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Arnhem "Theirs is The Glory" Film Premier Ticket. Made from Arnhem Glider

A scarce Presentation aluminium ticket for the film “Theirs is the Glory” given to selected guests for the premier of the 1945 film in Ottawa in 1946
Measuring approximately 70mm x 63mm the ticket is in very good undamaged condition.
The reverse of the ticket shows the story to the ticket itself raised in the casting which reads: “This souvenir ticket is made from one of the gliders which carried the British 1st Airborne Division into battle at Arnhem on September 17th 1944.” Remember of course that in 1946 the remains of the gliders were no doubt still at Arnhem.
An interesting artefact in very good undamaged condition

Code: 54246


Kriegsmarine Tropical M41 Cap

A very good and unissued example of a Kriegsmarine M41 Tropical Cap constructed in a tan coloured cotton and rayon mix material.
These caps are very similar in appearance to the M43 but without the fold down side flaps. Overall condition is as new but with two small areas of staining evident in the pictures.
At each side are a pair ventilation grommets whilst at the front is the original factory applied insignia with an impressive machine embroidered golden Kriegsmarine eagle.
The green lining shows a size 58 with an additional and only pertly discernible stamp to Hermann Pothoff. As with the rest of the cap, the lining is in unused condition.

Code: 54245


Indian Airborne Battledress Blouse

Another from the superb collection Battledress items is this Indian made Blouse to the Indian Airborne Royal Signals.
A small size, the Blouse is in overall excellent condition and perhaps unused. The collar has been made to lie flat, a popular feature for uniform items worn in hot climates. All insignia is originally applied and with the exception of the shoulder flashes appear locally made.
The qualification wings on the right sleeve are a particularly fine pair and whilst Indian Airborne wings are normally presented on a dark blue backing, they are seen with this khaki backing. It is unusual to see them on the sleeve as they were normally worn above the right breast pocket but in my view this falls under the umbrella of “anything goes” in Far East. It may also account for the European made shoulder flashes and arm-of-service strips not normally worn with the Pegasus all of which perhaps suggest a standard signaller attached to the Indian Airborne Division.
Both Pegasus patches are of the printed variety.
It would be impossible to upgrade this excellent, all original example.

Code: 54244

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Norwegian Free Forces Battledress with Documents

The first of a quite superb collection a WW11 Battledress items I will be offering is this 194(4?) dated Canadian made Blouse issued to Staff Sergeant Per E Evensen, Norwegian Free Forces.
Also included are his officer’s quality Field Service Cap, National Registration Identity Card, issued 5 June 1940 to Per E Evenson, 31 Guildford Street WC1 and his Ration Book Issued 5 June 1940 at the same address along with his merchant navy contract for service on the “New Sevilla” ( a whaling ship) and dated 10 November 1939.
Between 21.20 and 21.26 hours on 20 Sep 1940, U-138 fired torpedoes at convoy OB-216 52 miles northwest of Rathlin Island and reported three ships totalling 20,000 grt sunk. The three ships sunk were New Sevilla, Boka and City of Simla.
The New Sevilla (Master Richard Black Chisholm) was taken in tow, but sank the next day 9 miles from the Mull of Kintyre in 55°48N/07°22W. Two crew members were lost. The master and 22 crew members were picked up by HMS Arabis (K 73) (LtCdr B. Blewitt, RNR) and landed at Liverpool. 44 crew members were picked up by the Icelandic trawler Belgaum and later transferred to the Industria, which had already picked up 215 crew members and landed at Belfast. One has to assume that it was this event that brought Evensen to Britain.
The Blouse is in excellent condition with all insignia originally applied. Both sleeves have Sergeant’s Chevrons and Crown above which sit two red infantry arm of service strips denoting 2nd Company, Norwegian Independent Mountain Division. On the left sleeve is the Norge shoulder title, below which is the printed divisional sign of the Norwegian Brigade showing the midnight sun over the North Cape, introduced in mid 1944. The right sleeve shows the Norwegian flag above another printed divisional sign, this for the British Forces Norway.
Above the left breast pocket are the Medal Ribbon for King Haakon VII 70th anniversary 1942, silver marching and sports badge, shooting badge in bronze (British made) and ski badge (Swedish made).
The Field Service cap is of Officer Quality and in very good condition with an H7 silver badge (British made, with hallmarks for 1942), and Non Commissioned Officer badge (British made)
A completely original and museum quality Battledress Blouse.

Code: 54243


WW11 RAF Aden Protectorate Levies Sun Helmet

An extremely rare WW11 Solar Helmet to the Aden Protectorate Levies (APL) with RAF flash and unmarked silver Lahej emblem of crossed jambiyah (traditional curved double-edged dagger) as their badge worn by officers.
Constructed of interwoven straw and covered in khaki cloth the Helmet is in very good condition and carries the name of Ronald C Ridout underneath the sweatband.
Aden Protectorate Levies (APL) were an Arab military force raised for the local defence of the Aden Protectorate under British rule. The Levies were drawn from all parts of the Protectorate and were armed and officered by the British military.
During World War II the APL was expanded from 600 to 1,600 men, a small force and with consequently a small number of officers. They operated in Aden and the Western Aden Protectorate but also provided garrisons at Socotra Island and Sharjah.
In 1942 the process of replacing British Army personnel serving with the APL with RAF Regiment officers and airmen commenced. This policy led to the reorganisation of the Levies into a tactical force of two wings, each about the equivalent of a battalion, plus an administrative wing.

Code: 54242


WW1 British Machine Gun Corps Officer's "Floppy Cap"

A very good example of the WW1 period Officer’s Service cap generally referred to by collectors as a “Floppy Cap” and very popular with officers during 1915 -1916.
Constructed in a khaki ribbed wool material identical to the cuff rank tunic I have listed, this cap was once worn by an officer in the Machine Gun Corps, the bronze badge being actually a collar device as was the practice with MGC officers at the time.
Overall condition is very good with minor mothing and some wear to the lining revealing the celluloid stiffener added by the wearer for a better look.
The typically thin leather chinstrap is in place and retained by the two original “football” style buttons.
A rare and iconic piece of WW1 headwear to a famous regiment

Code: 54241

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RAF B Type Helmet - First Pattern Airborne Helmet

An excellent and unissued example of an RAF B Type Helmet as delivered to stores prior to having the earpieces fitted at station to fit the new owner.
A good size 2, condition is excellent the only point of note being what appears to be brown leather dye which has carelessly been allowed to contact the chamois lining during manufacture seemingly when another recently completed helmet was placed inside it. Beyond that there are absolutely no signs of damage or wear.
The left cheek shows a nice AM stamp and 22/65 whilst inside is another AM stamp and good clear label.
Often also promoted as the first pattern British Paratrooper helmet, which of course it was.

Code: 54240

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Luftwaffe Night Navigation Chart. British Isles and Germany

Being without doubt the most sought after of the highly collectable series of Luftwaffe maps intended for night operations, this double sided map is printed on rubberised linen and features the British Isles ( as far North as Glasgow), Ireland and the Channel Coast from Nantes in the South to Amsterdam in the North on side two and Germany on one.
With yellow known to the best background for contrasting with black, they were ideal for plotting using a chinograph pencil with track lines being simply wiped off with a damp cloth for re use. Dimensions are approximately 735mm X 600mm.
There are various dates relating to magnetic variation, updates etc, the earliest being 1938, the latest May 1943.
Side one shows two early swept tail Luftwaffe Eagles at the top border whilst side two, UK, shows two larger size second pattern eagles.
Depicted in Mercator projection in a scale of 1:2000,000 the features are fairly basic showing only those which might be visible at night, coastlines, built up areas, rivers and lightships. In addition water depths are shown to allow for minelaying operations. The entire map is in very good condition.
Side one features the whole of Germany along with its’ borders to the neighbouring countries and shows more detail than side two, such as airfields and navigation beacons .
A rare and collectable Map which would make an excellent display backdrop.

Code: 54239

400.00 GBP

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1914 Dated 1 Squadron RNAS Webley Automatic Holster

A very rare example of a 1914 dated Holster for the British Webley .455 Automatic Pistol. Used by the Royal Navy, RNAS and RFC during WW1, this piece is clearly marked to number 1 Squadron RNAS, a famous fighter squadron which saw distinguished service on the Western Front during the war.
The Holster is in very good overall condition with the leather remaining soft and free from damage. Of note are the rivets joining the fold over single leather piece construction favoured to avoid rotting of the stitching.
Belt fitting loops have not been repositioned, which appears often to be the case with these holsters this example remaining in the original factory configuration with the forward belt loop stamped ?.C. Galley 1914.
A fine Holster marked to a famous squadron.

Code: 54238

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WW1 Officer's Cuff Ranked Tunic. Machine Gun Corps

A very good Lightweight WW1 British Officer’s Cuff Rank Tunic to a Lieutenant in the Machine Gun Corps.
The tunic is in overall very good condition. There is a small repair at the lower end of the right breast pocket and approximately 10 small moth nips, all of which have been nicely darned. In addition the lower edge of the Tunic shows slight wear and there is one split to the lining and some loss of stitching under the right arm.
Each cuff shows the rank of Lieutenant with a shadow where the second Lieutenant pip once sat on the separately tailored and applied panel. On the right sleeve are three blue overseas service chevrons.
There are five Machine Gun Corps brass buttons by Gaunt and two Corps collar insignia on the lay flat collar, secured by three posts with no sign of any further holes.
At the back are two brass belt support hooks.
A very nice Tunic to a famous Corps.

Code: 54237

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