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NSDAP Party Badge by Rare Maker

A circular shallow domed enameled metal badge with a narrow gold outer border, a red inner border on which in gold "NATIONAL-SOZIALISTISCHE / D.A.P".
The centre is a white disc with black swastika.
To the reverse a pin-back fastening and "M1 / 105" (Hermann Aurich, Dresden) and "RZM " in a double circle.
Constructed in a silvered bronze and in very good condition.
From the collection of a New Zealand POW released from a camp in Germany by the advancing Americans and free to roam collecting souvenirs prior to his repatriation.

Code: 54849

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Swastika Flag Centre

The large centre section of a German flag removed and kept by a New Zealand POW released from a camp in Germany by the advancing Americans and free to roam collecting souvenirs prior to his repatriation.
490mm in diameter, a white cotton circle with black printed Swastika.
Very good undamaged condition removed by carefully unpicking the stitching.

Code: 54848

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Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Qualification Badge in Cloth

(Fallschirmschützenabzeichen) Constructed with a dark grey wool backing the obverse bearing a machine embroidered subdued grey oval laurel and oak leaf wreath, joined together at the bottom by ribbon overlaid by a diving golden yellow Luftwaffe eagle clutching a Swastika.
The badge is in very good unissued condition, the subdued grey wreath being of note and clearly intended for combat wear.

Code: 54847

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WW11 Italian Paratroop Officer's Sleeve Insignia

An impressive an unissued sleeve insignia for an officer Paratrooper in the WW11 Fascist Italian Social Republic (Repubblica Sociale Italiana, or RSI) of the National Republican Air Force (Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana or ANR)
Measuring approximately 72 mm x 62mm the badge is hand embroidered in a golden wire with padded canopy on a grey woolen backing.
Very good undamaged condition and worn on the upper left sleeve

Code: 54846

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German Customs Cap Insignia Wreath

An unissued WW11 period German Customs Cap insignia wreath.
In very good condition and I believe of an early Tombac construction, the centre of the rosette has lost a small amount of the red felt whilst on fitting prong is absent.
German Customs of the period worked closely with the SS SD and this wreath came from the collection obtained from the immediate family of Sgt. Charles Ruzicka, a Tank Commander with the US 6th. Armoured Division which saw extensive action throughout Western Europe and participated in the Battle of The Bulge and most importantly, the liberation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp.
Research suggests the probability that most and perhaps all of the items were collected from stores at Buchenwald and some support is given to the theory by the presence in the collection (now sold) of an aluminium SS clothing requisition tag which I believe was from the camp. A video recording of Sgt Ruzicka being interviewed at a 6th Armoured Division Reunion can be seen here. He is second to appear: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0RDJI5eLTGFQk5HRkM0ZEVyV00/view
The last image is not included but shows and armed customs official with his dog perhaps during duty as a border guard.

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Normandy Camouflaged Helmet

A very good EF62 M40 Normandy pattern Camouflaged Helmet which at one time formed part of my own collection.
Absolutely original of course in every respect, the helmet is in overall very good service used condition and clearly displays signs of having had two strands of heavy wire in place to take extra foliage for camouflage.
I was never able to decide if this was a Heer or Luftwaffe Helmet as there is no visible sign of the outline of the decal but from the partly discernible lot number of 12633 or 11633, I am leaning towards Heer.
The liner remains supple and has darkened somewhat from perspiration and use. A draw string is in place as is the full length chinstrap, clearly dated 1944. The liner has never been disturbed and fits tightly to the shell so I am not able to determine any further details.
A nice example of a highly collectable Normandy Camouflage Helmet

Code: 54716

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WW11 Italian Arab Paratroopers Badge.

Another form this excellent collection of WW11 Airborne badges and insignia is this rare Italian Arab Airborne Paratrooper Badge worn by the Ascari Del Cielo who were the first paratroopers of the Italian armed forces.
All were born in Libya of Arab Berber ethnicity and were led by Italian officers and senior NCO’s.
These were amongst the first airborne forces to be established anywhere in WW11 and their insignia is extremely rare.
The badge was worn on the jump suits and was large, measuring 115mm x 57mm at the widest point. It comprises a blue/green backing with hand embroidered detail in gold bullion. Overall condition is very good.

Code: 54844

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Imperial Japanese Army Paratrooper Badge – The Golden Kite

‎An exceptionally rare Second War Imperial Japanese Army Paratrooper Badge – The Golden Kite Badge.
Measuring approximately 107mm x 75 mm including it’s rayon backing the badge is a very high quality machine embroidered piece in excellent unissued condition
Insignia were rarely worn on the smock and occasionally even when on home service. The IJA parachute qualification "wings" badge, instituted in September 1941, was the Golden Kite (Kinshi Kunsho), the messenger of the gods which legend says hovered over the battlefield dazzling the Emperor Jimmu Tenno’s enemies with its golden wings.
So rare are these badges that only one image is known to exist of them in wear, which I have shown as the last image, possibly because most images of the Japanese Army Paratroopers show them in combat kit

Code: 54843

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Wehrpass and Soldbuch to Hauptmann Hans Stolz – SS Police Regiment – Einsatzgruppen?

Compising his Wehrpass with a good uniform photograph on page 2, the pass with all pages present and in very good condition.
Stolz came from the civilian Police to the Feldgendarmerie, received his training and was commissioned Leutnant der Feldgendarmerie in 1942. He subsequently returned to the Schutzpolizei and served on the Eastern Front with an SS-Polizei Regiment.
His Polizei Soldbuch with his photograph removed but in otherwise very good condition. He gained several combat awards including: Iron Cross Second Class, Iron Cross First Class, War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords, Wound Badge in Black, Wound Badge in Silver, Infantry Assault Badge.

This set came from a major German source who sadly split the set and sold off the award documents separately. These documents revealed that he served in III./ SS-Polizei Regiment 9 and I./SS-Polizei Regiment 16. These units were both part of Polizei Kampfgruppe Jeckeln. Fortunately, although I do not have the original documents I do have colour photocopies which show well these units. They are included in the sale.
SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich Jeckeln, the Einsatzgruppe commander was responsible for countless atrocities during his "police" actions and several reports from this unit refer to the execution of so called “Bandits” (usually Jews)
According to one of the top researchers on the subject of the Einsatzgruppen, even if Stolz did not participate directly in the "questionable activities" of the Einsatzgruppen he was certainly associated with those who did. So although no firm evidence against Stolz is known he certainly belonged to a notorious unit.
A very rare Soldbuch and Wehrpass, formely part of the Gordon Williamson collection.

Code: 53331

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Very Rare Published Feldgendarmerie Collection to Oberfeldwebel Erich Wolter. Soldbuch, Wehrpass and over 100 photographs.

A fine and very rare Feldgendarmerie grouping to Oberfeldwebel Erich Wolter comprising Soldbuch, Wehrpass and a collection of over 100 photographs.
Wolter began his career as a Pionier and served with various Pionier units until 1942, reaching the rank of Unterfeldwebel. In January 1942 he transferred to the Feldgendarmerie and was promoted to Feldwebel in May 1942 and Oberfeldwebel in May 1943.
He served with Feldgendarmerie Komp 220, Feldgendarmerie Komp 904, Feldgendarmerie Trupp 985 and Feldgendarmerie Trupp 422.
Most of his Feldgendarmerie service was on Crete and in Greece, where his Wehrpass confirms that he was involved in anti-partisan operations.(Bekämpfung der Bandenbewegung in Griechenland)
He was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class with Feldgendarmerie Trupp 985 on Crete. Bravery awards, even the modest EK2, awarded to Feldgendarmerie personnel are rare.
The Soldbuch photo is an excellent example in tropical uniform whilst the photo in the Wehrpass, rather thán showing the typical civilian dress, also has him in uniform, the Waffenrock of his Pionier unit.
The photographs range from him as a recruit in 1934 through to his service with the Feldgendarmerie on Crete. Most have period annotations on the reverse indicating dates where the pictures were taken. Also included is his original Wehrmacht personal data sheet.
Weapons he was issued at various points include the P08 Luger pistol and MP40 machine pistol.
Condition is very good with the Swastikas obscured in both the Soldbuch and Wehrpass, a common practice post war. Well over half of the photographs are service related.
Formerly part of the Gordon Williamson c ollection this Soldbuch is featured on page 98 of his book, Kettenhund

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Anti Partisan Badge (Partisan Warfare Badge) in Silver by Juncker

An extremely rare example of the German Anti Partisan Badge (Bandenkampfabzeichen, or Bandit-warfare Badge) awarded to members of the Army, Luftwaffe, Navy, Order Police, and Waffen-SS who took part in Anti Partisan operations (Bandenbekämpfung) in any theater but notably on the Eastern Front and Balkans.
Instituted by Hitler late in January 1944, the badge was awarded in three grades, Bronze for 20 combat days, Silver for 50 Combat days and Gold for 100 combat days. This example is Silver grade.
Constructed in a silvered zinc, this piece is of the semi hollow back type and although unmarked, demonstrates all the characteristics, features and manufacturing flaws of the so called Juncker 2.2. These include a crack running from the back of the head of the Hydra down its neck to the outer edge of the wreath.
The silvering to the zinc has survived well, most being reduced to a dark grey with age. It has a non magnetic needle pin with rounded catch and magnetic hinge.
Overall condition must be described as very good. It weighs 25 grams and measures 59mm x 50mm.

Code: 54839


Two NSDAP Munich Pennants

Despite having collected German car Pennants myself for many years I was at a loss to immediately identify this pair which came from an impeccable source, a New Zealand ex POW who had collected them in Germany after his release from camp by the Americans.
Whilst I believe the smaller Pennant measuring 268mm x 17mm is a pre war City of Munich Pennant, the large pennant is I believe much more.
Double sided and lined with cotton it has clearly been supported by a triangular wire frame and remains open ended where the frame has been removed, typical of a Car Pennant. It was common practice for souvenir hunters to remove the frame so the booty could be easily folded and carried. It’s dimensions 355 x 250mm approximate to military and political vehicle pennants of the time, civilian pennants being much smaller.
Constructed from four coloured cotton panels it is of course the crest that makes it so interesting. Machine embroidered in a chain stitch with a rayon background this is the Munich city coat of arms, redesigned in 1936 by Richard Klein director of the State School of Applied Arts in Munich. The coat of arms of the "capital of the movement" has now been given a symbolism that meets its new meaning. The traditional monk's depiction (seen on the smaller Pennant) had to give way to a secular depiction of a "Munich child" and above a symbolized city gate was also an NSDAP eagle with a swastika as an expression of the city's importance for the Nazi state.

The term "capital of the movement" is an honorary title awarded by Adolf Hitler to the Bavarian capital Munich for its importance as the founding place of the Nazi Party. Already in his central political-ideological program "Mein Kampf" he pointed out the importance of the city for the rise of National Socialism. The title was officially awarded at a meeting with Munich's Mayor Karl Fiehler on 2 August 1935. In doing so, he ranked Munich in the group of "führerstädte", which also included Linz (Austria), Berlin, Nuremberg and Hamburg.
The Hauptstadt der Bewegung (head city of the movement—Munich) patch seen on the Pennant was worn by the guides that would take visitors through Munich back in the time of the Third Reich. These guides were highly respected men who not only escorted people to the important historically famous places of the N.S. Movement, but also would know everything about the history and purpose of every building or monument. These learned gentlemen and ladies also were advanced historians who knew the concise history long before the actual foundation date of the city in 1158. Given it’s dimensions and composition I am of the opinion this Pennant is an extremely rare example as flown on the official vehicles of these NSDAP city guides.
The patch shows the NSDAP eagle that hovers over the Isartor (The Isartor at the Isartorplatz in Munich is one of four main gates of the medieval city wall), and before this stands a little monk known as the Münchner Kindl or “Munich child” in the Bavarian dialect of German.
A truly rare if not unique survivor of the type

Code: 54838

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Fallschirmjäger Officer’s Hand Embroidered Parachute Qualification Badge

A quite beautiful example of a Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger officer’s Parachute Qualification badge in cloth, intended for wear on the Fliegerbluse.
Whilst the wreath and Swastika are made of the standard twisted aluminium thread the eagle is formed in Celleon thread with the features highlighted in a darker thread, the use of Celleon no doubt making it more robust and less likely to sustain damage.
The cloth is the high quality ribbed Trikot material seen on privately purchased uniforms, the edges of which show the remains of the hand stitching used to attach it to the Fliegerbluse. To the reverse virtually all of the paper covering remains.
A rare variant of a highly desirable Fallschirmjäger officer’s badge

Code: 54837

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WW11 Indian National Army (Azad Hind) Cap Badge

A very scarce Indian National Army (Azad Hind) bronzed cap badge circa 1942-45 with decorated border and an outline map of the Indian Sub-Continent in the centre, the whole surmounted by the initials INA with the motto ITEFAQ ETMAD KURPANI embossed on a scroll at the base of the badge.
Locally die-stamped and in very good condition. Worn by members of the Anti-British movement led by Subhas Chandra Bose.
The last image is for interest only and is not included but shows just such a badge in place on a cap.

Code: 54834

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Wehrmacht (Army) Parachutist Badge by FLL Type B. The Brandenburgs

A very rare Fallschirmschützenabzeichen in zinc without maker’s name but displaying the typical manufacturing characteristics of late war Type B badges by Friedrich Linden of Lüdenscheid
Of multi-piece construction with a gilded zinc oak wreath with a Wehrmacht eagle clutching a swastika on the top of the wreath, and three ribbons on the bottom.
Affixed to the badge is a silvered zinc eagle, attached via two ball-rivets to the reverse.
Generally very good condition but with a small crack in the wreath below the rivet at the eagle’s tail feathers.
A late war zinc badge and although the Army Fallschirmjager had amalgamated with the Luftwaffe early in the war, members of the elite Brandenburgs who qualified wore the Army Fallschirmschützenabzeichen.

Code: 54833

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Der Soldatenfreund (The Soldier's Friend) 1943

A copy pf the 1943 Der Soldatenfreund printed by Adolf Sponholz in Hannover
This pocket size hardback edition was intended for the Army with different editions for issue to the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine.
The front covers is embossed with a golden eagle, the spine with 1943. Both front and rear covers have pictorial papers, the front showing a smiling Hitler surrounded by troops, the rear showing soldiers and damaged buildings.
There is an NSDAP rubber stamp on the first leaf followed by the title page and about 190 pages of general interest notes on geography, world events, multi-language dictionaries etc. followed by advertisements and a 1943 diary with many hand written notes.
Perhaps the most interesting pages are the 21 plates at the back, mostly in colour and showing flags, badges and insignia of the services.
Overall condition is good with all pages present but with detachment from the spine.
Another from the artefacts collected in Germany by a New Zealand POW after being released from the camp by advancing US troops.

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D.D.A.C. "Der Deutsche Automobil - Club" Insignia

D.D.A.C. "Der Deutsche Automobil - Club" insignia removed from a Sports Vest or Car pennant.
Measuring 100mm x 83mm the design is machine embroidered and is the left facing eagle variant so possibly from a pennant.
It remains attached to an off cut of white cotton by two brass safety pins and I have not removed it as this is how it has been kept by a New Zealand POW released from a camp in Germany by the advancing Americans and free to roam collecting souvenirs prior to his repatriation.
Very good condition

Code: 54830

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WWII Bulgarian Paratrooper’s Badge. First Pattern

WWII Bulgarian Paratrooper’s Badge in patinated bronze, silver, gilt and enamels and of multi multi piece construction. Overall condition is very good with one slight enamel flake between the centre two rigging lines
This is the scarcest Bulgarian parachutists badge and features the large white parachute at centre surrounded by blue enamel. It differs greatly in design and desirability from the later war badges.
This extremely rare badge was awarded by King Boris III to a limited number of Bulgarian officers and other ranks that undertook the first Bulgarian paratroopers training in the German Fallschirmjager-Infanterie base at Braunschweig in 1942, before returning to Bulgaria in 1943. As a consequence they were also entitled to wear the Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager qualification badge as the last picture shows. This picture is not included in the sale and was found on the internet.
It is believed that only about 400 of these badges were awarded and of those who received this first badge about 150 were killed in action before the end of the war.

Code: 54828

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WW11 Hungarian Paratroop Wings to the Levente

An extremely rare WW11 Hungarian Paratroopers pair comprising a full size qualification badge in bronze in the standard form with the addition of the Levente insignia in bronze and enamel and a lapel pin of the same wings in miniature. Both are in very good condition with one very small area of loss to the enamel on one of the cross arms of the Levente insignia.
Whilst WW11 Hungarian Parachute wings are rare, this is the first I have seen to the Levente (Hungarian: Leventeszervezetek) which were paramilitary youth organizations in Hungary in the interwar period and during the Second World War. It was established in 1921 with the declared purpose of physical and health training.
It is usually compared to the Hitler Jugend and was in fact an attempt to circumvent the ban for conscription imposed by the Treaty of Trianon and over the time it had openly become a pre-military organization under the leadership of veterans.
By the end of World War II Levente members had to actually serve in auxiliary forces.

Code: 54827

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WW11 Hungarian Paratroop Collection

The second of a small collection of WW11 Hungarian Paratroops items is this group to Corporal Janos Kemmer of the 3rd Royal Hungarian Paratroop Company.
Although the involvement of Hungary as a co-belligerent ally of Germany is little known, the paratroops participated in the invasion of Yugoslavia and later distinguished themselves in fighting against the Russians in the invasion of Hungary. Hungarian forces also suffered greatly in the battle for Stalingrad.
The collection comprises, his farmed Citation measuring 570mm x 310mm, two photographs of him framed in aluminium which appears to be an aircraft panel and his rare parachutist qualification badge.
An extremely rare collection to a little know but highly significant ally of Nazi Germany.

Code: 54824

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WW11 Hungarian Paratrooper's Tunic

An extremely rare Hungarian WW11 period Paratrooper combat grade uniform to a Corporal and formerly part of the collection of Robert Kondor who is the authority on Hungarian Paratroopers.
This is a government issued piece and is stamped for the year 1938. It has been modified for the 1939 regulations and the wearer at the same time had it modified for comfort by the addition of the breast and shoulder padding. Combat grade uniforms are devoid of this feature.
There are only a handful of such uniforms in existence. It is believed that this uniform was used by an individual as a parade and combat tunic and that the individual was perhaps killed in training or perhaps during the one and only combat jumps made by Hungarian paratroopers during the invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941.
The early wings are extremely rare and in order for an individual to retain their jump wings they had to make a yearly quota of jumps to maintain the privilege of wearing the wings. Many simply transferred out of the paratroopers and were put into the infantry where they served valiantly.
Made in a heavy wool the Tunic is in very good condition, free from moth or other damage and with all buttons and original insignia in place.
A truly rare addition for the airborne collector or for those with an interest in Germany’s WW11 allies

Code: 54173

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A Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger Badge by C.E. Juncker of Berlin

An example of a well preserved Luftwaffe Paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger) badge in silvered and gilded tombac.
The obverse consists of a wreath of laurel and oak leaves with an eagle superimposed on the badge. The reverse plain with two rivets, a vertical pinback (depicting period repair), with a barrel hinge and a repaired round wire catch.
Maker marked “C. E. Juncker, Berlin S.W” and engraved “Bimmler” by hand.
A very nice example with research potential.

Code: 54823

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German Pennant or Bunting

An excellent and seemingly unused double sided Pennant or perhaps more likely Bunting measuring 350mm x 190mm and with one end sewn over to allow for hanging.
The field is red dyed cotton with a white cotton circle with black printed Swastika machine stitched into place
Still in its original folded condition it retains all the original colour and is completely free from stains or damage.
One of a number of items collected by New Zealand POW’s who remained in Austria briefly after their release from the camps by the advancing US troops.

Code: 54821

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Cuffband to the Elite Unit Brandenburg

An extremely rare Cuffband Brandenburg, full length at 460mm and constructed with a 32mm mm wide band of dark green wool with a machine embroidered Brandenburg inscription in silver-grey Gothic script. Top and bottom of the band are finished with a silver-grey Russian braid.
Condition is very good with no damage or staining
The Brandenburgers were members of the Brandenburg German Special Forces unit. Originally the unit was formed by and operated as an extension of the military's intelligence organisation, the Abwehr.
Members of this unit took part in seizing operationally important targets by way of sabotage and infiltration. Being foreign German nationals who were convinced Nazi volunteers, constituent members had lived abroad and were proficient in foreign languages as well as being familiar with the way of life in the area of operations where they were deployed. The internet provides further information on their extensive operations.
A truly rare and very desirable Cuffband to an elite unit.

Code: 54819

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Freies Arabien Volunteer’s BeVo Weave Sleeve Shield

A German manufactured Freies Arabien Volunteer’s BeVo Weave Sleeve Shield on a field grey rayon backing and cut from a roll.
Very good unissued condition with just one small mark at the lower edge of the central white panel.
Created by Amin al-Husseini and Rashid Ali, and then adopted by Adolf Hitler in 1941 this small force commanded by Hellmuth Felmy mainly to assist the Pro Nazi revolt in Iraq which resulted in the siege of the RAF airfield Habbaniya in 1941.
It then moved to Sounion in Greece and attracted as number of Arab and Muslim forces. After the death of its commander the force was withdrawn from the front and in November 1943, the Legion served in Peloponneseas as part of the 41st Infantry Division and participated in suppression of the Greek and anti fascist insurrection.
A very rare Sleeve Shield to a small force

Code: 54818


Kriegsmarine Breast Eagle

Typically worn on the pullover jumper shirt this eagle is in mint unissued condition.
Cut from a roll the eagle is machine embroidered in the classic BeVo weave with golden thread on a rayon backing.

Code: 53459

39.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe Specialty Badge for Flying Technical Personnel.

Luftwaffe Specialty Badge for Flying Technical Personnel differing slightly in design from the previous item in the appearance of the piston pots at centre.
Worn on the lower left the badge the Badge is in very good condition with silver grey machine embroidered detail on a blue grey woolen backing.

Code: 54817

45.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe Specialty Badge for Flying Technical Personnel

Luftwaffe Specialty Badge for Flying Technical Personnel.
Worn on the lower left the badge the Badge is in very good condition with silver grey machine embroidered detail on a blue grey woolen backing.

Code: 54816

45.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe Flak Specialty Badge

Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Personnel sleeve insignia awarded after nine month service.
Silver grey machine embroidered on a blue grey wool backing and worn on the left sleeve.
Unissued but with some staining which appears to be from adhesive applied to the reverse.

Code: 54813

75.00 GBP

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DAF Sleeve Diamond

A German Labour Front DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront) diamond shaped sleeve insignia measuring 65mm x 57mm with aluminium DAF Swastika within a cogwheel set on a black woollen backing, the reverse with stores RZM label.
Very good condition and clearly unissued

Code: 54812

75.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Deutsche Reichpost Cap Insignia

A machine embroidered cap insignia for the Deutsche Reichpost (Postal Services) for wear on the winter M43 Cap.
The silver eagle and cockade are positioned on an embroidered trapezoid all on a dark blue rayon backing cut from a roll.
Excellent unissued condition.

Code: 54811

45.00 GBP

Shortlist item
RAD Cap insignia

RAD Enlisted Cap Insignia for wear on the Field Cap ( Feldmutze) Machine woven detail on a rayon backing. Very good unissued condition

Code: 54810

45.00 GBP

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Army Fallschirmjager Badge by Juncker in Aluminium

An extremely rare second pattern Army Paratroop Badge produced from late 1937 to the beginning of 1939.
An unmarked Juncker this second pattern sought to correct vulnerable areas of the badge such as the rear talon and the beak, the latter reinforced by the provision of a distinctive “beard”.
Aluminium badges remained susceptible to damage however and this example shows the addition of replacement rivets to reaffix the eagle. I have little doubt this is a period repair.
The wreath and Army eagle retain a very good degree of the gilded finish both front and back and close inspection of the reverse of the eagle reveals an owner’s name which has been partially removed.
Pin, hinge and catch are very good.
A nice and I believe combat used example of a rare badge.

Code: 54808

1900.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Deutsche Wehrmacht Armband. Uncommon Variation

A very good undamaged example of the “Deutsche Wehrmacht”, (German Armed Forces) Armband which was one of the armbands introduced with the Army Mobilization Order of March 12th 1937 and was designed for wear by non-uniformed personnel serving with the Armed Forces. New regulations of October 1st 1941 restricted wear of this armband to non-uniformed non-combatant personnel.
Black printed script on a yellow cotton band this is the far rarer variation with printing in block capitals rather than Gothic lettering.
One of a number of souvenirs brought back by a wounded soldier after his release from hospital in Klagenfurt in 1945

Code: 54806

105.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Fallschirm-Jäger Rgt.1 Cuffband for Enlisted Men

An excellent and unissued example of a Fallschirm-Jäger Rgt. 1 Cuffband for enlisted men, hand embroidered in a silver grey cord on a green (Jägergrun) wool band.
Completely free from moth or other damage the ends are loosely stitched closed ready for fitting, the inside of the band closed with large hand applied stitches.
On April 1st 1938 the 4th Battalion of Regiment General Göring was transferred to form the nucleus of the newly forming Paratroop Division and were designated, "I. Bataillion Fallschirmjäger Regiment 1". On January 1st 1939 the army’s Fallschirm-Infanterie Battalion was transferred to the control of the Luftwaffe and became "II.Bataillion Fallschirmjäger Regiment 1". These two battalions would become the nucleus of the 7.Flieger (Fallschirm) Division. On August 19th 1939 this distinctive cuffband was introduced for wear by all ranks of the regiment.

Code: 54804

1150.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager Officers Hand Embroidered Qualification Badge in Wire

A rare Luftwaffe Fallschirmjager Officers Parachute Qualification Badge, hand embroidered with a swooping eagle in gold wire encompassed by a wreath of silver wire.
Typically seen worn on the fliegerbluse the badge has a Luftwaffe blue grey woolen backing and is in very good condition.

Code: 54803

1550.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Luftwaffe Fallschirm - Division Cuff Band

A very good uniform removed “Fallschirm – Division” Cuff Band for enlisted men measuring approximately 460mm x 33mm.
Constructed of smooth dark green wool, the exterior bearing a machine-embroidered silver-grey inscription of “FALLSCHIRM-DIVISION” in Gothic script.
Very good undamaged condition and free from moth.
The first from a superb collection of Fallschirmjager insignia and awards I will be listing over the next few days

Code: 54802

820.00 GBP

Shortlist item
NSKK Driver's Qualification Badge

Second Pattern NSKK Qualified Driver’s Sleeve Insignia.
Worn on the left forearm and machine embroidered in a silver thread on a black rayon covered diamond.
In very good unissued condition with the remnants of the paper label to the reverse

Code: 54792

55.00 GBP

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NSKK Sleeve Eagle

A good and perhaps unissued NSKK Sleeve Eagle for wear on the brown tunic.
Overall condition is good but with a vertical grey mark to the silver machine embroidered wire over the last K on the banner and the top of the eagle’s left wing, possibly the result of a label having been attached at some time.
The original manufacture’s label remains in place on the reverse

Code: 52851

95.00 GBP

Shortlist item
German Red Cross Cap Insignia

An excellent and unissued example of the German Red Cross Insignia worn, initially on the side of the field service cap and later at the front
Measures approximately 40 mm top to bottom.

Code: 54791

50.00 GBP

Shortlist item
WW11 Royal Engineers' Service Dress Uniform

The major components of the Service Dress Uniform of Captain A.W. White 349372, Royal Enigneers who saw service in Burma during WW11.
The collection comprises:
Service Dress Tunic with Royal Engineers collar badges and cloth belt, the inner pocket with tailor’s label and A/Lt. A White, 20.4.45, the right breast pocket with a whistle lanyard. Overall condition is very good with just one moth hole along the lower edge of the left bellows pocket.
His Sam Browne Belt named to him and in very good condition.
Matching Trousers with a 30” waist and with some peppering of moth damage to the crotch area, the tailor’s label with the same details.
A Field Service Cap by H.A. Newel with no badge but which at some time held something other than a Royal Engineer’s Badge.
His Identity Discs.
An attractive set which displays nicely on a mannequin

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Navaho American Indian Silver and Leather Horse Halter

An excellent example of a Silver and Leather Navaho Horse Halter ( or headstall) dating from the 1890s.
Well displayed in a glazed frame measuring 57 cms x 54 cms the Halter is in very good condition.
At centre on each side arm sits a sunburst decorated oval disc known as a “Concha” whilst the arms themselves are decorated with a repeated native design roughly resembling a Wigwam. Everything is arranged on a leather backing strap which continues up to a buckle and strap which fitted across the horse’s head and downwards to a bit. PLEASE NOTE the bit is not original Native American and is added simply to complete the display.
Joining the side arms is a leather strap adorned with silver bearing the same Wigwam design whilst the centre section carries a leaf pattern and loop from which hangs the “Naja” (Cresent Shaped) pendant intended to ward evil spirits away from the horse.
A quite beautiful display which will always attract admiration.

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Camouflaged M16 Helmet

A very good uncleaned and unmolested example of a camouflaged ET66 M16 Helmet.
The shell is completely without damage and retains a good 90% of the original hand applied camouflage paint and finger width lines. Vent plugs are the A1 type and of course appropriate for the shell size.
Inside, the skirt shows a clear ET66 stamp. The often missing chinstrap is present and supple and all three tongues remain although the tips at the eyelets have either pulled through or have a small amount missing. All three cushion pockets and ties are present but without padding.
The chinstrap, liner tongues and leather liner band show a small amount of surface mould but I believe this would simply wipe away.

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Third Reich Produced Imperial Iron Cross First Class

A Third Reich period Iron Cross First Class produced in the style of the WW1 Imperial Cross for veterans of that war.
Overall condition is very good with much of the original frosting remaining to the obverse, the iron core completely free from rust.
The Cross is unmarked but attributed to C.F. Zimmermann
A very nice example.

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WW11 period Royal Danish Hussars Forage Cap

An unissued WW11 period Royal Danish Hussars dress Forage Cap constructed in a pale blue wool, the faux side panels with a broad white rayon band, the cap further decorated with white piping.
The interior is lined in a black cotton with ribbed cotton sweatband and retains a size 59 label.
A grey leather chinstrap is present.
Overall condition is very good with no damage and no signs of use.

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Court Mounted Long Service Medal Bar Group

A very good Court Mounted pair of Army or Kriegsmarine Long Service Medals.
Comprising Gold 12 Year Service Award with appropriate golden eagle pin and Silver 4 Year Award with silver eagle pin.
The group is in very good condition and displays nicely

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Luftwaffe Rangefinder Specialist Badge

Luftwaffe Sleeve Badge for a qualified Rangefinder Operator (Entfernungmesser )
Machine woven in a silver grey thread on a blue grey woolen background.
Excellent unissued condition

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Luftwaffe Specialist Badge for Boat Personnel

Luftwaffe Specialist Badge for Military Boat Personnel, Tenders Crash Boats etc.
Very good unissued condition and one of the least encountered of the trade badges

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Heer Driver Proficiency Sleeve Badge in Silver

A Kraftfahrbewährungsabzeichen in Silver. Silvered magnetic metal on a field grey wool background with metal backing plate and folded blades.
The badge is in very good unissued condition with all the original silver washed finish intact.

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Second Pattern Luftwaffe Breast Eagle

Very good uniform removed Second Pattern Luftwaffe Breast for wear on the tunic or Fliegerbluse by other ranks and NCO.
Silver grey machine embroidered threads on a blue grey woollen backing. Wingspan approximately 95mm
Very good undamaged condition.

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