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Kriegsmarine Mess Jacket and Waistcoat to a U -Boat Officer on U-433

A quite beautiful example of a privately tailored Kriegsmarine Mess Dress Jacket and Waistcoat made for Fähnrich zur See Helmuth Trommel.
Made in the high quality Doeskin material both Jacket and Waistcoat are in excellent condition showing virtually no signs of use and completely free from damage or marks.
All buttons are in place, those to the Jacket being by Assmann whilst closure is by a button and chain arrangement. On the right breast is a Celleon eagle and Swastika with sewn in shoulder straps for the rank of Fähnrich zur See (Midshipman).
Helmuth Trummel joined the navy in 1937, (Class of 1937b), so a Fähnrich in 1939 when the jacket was made. He served on the cruiser Emden in 1940 and no doubt went through the rank of Oberfähnrich and gained his commission before joining U-433.
U-433 was commissioned in May 1941 with Oberleutnant zur See Hans Ey in command. The boat did two patrols, one May-Aug 1941 and its second Aug-Nov 41 with Trummel as Leutnant zur See and first officer.
On 8th November 1941 U-433 left St. Nazaire as part of Arnauld group with three other U-Boats bound for the Mediterranean. She slipped through the Straits of Gibraltar and on the 16th attempted to attack a convoy leaving Gibraltar. She was located by the Flower Class Corvette HMS Marigold and sunk by depth charges and gunfire. 6 crew members were lost perhaps whilst trying to reach shore and 38, including Trummel were taken prisoner
Trummel appears to have been given a promotion after his capture as he is listed as an Oberleutnant zur See as of 1 April 1942.
An outstanding uniform pair to a U-Boat officer.

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Kriegsmarine M41 Tropical Cap

An excellent example of a Kriegsmarine M41 Tropical Cap, forum discussed to absolute approval.
Constructed in a tan coloured cotton and rayon mix material these caps are very similar in appearance to the M43 but without the fold down side flaps. Overall condition is as new.
At each side are a pair of unpainted zinc ventilation grommets whilst at the front is the original factory applied insignia with an impressive machine embroidered golden Kriegsmarine eagle.
The green lining carries an Rb number and size 58 and, as with the rest of the cap, is in excellent unused condition.
It would quite impossible to upgrade this lovely example

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WW1 RFC/RNAS Sidcot Flying Suit

A very rare example of an early RFC / RNAS Sidcot Flying Suit developed during the winter of 1916 by Sidney Cotton of the RNAS and patented by his friend, J Evans of Robinson & Cleaver, London, the 'Sidcot' Suit is one of the most well-known items of flying clothing of the period, replacing as it did the full length Leather Flying Coat.
A one-piece khaki twill proofed cotton outer with a rubberized cotton interlining and synthetic 'fur' lining, it has a large buttoned chest flap, open pockets on the knees and buttons at the wrists and ankles (Text courtesy of Mark Hillier)
Overall condition is very good, showing just the right amount of combat wear and needing just a helmet, goggles and a pair of shoes for a complete mannequin display.
There are four of the large buttons detached, two to the chest flap and two at the ankles but three of these remain in one of the pockets ready to be sewn in place. Three of the small buttons are missing but I have found three that match well and will include those.
The waist belt is in place as are the claw buckles and neck straps. Really, the only point of note is wear to the inside of the left leg which shows well in the pictures.
There is a WD depot stamp on the inside of the chest flap, the WD sitting above the letter P which denotes the issuing depot and which certainly dates the suit to WW1, the depot letter moving above the WD stamp by 1918.
Also obvious is what I take to be the owner’s initials FB and a star, block printed on the outside of the flap
As far as we can determine these suits were produced without a fur collar and photographs show them both with and without suggesting the fur was perhaps added in the field or associated with later garments. In this case there is evidence of some threads remaining at the base of the collar which may have been used to loosely tack a fur collar in place.
This is the second of these rare Flying Suits I have been able to offer recently but I imagine it will be some time before I see another.

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Kriegsmarine Pea to a Boatswain – Leading Seaman

The second and last of these Kriegsmarine Pea Jackets I have been able to offer is this lovely example to a Matrosenobergefreiter (Boatswain – Leading Seaman) with the left sleeve carrying the insignia of either an anti aircraft machine gun director (per 1940) or an anti aircraft gunner / observer after 1940.
The jacket appears to be a privately purchased piece tailored in classic regulation style with ten Kriegsmarine marked buttons and with a ribbon for the Iron Cross second class in the top button hole. On the right breast is a machine embroidered eagle and Swastika.
There are four sets of award loops on the left side the top set being a group of three loops for an unidentified award. Many thanks however to Gordon Williamson (Torpedo Los!) who came up with the probable answer. "Several Italian submarines were based at Bordeaux, co-located with U-Boats. Some Germans U-Boat crews were giving Italian U-Boat badges either as a comradeship gift, or a tradition badge. They would be worn (unofficially of course) above the ribbon bar and had a vertical pin". See last image.
The jacket is lined in rayon with a very nice monogrammed panel beneath one of the two pockets.
Overall condition is very good with no moth or damage but with slight wear to the lining only, near the collar.
A lovely example.

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1929 Dated Royal Fusiliers (City of London) Officer's Cap

An early example of a walking out dress Cap to an officer in the Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
Although a little dusty with age the Cap is in overall very good condition with some loss to the stitching holding the sweatband in place whilst the smooth Melton wool body and felt hat band are completely free from moth or other damage.
The cap badge is that of this line Infantry Regiment and bears the well known moto, Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense. The chinstrap is held in place by two brass general service buttons.
Inside, the top grease guard has now discoursed making the hat maker’s details difficult to read but turning back the sweatband reveals an inspector’s stamp, the name of the owner J.D Stoten and a 1929 date.

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Kriegsmarine Pea Jacket - Petty Officer

A very good privately tailored Kriegsmarine Pea Jacket to a Petty Officer Second Class career torpedo mechanic (Torpedomechanikerobermaat).
Tailored in a high quality Doeskin type wool, the Jacket is in very good condition with just one hole to the right elbow.
There two rows of five buttons in the classic reefer style with a hand embroidered gold bullion eagle and Swastika on the right breast and metal career and rank insignia on the left sleeve.
The collar is trimmed with a golden tresse while the blue collar patches bear the rank bars. There are loops for two awards on the left side of the Jacket and interestingly one pair beneath the eagle on the right suggesting a Condor legion veteran entitled to wear either the Spanish Cross or German Cross in Gold.
Of particular appeal is the heavy quilted lining onto which the customer has for his initials embroidered in a golden thread. At the neck is the tailor’s label of Rudolf Gadke Flensburg – Murwik.
The Jacket is accompanied by an earlier Certificate of Authenticity from Andre Huskin in Hamburg.

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Kriegsmarine Parade Jacket Junior NCO

An absolutely as new Kriegsmarine Junior NCO’s Parade Jacket to a Mashinenmaat, Engine Room Personnel.
These Jackets were prohibited from wear by order for the duration of the war from September 1939 and this possibly accounts for this example having been issued, but apparently seldom worn. It retains the original full colour to the soft blue wool and is completely free from damage. The collar and two rising lapels conceal two buttons whilst the front has two rows of nine ornamental Kriegsmarine gilt buttons, all marked Kriegsmarine 1938 to the back. Two vertical loops are in place for placement of an award on the left side whilst an excellent embroidered eagle and Swastika is in place on the right breast.
The jacket is closed by a two button and chain arrangement. The Brandenburg cuffs have five ornamental buttons and rank tresse, whilst a metal gilt career insignia badge is placed well up the sleeve.
Inside the lining is very good with two deep pockets. A Wilhelmshaven clothing depot stamp dated 1.12.38 is clear and the red stitched service number to a Technical career entrant is dated 38 and positioned alongside the depot stamp.
A beautiful jacket and one that would be impossible to upgrade.

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Kriegsmarine Official's Bordmutze

A very scarce Kriegsmarine Officials Bordmutze (Side or overseas cap) to an officer.
Constructed in the same high quality ribbed wool material we see in the officer’s reefer jackets the cap is in very good overall condition but with toning to the once silver piping and bullion rosette.
The silver Eagle and Swastika is in celleon thread and as such has retained its bright silver colour without toning.
Inside, the cap is lined in black rayon.
A very nice and really rather rare example

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Kriegsmarine Officials Brocade Belt

An apparently unused example of these attractive Kriegsmarine Brocade Belts, this being the scarce silver variation for use by Administrative Officials. The buckle is a nice early Tombak version; un maker marked and with what appears to be the original sale price in pencil on the closure hook. The high points show just the slightest wear to the frosting but the general appearance is excellent. The belt itself is clean and without damage of any kind, the dark blue lining cloth being free from moth. Eyelets to allow for the adjustment of the belt are the appropriate silver colour and two high quality hinged hangers sit below cloth flaps.
The perfect display piece to accompany a Kriegsmarine Dagger, this belt and buckle would be difficult to upgrade.

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Kriegsmarine Senior NCO's Reefer Jacket

An excellent example of a Stabsfeldweber (Chief Petty Officer) Reefer Jacket tailored in a fine quality worsted material with the gold tress trimmed shoulder boards of an Oberfeldwebel carrying the anchor and rope device of a career Boatswain.
A large size of perhaps a 42”-44” chest the double breasted Jacket has four Kriegsmarine marked buttons with button holes , the first of which has a correctly applied ribbon for the iron cross second class. Above these sit two decorative buttons.
There are two waist pockets with horizontal flaps and one open breast pocket below which are the loops for two awards. On the right breast is a superb celleon hand embroidered eagle and Swastika.
Inside, the Jacket is lined with a silver grey rayon with two pockets.
Overall condition is very good + with no damage and absolutely no sign of moth.
It would be difficult to upgrade this example.

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