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Luftwaffe Four Year Service Award

A Luftwaffe four year service award featuring a die struck silver washed medallion embossed Wehrmacht, (Armed Forces), style eagle with down swept wings, clutching a canted swastika in its talons, encompassed by Gothic script, "Treue Dienste in der Wehrmacht" (Loyal Service in the Armed Forces) on a smooth background field.
The reverse has a large embossed numeral, "4" at the centre encompassed by an embossed circular oak-leaf wreath.
The ribbon is of blue rayon gathered at the base with the reverse having a single mounting pin for parade wear.
Overall condition is very good with slight loss to the silver wash on both the medallion and swept tail Luftwaffe eagle.

Code: 53679

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'44 Pattern German Army Canteen,Feldflasche

A very good example of the 1944 pattern German Army Canteen, the Feldflasche, in overall excellent condition.
The felt covering is very good as are the four press fasteners, the flask itself is without dents and the leather harness without cracks or tears.
The screw cap is undamaged and the throat of the flask is stamped CFL43. The leather harness is ink stamped CA and SSL 43
The Bakelite or plastic drinking cup is undamaged.

Code: 53678

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Mid to Late War RAF Officer's Service Dress Cap. 7 1/4

A very good mid to late war RAF Officers Service Dress Cap in a good size 7 ¼.
Overall condition is very good with just one tiny hole on the top which I have highlighted in the images.
Nicely padded and with a good shape the Cap shows very little signs of wear and has an undamaged bullion badge stitched in place.
Inside, the brown leather sweat band is clean and supple and impressed Real Roam Leather. A size label remains attached.
The only real issue is the diamond shaped cut in the age discoloured protective membrane in the top of the Cap which someone has made to reveal the Moss Bros Label.

Code: 53677

170.00 GBP

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Kriegsmarine Officer's Bordmutze

A quite beautiful example of a 1944 dated Kriegsmarine Officer’s blue wool Bordmutze with gold aluminium piping along the side flaps, aluminium wire rosette and hand embroidered Celleon eagle.
Inside, the cap is lined with a dark blue rayon cloth with a good clear Rb Number, a just discernible 1944 date and size 57.
Overall condition is excellent. The cloth is completely without moth or damage of any kind and shows no wear whilst the interior is clean with little if any signs of use.
It would be quite impossible to upgrade this Bordmutze which is made even more appealing by its generous size.

Code: 53676

750.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe Face Mask

A used but very good example of a Luftwaffe Face Mask as produced in the late 1930's and issued to Luftwaffe aircrew who operated in exposed cockpits and gun positions, as protection against cold weather.
The Mask is constructed with a brown suede exterior and chamois-lined interior, featuring two eye holes, an elongated nose area with two nostril holes and a small mouth opening over which a flap of matching material can be closed via a snap fastener to either side. The mask is secured by a horizontal elasticated strap sewn into either side edge and a vertical strap sewn into the top edge, both connected to each other.
Overall condition is very good but the straps have now lost elasticity and there is evidence of them having been re stitched to one side of the mask with the straps themselves having been stitched in place for a single fitting.
The Mask itself is very well marked with a partially discernible unit number and 1937 date and a very clear stamp to the Airfield Kommandantur at Lubeck-Blankensee, a Luftwaffe Airfield North East of Hamburg. On the inside of the mouth flap there is another name but I have not been able to make this out.

Code: 53675


Technical Notes Royal Flying Corps

A very good example of the 1916 edition of Technical Notes Royal Flying Corps, named to VHF Surtees a Pilot with 9 Squadron flying B.E.2 and R.E.8.
This hardback copy is in very good condition with no missing pages. There are numerous fold out diagrams of aircraft and also covered are most other subjects such as engines wireless etc.
Included is a limited amount of research on Surtees himself.

Code: 53674

125.00 GBP

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Identity Disc to an RFC Pilot Casualty

An individual Identity Disc to Lieutenant Cyril Wynyard Battye RFC who was killed in a flying accident at Netheravon on 13 March 1916 whilst flying a Vickers F.B.5 Gunbus.
Lt. Battye initially served in France with the Royal Berkshire Regiment where he was wounded in action by a bullet to the jaw.
He later transferred to the Royal Flying Corps joining 32 Squadron on 6th March 1916 and was killed seven days later. He was 21.
The Disc and cord are in very good condition and are accompanied by a good amount of research material.

Code: 53673


RFC Identity Discs

A good pair of RFC Identity Discs named to C Rayner, correctly tied and it appears on their original cord.
Rayner is listed as an RFC Engineer
All in very good condition

Code: 53672

50.00 GBP

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Spitfire Cockpit Replica Made for the Series "Piece of Cake"

One of the stranger but certainly more appealing pieces I have been able to offer is this full size replica of an early Spitfire Cockpit section reputedly built by Feggans Brown (sadly now defunct) for London Weekend Television series ‘Piece of Cake’ and used for ground based close ups and shots featuring blood , oil, smoke, etc.
According to the book ‘ How they made a Piece of Cake, an aluminium replica was constructed based on a MK IX fuselage owned by the late Nick Grace, from which the moulds were cast for this fibreglass replica. It was then painted to resemble a Mk 1 for the series and obviously repainted at a later date to represent a Mk IX.
Although the centre section of the canopy (hood) is an original wartime piece all other parts are recreations and the cockpit itself has no internal fittings.
Complete with its trolley it currently resides in East Sussex where arrangements can be made for viewing and collection. Shipping is not available and it will be sold on a collection only basis but should fit into a Transit sized van.

Code: 53669

2500.00 GBP

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RAD Man's Belt Buckle and Tab

A very nice 1937 dated RAD Belt Buckle complete with leather tab.
Overall condition is very good the aluminium pebbled Buckle showing minnor wear only to the high points, the reverse with the raised initials BH and the two digit date 37.
The leather tab remains supple and has all stitching intact. There is a good manufacture’s stamp and 1937 date with the reverse showing unit details

Code: 53670

115.00 GBP

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