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Single Decal ET 64 Army Helmet

A very good example of a Heer ET64 M40 Helmet in untouched condition.
The shell is without damage and retains virtually all of the original factory finish paint but with light overall scratching from service and with two circular marks remaining from the days when this helmet was surrendered and stacked with others.
The decal is very good with slight toning to the eagle and with light crazing to the black background. Inside, the helmet is no less pleasing. The skirt is marked ET64 with the lot number of 225 just visible where an owner’s name has been removed. The chinstrap is without damage but with the markings no longer discernible.
The liner remains soft and free from damage, the tongues held in place with a drawstring which has one break. Finally, a dome stamp remains in the top of the shell.
Really a very nice unmolested Helmet now very hard to find.

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Kriegsmarine Leitz 7x50 Binoculars with Case

A particularly nice pair of Kriegsmarine Leitz 7x50 armoured binoculars, serviced recently by Optrep here in the UK who described them as one of the best examples they’d seen, and complete with their original 1944 dated case.
Optical performance is very good with close scrutiny revealing only one tiny chip to one prism, certainly not visible in normal viewing. Collimation is perfect and the original coating remains intact, with the oculars adjusting smoothly.
Externally the rauhlack finish is without loss and the rubber armour to the objectives is very good. Both armoured covers to the prism plates are modern reproductions and are in very good condition with one small split which I have shown. Sadly, it seems that these excellent replacements are no longer available so I was very pleased to find these.
The case is in very good condition with none of the usual defects. The lip of the case is dated 1944 and beh whilst the lid displays the Kriegsmarine eagle and Swastika of M.
It would be difficult to upgrade these lovely glasses, perfect for any collection and indeed for recreational use.

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Early RAF / FAA Ditching Whistle

Considered to be the forerunner of the snail Whistle used by RAF and FAA crews, this nickel plated brass Whistle clearly has it roots in the Police, Army and emergency service Whistles of the time.
Well stamped with the Air Ministry Crown and reference numbers this example by the well known manufacturer Hudson, is in very good working condition.

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RAF / FAA Ditching Skull Cap

Once always avialable these Ditching Skull Caps have started to vanish along with so many other original pieces. I well remember looking into a trunk full of them in an East London surplus store in the early seventies!
Very good undamaged condition with ties

Code: 52990


RAF / FAA Heliograph for 41 Pattern Mae West

Carried in the pocket of the Mae West, this example is in very good condition with light soiling to the cotton pouch and a small rust stain on the pocket where the sight sits.
The reverse of the site carries the stores reference stamp.

Code: 52992


1939 Dated Luftwaffe Officer's Fliegerbluse Flight Branch Personnel

An rare example of a Luftwaffe Officer’s 1939 dated Fliegerbluse, typical of those in use pre war and through the Battle of Britain.
Although Officers are generally associated with privately purchased high quality pieces, the Fliegerbluse was available as an issue item in a coarse wool mix as we have here, the only distinguishing feature of the officer’s blouse being the slash pockets. Other ranks were without pockets until December 1940 when both changed to flapped pockets. In this case no silver piping has been applied to the collar not, I understand, an unusual but not unknown occurrence with these early pieces.
The Blouse is in generally very good condition, close inspection revealing about six small moth nips with one at the front near the collar being somewhat larger. These do not detract from the appeal.
The rank insignia for a Hauptmann flying branch appears to be originally applied with a very nice hand embroidered silver wire eagle at the right breast.
The Blouse is closed by five large hidden plastic buttons.
Inside, the Blouse is undamaged with good clear stores markings and with the LBA inspection stamp for 1939 appearing twice.
A very good officer’s Fliegerbluse absolutely appropriate for a Battle of Britain, or earlier, display

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Stole (Bladder) for the 41 Pattern Mae West

Now become very difficult to find, this is the Stole (Bladder) for the 41 Pattern Mae West.
Overall condition appears very good with one period patch evident and rust to the jubilee clip which holds the cork in place for testing, the last taking place 8/45 at the very end of WW11.
The inflation valve operates normally and the stole inflates but loses its’ high pressure fairly quickly and appears to remain partially inflated after that, perhaps due to the jubilee clip not making a perfect seal or perhaps due to dirt in the valve.

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Very Early Flotation Pads for the 41 Pattern Mae West

A complete set of Kapok Flotation Pads for the RAF/ FAA 1941 Pattern Mae West contained within the early rubberised cotton outer.
Although ideal for those owning the Flap Type Mae West, these pads are entirely appropriate for any of the 41 Pattern series and are really very rare to find
Each pad is stamped with an Air Ministry stamp and all are in very good condition.

Code: 52988


Luftwaffe Single Decal M40 Helmet Q64

Despite the obvious disadvantage of missing one leg of the Swastika decal, this single decal M40 Luftwaffe Q64 is without doubt one of the nicest I’ve handled.
The factory blue / grey granulated paint is totally intact and retains that pleasing matt appearance usually lost over time through handling, the only marks having been left by objects that have brushed against it leaving only light surface marks.
Inside, the Helmet is no less pleasing the skirt showing the lot number and with an excellent liner that remains clean and supple, without damage. The chinstrap however has separated on the long end and although this has remained with the Helmet, it is a negative point.
Overall and exceptionally nice Luftwaffe M40.

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Camouflaged German M16 Helmet

A very appealing and unusual German M16 Helmet displaying a non regulation camouflage pattern, conforming only by the use of two of the three prescribed colours but without the finger wide black dividing lines.
The shell is large size Q66, free from damage and retaining most of the wartime finish. Of note are the ventilation lugs which are without steps, in keeping with the large size.
Inside, the heavy leather liner band is intact, the three split rivets having stretched open slightly with age, one having lost one leg. There is no chinstrap but the fittings remain attached to the anchor points.
One leather sweat pad is missing, the remaining two pads still with the padding remaining in the pouches and held in place with their cloth ties. One tongue is at fault.
A good original and untouched Helmet

Code: 52986

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