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Two Part German Police Officer's Eagle in Cupal

A scarce two piece Police Cap Eagle popularly referred to as the officer’s eagle and available at extra cost to all personnel prepared to pay for upgrade
Constructed in Cupal with a nickel plating this desirable example is in very good undamaged condition with light wear to the plating allowing to copper element in the metal to be partially visible.
A seldom seen and desirable variation, formerly part of the collection of Gordon Williamson.

Code: 53351

195.00 GBP

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SS "Danziger" Allgemeine Cap Skull

First pattern SS Allgemeine (Circa 1923-1934), nickle/silver plated Imperial Prussian Danziger style skull, with no bottom jaw, superimposed over crossed bones. The skull features two rows of teeth, oval eye cut-outs, a triangular nose cut-out and embossed cranium detailing.
The hollow backed reverse is a mirror image of the obverse and both of the soldered, staggered attachment prongs are intact. The skull has no visible manufacturer’s markings.
Worn on the peaked or visor cap this style of Skull was replaced by the more frequently encountered design with lower jaw.
Overall condition is very good with a pleasing patina.

Code: 53406

250.00 GBP

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Large photograph of Kriegsmarine Officer Cadets at the Marineschule at Flensburg-Mürwik

An impressive 290mm x 230mm photograph of Kriegsmarine Officers and Officer Cadets at the Marineschule at Flensburg-Mürwik, the Kriegsmarine Academy.
Undated, the picture shows an Engineer Officer course, part of the average intake of 500 + Officer Cadets (Oberfahnrich)who were to pass through Mürwik during each year of the war.
The photograph is in very good condition with no tears or creases.

Code: 53483

35.00 GBP

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WW11 British Army Officer's Shirt, Collar and Tie.

An excellent addition to any wartime British Army Officer display of either combat or dress configuration is this collection comprising Collarless Shirt, Collar and Tie.
The Shirt is custom made in a lightweight khaki cotton in India, it appears originally to have been a short sleeve Shirt and then professionally converted to long sleeves, perhaps by the same tailor. The Shirt is open fronted and with the exception of the cuffs, all other buttons are present
Overall condition is very good with some minor staining but no additional damage. Chest size is approximately 40” with an open collar of about 15 ½”
Detachable Collar is also about 15 ½” and off a heavier cotton mismatched in colour and different name tag.
The Tie is in very good clean condition but although I believe this is wartime I am unable to establish a date absolutely.

Code: 53475


Infantry Officer's Peaked / Visor Cap

A very nice late war example of a German Infantry Officer’s peaked / Visor cap showing the distinct manufacturing characteristics of a Cap by August Schellenberg, in a classic “saddle” shape.
The cap is constructed in a field grade wool which shows some fading and slight loss to the nap though general service and perhaps combat wear but is completely without moth or other damage. The brim and dark green felt hat band are piped with the white infantry waffenfarbe and the silver aluminium cap cord sits on the black vulkanfibre which shows the rarely seen smooth black underside. Insignia is of aluminium alloy.
Inside, the Cap has a grey imitation leather sweatband which remains firmly stitched in place whilst some additional has overlapped where minor where to the edge of the Cap has been addressed.
The lining is of grey rayon and some areas of light wear but with the sweat shield now missing.
A charismatic combat style officer’s Cap

Code: 53736

600.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe Service tunic of Feldwebel Günter, 1st aircraft mechanic to Hans-Ulrich Rudel

This historically important tunic is attributed to Feldwebel Günter the first aircraft mechanic of the German Stuka ace Hans-Ulric Rudel and is accompanied by the earlier listing from the respected German dealer Klaus Butschek stating that this untouched example was originally acquired from the family of Günther.
Also included is a May 1940 dated photo card of Günter showing him wearing what appears to be this tunic during earlier service in a flak unit as a Gefreiter. The reverse of the card is signed by Gefreiter Günter and close examination of the left sleeve of the Tunic itself shows clear evidence of the single chevron of that rank.
This Tunic was privately tailored in Officer Grade wool by a tailor in Langensalza where the III Gruppe of Stuka-Geschwader 2 was founded. On the left sleeve is the trade badge for flight technical crew members with more than one year of service whilst on the right sleeve is the 'Immelmann' cuff title worn by Stuka-Geschwader 2 members.
As usual there are four pleated and flapped pockets each with pebbled button subdued with a grey paint. Closure of the Tunic is by four identical buttons.
Above the right breast pocket is a machine embroidered eagle, the collar is trimmed with the silver tresse of an NCO and of great interest is the yellow waffenfarbe to the Feldwebel shoulder straps and collar patches, all Flight Mechanics members of the Geschwader wearing the yellow waffenfarbe.
Overall condition is very good. There are no moth holes and no damage but with some fading evident to the cloth when lifting the collar or pocket flaps. The lining is undamaged whilst inspection of the sleeve linings shows the arms were lengthened slightly although this is concealed on the outside by the French cuffs.
Pictures of Feldwebel Günter also appear in ''Mein Kriegstagesbuch'' (My War Diary) by Hans-Ulrich Rudel.
A truly historic Tunic with strong association to the Luftwaffe’s top Stuka ace and only recipient of the Knights Cross with golden oak leaves swords and diamonds.

Code: 53735

1800.00 GBP

Shortlist item
1944 Dated British Airborne HSAT Size 8 1/8

From the same source as the superb Denison Smock I’ve just listed is this equally outstanding 1944 dated British Airborne Helmet (HSAT) by BMB in an extremely rare size 8 1/8, the largest I have ever seen.
The shell is completely without damage and retains all the original chocolate brown factory paint with grit mix. An equally impressive net adorns the shell and although I felt reluctant to disturb it, I did so show the shell properly.
Inside, the entire liner is in near new condition, the leather is bright with the stampings clear and with the cord and harness still white. The bump pad is present but this has become detached as is so often the case, the adhesive failing with time. Easily glued back but I am pleased to say no attempt has been made to do so.
Finally, the chinstrap harness is again excellent showing virtually no signs of use and with the reinforcement patch which it seems we love to see, apparent.
It would be quite impossible to upgrade this superb Helmet.

Code: 53734


1st Pattern Denison Smock. Size 7

Without doubt the finest example of a first pattern Denison I have ever been able to offer, this Smock retains all the original bright colours and is completely without stains or damage of any kind.
Perhaps never issued it retains a good clear label showing the large size 7 and a stamped date of 1st May 1943.
The often missing tail is of course present and all brass Newey press fasteners are in place. The cuffs have no wear and have their full elasticity. Half zip works perfectly
Whilst the main body of the Smock has printed camouflage both arms and the tail have the early hand painted camouflage and are paler in colour.
A quite outstanding example which meets every requirement of condition and size and which would be impossible to upgrade

Code: 53733

1850.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Luftwaffe Accessories for the One Man Dinghy

Two very useful accessories for any Luftwaffe survival display, both for use in the one man dinghy, the Einmannschlauchboot.
Bailing cup in very good used condition and a Drogue with cords in fair condition with some stitching to the canopy missing and some cords detached from the canopy but present.
Both seldom seen items

Code: 53732

125.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Camouflaged M40 Single Decal Heer Helmet. Ex Doug Buhler Collection

Once forming part of the world famous German Helmet collection of Doug Buhler this ET66 M40 single decal Heer helmet was field brush camouflaged with in a green, red and tan of which at least 90% remains.
During the process the single decal was overpainted but with the process of time this has crazed and partially revealed the decal. The shell is completely without damage.
Inside, the liner is held in place with a reinforced liner band which sits snuggle against the shell. The liner tongues remain supple with one tongue end partially detached and strengthened with tape. The original drawstring is in place.
The leather chinstrap is very good with the maker’s details just discernible.
The inner skirt of the shell is stamped ET66 and 9633 which probably dates the helmet November 1940. The personalized initials of the owner remain in white.
An excellent helmet with an impeccable pedigree, the last images showing it in place in Doug Buhler’s collection, now dispersed

Code: 53731


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