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Kriegsmarine Type 29aTorpedo Timer by Junghans

A very good example of a Kriegsmarine Torpedo Timer by Junghans, featuring the seldom seen luminous dial generally associated with use on U Boats for improved visibility during the subdued lighting used during attack conditions.
Recently acquired from Europe’s leading authority on Kriegsmarine clocks, the Stopwatch is in very good fully functioning condition, free from damage and with only light spotting to the dial. The case is of black anodized steel and for that reason I have not opened it to photograph the movement for fear of scratching the finish.
When the returned to zero the centre second sweep hand settles at 1 second.
It is of course guaranteed absolutely original and is really rather rare.

Code: 53596


Kriegsmarine Tropenhelm

A very good and really rather unusual example of the first pattern Kriegsmarine Tropical Helmet, of the type covered in some depth on page 323 of volume 2 of Die Kriegsmarine Uniforms and Traditions by Angolia.
Correctly termed a Tropical Helmet (Tropenhelm) rather than a Pith Helmet by virtue of the construction being cork instead of Pith, this uncommon variation is covered in a ribbed cotton drill material of a greenish hue and is intended for wear with the brown Tropical Uniform.
The shields are totally correct for the helmet, being a thin brass without the borders featured on the Army helmets and with both corners rounded as with the bottom edge. Each is held in place with three pins which have never been interfered with. Both the chinstrap and the leather trim to the brim are a greenish grey leather, again correct for the colour of the cloth.
Inside, the brim is covered with lighter greenish/brown material whilst the dome is lined in red. The leather sweatband does not feature the zig zag ventilation strip present on earlier helmets but is more in keeping with the second pattern, presumably being manufactured close to the changeover.The reverse side of the leather is stamped 56.
Overall condition is very good showing normal light service use only. A nice untouched example,originally recovered in Corsica.

Code: 53595


Kriegsmarine Junghans Duty Clock

A very nice example of a Junghans made Kriegsmarine duty clock, complete with the scarce grey painted wooden case and grey painted swing out stabilising legs.
The clock itself has the early nickel bezel and movement case set in the silver painted backing case, which, unlike the Heer and Luftwaffe clocks, is without markings. The dial is very good and features the early larger luminous numerals, a secondary seconds sweep dial and most importantly retains the gothic scripted Kriegsmarine and eagle markings.
The clock runs well and appears to keep good time although this has not yet been checked.
It is rare to find the KM marked clocks and even harder to find the wooden cases, this one being in very good condition with just minor paint loss to some high points.
The clock stands 125 mm in height and has a steel back plate to allow for wall fitting.

Code: 53594


Kriegsmarine White Summer Tunic

A very good example of the so called “New Style” Kriegsmarine white cotton tropical Tunic which superseded the pre war Tunic, differing only by the replacement of the stand – up collar with the lay flat collar. This smart Tunic has four pleated patch pockets and is closed by four buttons in a single breasted style. All buttons are gilt finished and are mostly made by Assmann, dated 1939 and attached with ring clips for easy removal before washing. The first button hole has a correctly applied ribbon for the Iron Cross Second Class. Above the right breast pocket is a good pin back eagle in this case attached by passing the pins through the Tunic which appears never to have had the mounting loops applied. At each shoulder are the removable “winged” shoulder boards of an Oberleutnant zue See, held in place by matching screw post fittings. The boards are in good condition with some staining to the white wool underlay. Overall condition of the Tunic is very good with no obvious damage.

Code: 53593

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Infantry Officer's Schirmmutze with Name and Unit Details

A particularly nice example of a privately purchased Infantry Officer’s Schirmmutze bearing the name and unit details of its wartime owner.
Constructed in a high quality wool the cap is completely free from moth damage and in overall very good condition, the only point of note to the exterior being a small area to the upper infantry waffenfarbe piping where the wire has penetrated the white cloth. The hat band is of the usual green felt with insignia being of aluminium.
The peak (or visor) is the regulation Vulkanfiber, free from crazes and with the underside a tan colour, cross hatched for extra grip. The chin cord is very good and fitted correctly with two pebbled buttons secured with prongs.
Inside, the lining is a pale champagne colour with slight sweat staining at the sides. The sweat shield is in place with the retailer’s details still clearly visible. In the name slip is a card with the name LUBBE. M.
The sweatband shows only light use but has a small area of loss to the stitching near the left side of the peak. The underside of the sweatband is stamped “Gepruft” (checked)
2/ M G B /2 ( 2 Maschinen – Gewehr – Battalion 2) . All officer’s privately purchased caps were required to be presented at unit level to be inspected for suitability.
Machine Gun Battalion 2 were amongst the first German troops to be despatched to Libya in January 1941 so further research may well reveal this officer to have been with the Afrika Korps.

Code: 53237


SS Visor Cap Insignia Set with Rare Early Deschler Skull

A very rare Insignia Set for the SS Peaked (Visor Cap) comprising a Cupal Eagle by Zimmerman and very early Cupal Skull by Deschler.
The eagle retains most of the original silver washed finish and is in very good condition with prongs in place and folded. As expected with the Zimmerman eagles M1/72 is raised in the casting behind the eagles’ left wing with RZM behind the right wing.
The Deschler Skull is a very interesting example. Overall condition is very good with a high percentage of the plated finish remaining with the copper element just visible on the high points. Both prongs are in place and folded.
This is a rare early production piece distinguished by its’ markings raised in the casting on the reverse. Instead of the usual M1/52 of Deschler we see the early configuration of 52 at the forehead with the RZM stamp situated at the jaw making this one of the earliest second pattern Deschler Skulls.
A very nice set for the discerning collector.

Code: 53457

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Panzer Grenadier Officer's Saddle Form Schirmmutze

A quite beautiful example of a privately purchased Schirmmutze (peaked or visored) Cap to an officer in the Panzer Grenadiers.
Constructed in a quality field grade wool, this Saddle Form cap has several interesting individual features obviously chosen by a proud owner.
Overall condition is very good with just one moth nip on the hat band on the right hand side which I have shown in the pictures.
Piped of course with the waffenfarbe of the Panzer Grenadiers, the insignia is the early nickel (German silver) type which had largely been replaced by other metals by the outbreak of war. To enhance the appearance of the eagle the officer opted to have it mounted quite high on the cap and has clearly chosen the maintain a distinctive look by perhaps lightly polishing it from time to time with a resulting slight stain to the material around it.
Another indication of its early production is the green wool hat band which were later produced in felt.
The Vulkanfibre peak or visor is also a very rare specimen being black to both sides and without the usual cross hatched grip pattern. A known and documented but seldom seen individual choice. Perhaps to match the peak the Cap is lined with a black silk lining with the manufacture’s details of Carl Berg and a 58 size tag remaining well preserved beneath an undamaged sweat shield.
Finally, the sweatband is dark brown and free from damage.
A most impressive officer’s cap to a rare and desirable branch of the Wehrmacht.

Code: 53235

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British Made Lusitania Medal

Following the sinking of the Cunard Liner Lusitania on the 7th May 1915 a medal was struck by the Germans, satirising the outrage caused by the sinking of the liner " Lusitania" and intimating that the true cause was Cunard's greed, putting people's lives at risk (knowing the crossing would be dangerous in a time of war) The British government seized on this and created a replica themselves to capitalize on the anti-German feelings it had caused.
This is just such a replica and whilst they are not rare it is quite unusual to find them with the original box and leaflet and in such good overall condition.
On one side -No Contraband- is a replica of the Lusitania sinking. The outline of the liner has been changed to resemble a warship. Behind are airplanes, which the liner did not carry. It conveniently omitted the women and children on board.
On the reverse -Business above all - a smiling skeleton sells tickets at the N.Y. booking office of the Cunard Line. A line of waiting passengers refuse to listen to the warnings against submarines given by a German official.
Cast in iron the medal 2.25ins diameter and weighs 1.5ozs. It was designed by Karl Goetz.
Although the British have always claimed the ship was carrying no munitions of war recent dives on the wreck have indeed discovered the presence of ammunition being carried, effectively making her a legitimate target.

Code: 53591


Wehrmacht Field Telephone the Feldfernsprecher model 33

A very good example of the standard Wehrmacht Field Telephone the Feldfernsprecher model 33.
Contained within an undamaged brown Bakelite case the entire set is in very good condition but with I believe a modern replacement handset cord which certainly differs from those I have previously seen.
The top edge of the case has two small panels riveted in place with a white writing panel to the left and a white Bakelite panel with black printed phonetic and pronunciation code to the right. Inside the lid are two circuit diagrams.
The handset is complete with its internal components and the sprung talk plate operates normally as does the crank handle when wound to produce the 80 Volts required to supply the bell circuit.
Lifting the battery compartment lid reveals damage to one of the battery securing walls but one of the most appealing attributes of the telephone is the presence of the rare and nearly always missing 2volt dry cell battery complete with the impressively marked label and terminal wires.
A two figure 43 suggests the date of manufacture but this example is the first model preceding the economy modification which came in during 1943

Code: 53590


BDM 'Bund Deutscher Mädel' Sleeve Insignia

A good uniform removed BDM 'Bund Deutscher Mädel' sleeve insignia worn on the left arm below the district triangle on the brown jacket.
Machine embroidered on a folded white rayon backing with the RZM label for manufacturer 931 Heinrich Nierhaus still in place.
Generally very good condition with some service or storage marking.

Code: 53589

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