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Marineküstenpolizei Cuffband and Shoulder Boards

Formerly part of the collection of Gordon Williamson and with this actual Cuffband featured in his book, “Kettenhund” and I believe also Feldgendarmerie.net, this extremely rare Cuffband is offered with an equally rare matching set of shoulder boards from the same collection.
The Cuffband appears unissued but has three minor moth holes which are barely visible when displayed on a dark background. Both shoulder boards are in very good condition, free from damage and showing only light service use.
The Marineküstenpolizei (MKP) was formed in 1940 with a draft of personnel from the Wasserschutzpolizei (WSP), much in the same way as the Feldgendarmerie was originally formed with drafts of personnel from the civil Gendarmerie. The occupation of a number of countries (Norway, France and the Channel Islands etc) with extensive coastlines meant that a naval equivalent of the Military Police would be needed.
Its areas of responsibility included the security of rivers and river mouths, protection of fisheries, controlling order and discipline of personnel on board ships whilst in port and also of naval land units in coastal areas.
It was a very small branch however, and generally consisted of a small number of NCOs attached to the office of the local harbour commander (Hafenkommandant) rather than based in independent units with their own command structure like the Feldgendarmerie.
Full naval uniform issue was eventually adopted, with the special status indicated by the police style national emblem in golden-yellow thread on a dark blue backing on the left sleeve, and a special cuffband “Marine-Küstenpolizei”, as we have here, on the left cuff.
An extremely rare set to a small and little known branch of the Kriegsmarine.

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Kriegsmarine Rear Admiral Car Pennant

Originally I understand sold at auction as part of a collection of wartime memorabilia with provenance to Sgt 6851153 Alfred Mateson Lawrence, personal assistant to Major General F (Freddie) W Guingard and Field Marshall Montgomery. This Kriegsmarine Konteradmiral (Rear Admiral) Car Pennant measures 25x23 cms and was flown on the left wing (fender) when the Admiral was carried. The Maltese Cross is bordered with typical machine chain stitched thread whilst the rank circles are machine formed in a swirl pattern.
Overall condition is very good with no damage but with some light staining. The rod and attachment clips have been removed from the fly end, typical of the souvenir gathering which allowed these pieces to be secreted away in a pocket.
Major General Guingard and no doubt Sgt. Lawrence were with Montgomery from Alemein until Montgomery accepted the surrender of German land forces in North West Europe. I presume Lawrence collected this Pennant along the way.
Guinguard was Director of Military Intelligence and very highly regarded by Montgomery. Images five shows Guingard outside Montgomery's caravan
A rare Pennant with an interesting history.

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Kuban Shield for Ground Forces

Formerly part of the Gordon Williamson collection, this Kuban Shield is in very good condition and complete with its steel back plate, tabs and field grey cloth backing for award to ground forces.
The Shield is noted in the Lautenschlager book on battle shields as a Type 3 from an unidentified maker.
Instituted by Hitler on 21st September 1943 it commemorated the defensive battles fought at the Kuban bridgehead on the Crimean peninsula after 1st February 1943, the names on the shield showing the areas of significant fighting. To qualify for the shield personnel of the three services had to have served honourably for sixty days.
A rare shield to find

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Infantry Officer Double Erel Schirmmutze

A very nice example of an Infantry Officer's "Double Erel" Sevice Cap, the Schirmmutze.
Constructed in a field grade heavy wool with white branch of service piping, the cap is in very good overall condition with just very minor nips to the dark green hat band in one small area at the back.
The steel ring has been removed from the crown, against regulations, to give it that jaunty appearance which was so popular. Insignia is all original to the cap and comprises a nicely toned nickel eagle above a silver washed nickel cockade and rosette. At the centre of the cockade is the ventilated rosette for which Erel was so well known.
An attractive active feature is the thick aluminium cap cord which sits above an undamaged Vulkanfibre peak or visor.
Inside, the cap is no less pleasing with a lightly soiled silk or rayon lining and an undamaged sweat shield beneath which can be seen the remains of the Erel Sonderklasse Private markings.
The sweatband is undamaged and ventilated to the
front to allow heat to dissipate through the cockade.
A very nice lightly used cap by the most collectable of manufactures

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ATA Pilots Wings

Although a little dusty and somewhat toned with age, this is the first set of flat Air Transport Auxiliary Pilot’s wings I have personally seen.
Perhaps intended for wear on the less frequently seen Blouse (Battledress) top the wings are in overall very good condition and clearly removed from a uniform.
Note the lack of any beading trim along the top of each wing, a sign of a good original pair of wings.

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Early Luftwaffe Flying Trousers

Very rare early Flying Trousers by Karl Heisler and labeled as such with the date 193– (last digit left blank for over-printing).
Made of dark grey velour with a crushed velvet lining similar to the electrically heated suits. The waist is similar to the later issue Channel Trousers, with internal cinch belts and buckles inside the waist (belts are made of leather instead of webbing), buttons for braces, Rapid zip fly and two button top. Zips at ankles.
All zip fasteners are metal and in good working order. Two large flapped pockets on the front of the thighs for storing maps and equipment, but unlike the later Channel Trousers which replaced these, the pockets do not have the internal loops and ties for specific equipment.
Two zip pockets (one on each outside leg) are for survival equipment such as flares (pockets are specially shaped and designed with fabric and leather loops and tubes to hold survival kit). Photographs exist of these use during the Battle of Britain (see photo of Adolf Galland wearing this style in 1940) and a matching jacket was also issued.
Very good condition, with light soiling and one very small snag in fabric on the seat (half an inch). Marked on label as size 1a. One of the rarest items of early German flying clothing.

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1936 Dated Luger Holster

A very good example of a black leather holster for the PO8 Luger semi-automatic pistol. Made by Wilhelm Brand in Heidelberg, the reverse of the holster clearly displays the date 1936 and the pre Nazi eagle of the Weimar Republic. Unusually, the cutaway below the flap carries a stamped number 7429 which relates to the original pistol issued with it, a practice dating back to WW1 and one soon to be dropped. Hand written on the inside of the flap is BAP11 with a similar text appearing on an attached linen patch inside the magazine pouch. I assume this relates to the owner. The leather is still firm from its original pressing and all stitching, straps and buckles are intact, as is the leather “lifting” strap. The shell appears never to have been polished with some of the original white stitching still showing. There are the usual light scratches and bruises but really the holster is well above average, the only point of note being the missing stud on the loading tool pocket.

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Luftwaffe Holster for the 7.65 Fermaru 37M

A very good and nicely service used example of a Luftwaffe Holster for the Hungarian 7.65 M37 Fermaru.
Fabricated of cowhide and a heavy green cotton webbing with the inside of the flap clearly marked “Nur fur Pistole 37M Kal (ung) Kal 7.65 mm” (only for Pistol 37m (Hungarian) Calibre 7.65mm.) There is an addition ink stamp 106 and the owners initials BK.
The rear belt loop is stamped hsy and 1941.
These Holsters were procured independently by the Luftwaffe and I believe used exclusively by them.
Overall condition is very good with no damage and with no loss to the stitching.

Code: 53096


Boxed and Unissued 1964 Dated H Type Oxygen Mask

A 1964 dated RAF H Type Oxygen Mask, unissued and still with the original stored box and packaging.
In as new condition with absolutely no signs of damage or wear and most probably in good flyable condition subject to inspection by a qualified specialist, but sold as a collectors item.
Size medium.

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1942 Dated Copy of The Home Guard Signalling Manual

A 1942 dated pocket sized first edition of “The Home Guard Signalling Manual” by Geo. G.A.Walters.
56 pages covering all aspects of the subject and in overall very good condition with all pages present and intact.

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