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Tropical Gebirgsjäger Sleeve Insignia

Despite extensive research I have not been able to find another original example of this rare tropical Gebirgsjäger Sleeve Insignia.
Cut originally from a roll the construction is classic BeVo weave with the Edelweiss encompassed by a design in silver grey thread tied at the top in a silver aluminium thread all on a rayon backing.
Clearly unissued the badge is in very good condition apart from what appears to be a manufacturing flaw at the 5 o'clock position.
A very rare badge

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Close Combat Clasp in Bronze by JFS

A quite superb example of a Close Combat Clasp in Bronze, die struck in zinc by the maker JFS.
The Clasp shows little or no signs of having been issued and retains all the crisp features of the excellent design.
The magnetic backing plate is of blued steel and is of course original to the badge, sitting firmly in place.
On the reverse the maker’s initials JFS are raised whilst the designer’s details are stamped in making this an unusual but known variant. The pin is the standard “Coke Bottle” style with the hinge block held in with a rectangular crimping.
It would difficult to upgrade this Clasp.

Code: 54560


1st. Pattern Afrika Korps Tunic - Unissued

An excellent and unissued example of the 1st Pattern Tropical Tunic issued to the Afrika Korps for their arrival in North African 1941
Constructed in a lightweight ribbed khaki/olive cotton twill, it has a six button front closure with small opened fold back lapels and a lay down collar. There are four pleated and flapped front patch pockets with scalloped edges, each closed by a pebbled grey painted button matching those at the front. All buttons are complete with the correct S rings and are dated 41.
National BeVo weave eagle and collar patches appear originally applied but no shoulder straps have been fitted to the existing loops.
Roughly a size 34/36 chest there is a Breslau maker’s stamp under the inside button flap.
Completely free of damage or marks of any kind and ideal for those who prefer “as new” original items.

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General Service Escape & Evasion Button Compass

Not to be confused with the crude fakes peddled by the unscrupulous, this beautiful example of a Button Compass concealed within a general service button is a fine example of the exacting engineer standards employed in their manufacture.
Created from a Gaunt Button, this is an early example with the standard thread but with a star shaped compass. Overall condition is very good, the thread perfect and the compass working well.
Despite the appeal of the RAF equivalent, those for the ground forces are seldom seen making this a rare find for the Escape and Evasion collector.

Code: 54559


A Collection of Paperwork to a Fallschirmjäger Casualty.

A poignant collection of Paperwork relating to Fallschirmjäger Wolfgang Graul who was killed in action near Florence on September 14th 1944.
The collection comprises:
His original Fallschirmschützenabzeichen Certificate for the award of the Fallschirmjäger Badge, having completed his training at the Parachute Training School.
The Certificate is in very good unfolded condition and is signed by the Commanding General of 1 Fallschirmkorps Alfred Schlemm. Dated 1 October 1944 it was apparently issued after his death and documents the desperate need for troops in Italy at that time, Graul having presumably gone from training school to the front immediately. Less than three weeks after leaving the training school he was to be killed.
A Letter from Luftwaffe Oblt. Alfred Kuhnke, a Flak Commander, dated 29 September 1944 and sent to the families’ local Burgermeister for relay to the family. It informs them of their son Wolfgang’s death during “heavy defensive fighting in Northern Florence” and says “We buried him at Futa Pass". Futa Pass is in the hills at the end of the then Gothic Line and is now the biggest German War Cemetery in Italy. It contains approximately 30,800 German casualties and I assume Wolfgang Graul remains interned there.
The letter is signed by the Burgermeister and confirms it is an exact copy of the details sent by Oblt. Kuhnke. It is dated 21st October 1944.
The final part of the collection is a black bordered death letter signed by the Operations Manager of the Metal Wholesaler Otto Wolff in Leipzig to their employee, the Cooper Master Alfred Graul, offering their regrets. The letter is dated 27th October and it is interesting to note that apparently employers carried stocks of death letters.
A very good collection of paperwork to a Fallschirmjäger casualty.

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A Preliminary Possession Document for the Fallschirmjager Badge With Badge

A preliminary possession document for the Paratrooper Badge in cloth issue (Vorläufige Besitzurkunde zum Fallschirmschützenabzeichen in Stoff) to Jager Erhard Friebe awarded on completion of the three week parachute training course at the Parachute School 11 at the age of 18 and dated 27.6.44
Folded certificate with Hitler picture in very good condition and accompanied by an original cloth Fallschirmjager cloth badge.
This actual document appears on page 142 of Forman’s Guide to Third Reich German Documents …and Their Values, volume 2.

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Royal Army Pay Corps Officer’s Field Service Cap

Royal Army Pay Corps Officer’s Field Service Cap in Barathea.
Free from moth or other damage and with the RAPC badge in bronze, the cap perhaps having had a different badge at some time. Side flaps are secured by two brass general service buttons.
Inside, the cap is clean with a wide velvet band and retains a 1943 dated label for Hobsons & Sons, London Ltd.

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Royal Warwickshire Regiment Officer's Field Service Cap

A good Royal Warwickshire regiment Officer’s Field Service Cap made by Austin Reed in a good quality Barathea wool.
Completely free from moth or other damage the Cap carries the impressive regimental badge in bronze with general service buttons to the side flaps.
Inside, the protective covering remains below which is the Austin Reed label.

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Luftwaffe Flying Helmet Cover

An exceptionally rare Luftwaffe Flying Helmet Cover ( Tarnbezuge fur Kopfhauben) used to both deflect the sun’s rays and also to help rescue teams locate aircrew.
Different patterns are known to have been used depending on the theatre of operations, those with hook attachments tending to have one side in yellow whilst those covering the entire helmet were held in place by elastic at the back. This is the latter type with one side constructed in the “salt and pepper” cotton twill seen with the summer weight Kombi suits, the other side constructed in the identical multi panel manner but in red cotton stamped Fl 30019-2 and 58. The Fl number corresponds to a group of stores reference numbers applicable to survival equipment.
Examples are also known to have one side in white and I can only surmise that red would have been a much more appropriate colour for desert search and rescue whilst of course yellow is traditional for water rescue.
Overall condition is near excellent although there are signs that the cover has at one time been on a helmet, perhaps only for display.
For further reading see "The Luftwaffe Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot's Kit Bag" by Mark Hillier, page 16 ( see last picture) and "Luftwaffe Flying Clothing of the Air War 1939-45" page 27 by Mick Prodger for identical examples.

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Green Linen Afrika Cuff Band

A scarce green linen variation of the Afrika Cuff Band sometimes associated with use by the Fallschirmjager.
This example measures 214mm and has been period shortened to allow it to be stitched into the seams of the sleeve rather than embracing the entire circumference.
The obverse is heavily sun bleached, the original green of the cloth now faded to almost a pale tan with the machine embroidered silver grey thread of “Afrika” and palm trees similarly toned as are the borders top and bottom.
The reverse clearly shows the original green colour with the inspector’s label still remaining.
A very good sun bleached example

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