

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