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WW11 Italian Special Forces Brasco Beret

An excellent example of a WW11 Italian Basco Beret, worn exclusively by WWII Italian elite special forces and frequently worn without a badge.
Seen in images being worn by Arditi (commandos SAS type troops), Falgore (paratroopers), Decima Mas (naval commandos), etc. this item is in unused condition, free from moth or other damage and clearly stamped 57

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Gebirsjager mountain troops Standard Bearer's Insignia

An impressive Army ’Standard / Flag Bearer's sleeve insignia for a member of the elite Gebirsjager mountain troops
Intended for wear on the right upper sleeve this example is in unissued condition and cut from a roll. Machine woven (BeVo) in three colours aluminum thread flat wire, grass green thread (branch colour), and black thread – all woven onto a thin dark green rayon backing cloth.
The insignia portrays two crossed Standards in miniature, with a cluster of oak leaves in aluminum thread woven at the bottom centre.
This very colourful and desirable patch would be worn one person in the unit that was designated to carry the regimental standard.
This item is accompanied by the original letter of authenticity from Bill Shea in America.

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SS Officers Hand Embroidered Collar Tab with Runes

An excellent example of an SS Officer's right hand black wool construction collar tab with hand embroidered SS runes in bright silver/aluminum wire threads with a silver/aluminum cord piping around the borders , all mounted on a buckram backing.
Although no longer present, there are traces on the original paper label evident.
Overall condition is very good with absolutely no signs of damage.

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A collection of paperwork relating Kapitanleutnant Jurgen Deecke, commander of U-1, Hitler's First U Boat

U-1 was the first U-boat built for the Kriegsmarine following Adolf Hitler's abrogation of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles in 1935, which banned Germany possessing a submarine force.
The collection comprises:
His 1930 dated sailing Certificate in very good condition.
His Certificate for his promotion to Kapitanleutnant dated 1 October 1939 and signed in ink by Großadmiral Erich Raeder, folded but in very good condition with an impressive eagle and Swastika embossed on the lower right side.
His Heroes Death Certificate dated 26 May 1943, long after his actual loss. Folded but in very good condition.
A very good Portrait Photograph of him in a card folder. Very good condition and a photo Postcard of U-1.
A Type IIA U-boat, U-1 was completed on 29 June 1935 after a very rapid construction, and was manned by crews trained in the Netherlands.
Her pre-war service was unremarkable, but she did gain a reputation as a poor ship. Her rapid construction, combined with the inadequacy of the technology which was used to create her, made her uncomfortable, leaky and slow. When war came, there were already plans to shelve her and her immediate sister boats for use as training boats only.

Despite this however, owing to a shortage of available units and being part of a training Flotilla she sailed on 29 March 1940 against British shipping operating off Norway, close to the limit of her effective operating range. She failed to find a target, but was sent out again on 4 April, in preparation for Operation Weserübung (the invasion of Norway).
U-1 sent a brief radio signal on 6 April, giving her position, before she disappeared. Although it was originally thought she had been sunk by a British submarine later research revealed she had fallen victim to a British minefield. This was confirmed when she was located by divers in 2007 in the North Sea north of Terschelling in what was once the British Minefield N0.7. The entire rear section of the boat had been blown off. There had been no survivors from the crew of 24.
She was the first of over 1,000 U-boats to serve during the Battle of the Atlantic, and one of over 700 to be lost at sea.
An interesting and poignant U Boat collection.

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Paperwork Collection U-202, U-1016 Related

The last of the small collection of U-Boat related artefacts I have recently listed is this collection of paperwork belonging to fähnrich zur see (later Leutnant zur See) Karl Preis.
Preis served initially on U-202, a successful type V11c boat which was also engaged in special operations. The boat left Brest on a very special patrol on 27 May 1942. On 12 June, after crossing the Atlantic submerged by day and surfaced by night, they landed a saboteur team of four men on Long Island USA as part of Operation Pastorius. This was one of two such teams landed within a week of each other on the US east coast, the other came aboard U-584. This was intended to be the first of many such operations.
Preis was awarded the U-Boat War Badge in March 1943 and was fortunate to have left U-202 prior her sinking when he transferred to the new U-1016 which, as part of the 31 Training Flottille, saw no action and was scuttled in May 1945.
The collection comprises:
His Award Certificate for the U-Boat War Badge
A group Photograph of his class at the naval college at Murwick, along with another showing both officers and ratings.
Three photographs of him aboard a U-Boat
A Hitler Jugend swimming certificate and a certificate for the triathlon at the June 1934 Youth Festival with the original postage envelope.

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M1927 Cossack Shashka

A very nice example of a M1927 Shashka, issued to the USSR Cossack Cavalry in 1942.
Made by the Carriage Repair and Maintenance Factory whose code was BP3 and who only made these swords in 1942 ,both sword and scabbard are in very good condition.
Blade length is 97cms and stamped in Cyrillic text "42BP3” the reverse with a reversed "7" which is the Cyrillic letter G.
Brass bird’s head hilt and grooved wood grips with wood lined scabbard covered in black leather, brass and steel fittings.
A rare and evocative sword.

UK and EU shipping only

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German Officer's Pickelhaube Cover

An excellent example of an Officer’s private purchase Pickelhaube Cover (Uberzug) in a field grey cotton.
Discussed with positive approval on the German Helmets Walhalla forum, the cover is in very good undamaged condition and shows little sign of use with just a slight colour difference between the interior and exterior through modest fading.
No hooks were used on the officer’s privately purchased examples but the visors fitted into hardened pockets with the sides and opening for the spike elasticated for a snug fit. In this case the elasticity has now gone.
Markings found on private purchase style covers are the letters DRP, (Deutsches Reich Patent) or DRGM,( Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster) stamped in black ink. Here the stamping remains clear.
In my view a very rare piece and the first I have been able to offer

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German Gluhzunapparat 39

A scarce German Electrical Detonator the Gluhzunapparat 39.
Complete with it’s winding and firing handle it appears in very good condition but although seemingly fully wound, turning the handle in the ignite position does not release the spring that operates the electrical current. Removing the top cover may reveal a fix but I have not attempted to do so.
The manufacturer’s plate is in position and dated 1940.
Very heavy item measuring approximately 17cms x 9cms

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Iron Cross Second Class - Hermann Aurich

A very nice example of an Iron Cross Second, the suspension ring stamped 113 for the maker Hermann Aurich, Dresden.
The Iron Cross itself is in very good condition retaining virtually all of the original frosting and free from damage.
The original ribbon is the correct length but has yellowed slightly on both side, perhaps the effects of storage.

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Luftwaffe Officer's Aluminium Breast Eagle

A quite superb example of a Luftwaffe Officer’s Aluminium Breast Eagle for wear on the white summer tunic, but also seen in period images on the short private purchase leather flying jackets.
Condition is excellent, this piece clearly never having been used. It retains all the original finish with polished Swastika and is completely free from damage or wear of any kind.
On the reverse the fixing pin is straight and the initials GM remain clear to the left of the hinge black, all that appeared in the casting intended to show DRGM and I believe synonymous with the maker Assmann.
It would be quite impossible to upgrade this example.

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