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Silver Infantry Assault Badge by Friedrich Orth

Cast in zinc this example has lost a large amount of its silver wash with the remnants clearly visible in recesses of the oak leaves wreath and the eagle. The reverse carries the company logo f.o.
The badge is completely without damage and shows a pleasing patina.

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Set of Four Patches for the Feldgendarmerie Waffenrock

A virtually mint condition set of two collar patches and two cuff patches for the Feldgendarmerie dress tunic, the Waffenrock.
Silver tresse bars on a Feldgendarmerie orange backing formed around a buckram board.
Formerly part of the Gordon Williamson collection it would be impossible to upgrade this set.

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Truppensonderdienst Officer's Tropical Tunic

A very good example of tropical weight Officer’s Tunic to an Oberleutnant in the Truppensonderdienst, the troop special services.
Tailored in what is known as “moleskin” material the Tunic is of the standard pattern with four pleated and flapped pockets closed with pebbled buttons, whilst front closure is with four matching buttons with two hook and eyes at the collar. The Tunic is unlined
All insignia is originally applied, the collar bars and shoulder boards having the waffenfarbe of the Truppensonderdienst. Often mistaken for medical devices on the boards the devices here are correct for the Truppensonderdienst. Unlike other countries the German medical Caduceus featured only the serpent and shaft without the wings.
Overall condition is very good. There is some light moth damage the collar and slight fading overall but no other damage.
A rare Tunic to this arm of the service in a good mannequin size of about a 38” chest.

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Luftwaffe Cloth German Cross in Gold

Bridging an obvious gap between the Iron Cross First Class and the Knights Cross, the German Cross in Gold was instituted in 1941. Because of the size and weight of the metal Cross, it was felt a cloth version should be available for wear with combat clothing making, in my view, the cloth version more interesting. They were produced with a Luftwaffe grey backing as we have here, a field grey for the army, dark blue for the navy and black for Panzer.
Approximately half the number of the Cross were awarded to the Luftwaffe as to the army. This example follows the standard pattern,72mm wide hand embroidered, featuring a double overlaid eight point sunburst pattern with the top inner layer sunburst in a matt, brownish/grey cotton thread, and the bottom outer layer in bright silver/aluminium wire threads. The cross has a gilt washed circular stamped alloy wreath with embossed laurel leaves and “ribbons” and a small banner with the impressed introduction date, “1941”. Identical in appearance to the wreaths utilized on the metal crosses, the inner edge of the alloy wreath has a red thread border with an additional silver/aluminium thread border to the outer edge. The wreath encompasses an embroidered, canted, black swastika with a silver/aluminium thread outer border on a white rayon ribbed backing.
Mounted on a cut-out, Luftwaffe grey wool base indicating the service branch of issue and clearly removed from a uniform, the Cross is in generally very good condition whilst showing signs of light service use such as would have been encountered during wear on a Fliegerbluse. Approximately 50% of the paper backing remains, beneath which the manufacturer’s stamp is still visible.
The last images shows the metal version of the award in wear.

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WW1 Period Wooden Aircraft Generator Propeller

A small laminated wood Generator Propeller measuring just 380mm and very reminiscing in appearance size of those used on the WW1 Vickers Vimy bomber and no doubt other types of the period.
The Propeller appears unfinished as the wood has never been sealed with a wax or varnish and overall condition is very good with no damage.
An acceptably sized wall piece.

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Case for Iron Cross First Class

A useful and of course original Case for the Iron Cross First Class.
Overall condition is very good, the sprung catch operates well and there is no significant wear to the Case either to the outside or the internal covering. The embossed cross on the lid does show slight loss to the silver infill.
The number 9720 is stamped beneath the card insert.

Code: 54069


RAF Escape Map 43 A/B

An as new example of the 1943 series of Escape Maps which featured a double sided and much easier to use 1.100,000,000 scale combined with eight vivid colours and a larger scale for inserts.
Of the ten sheets in the series this is the favoured 43 A/B with side A covering North Western France, West and Central Belgium and part of Holland. The Pyrenees with the Spanish border is shown in two inserts in a 1.500,000 scale for better clarity.
Side B shows South Western France and Northern Spain with the German / Swiss Frontier in a larger 1.300,000 scale, again for improved clarity.
These 43 series maps were printed on rayon due to the shortage of silk and this map measures approximately 740mm x 720mm. Overall condition is excellent, folded in the correct manner for inclusion in the escapes pouch.
It would be very difficult to upgrade this example.

Code: 54068


Silk RAF Escape Map. Atlantic Coast, France, Belgium & Holland

An early war example of a British Bartholomew Single Sided Escape Map measuring approximately 425mm x 485mm.
Printed on silk this example is map C and perhaps the most desirable in the series showing the entire Atlantic coastline from St. Nazaire round the Brest peninsular to as far north as the Frisian Islands. Inland it extends to Strasbourg on the French German border in the South to East Friesland in Germany on the Dutch Border. Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland are shown in full.
Printed in three colours, map details in black, roads in red, and international boundaries in green backgrounds, this map is produced in a 1.2,000,000 scale, the scale of these maps being often criticised.
Overall condition is very good. There is a small rectangular mark in the top right corner where a label was perhaps once affixed and minor fraying to the heat sealed border at the bottom left corner.

Code: 54067


RAF Type C Receiver 10a/7063. One Only

Sadly only one of these Type “C” 10a/7063 Receivers which have now become very difficult to locate in any number.
Typically associated with use in the early B Type helmets with the Type D mask these heavy Receivers have a coated steel body with Bakelite ear cap.
Complete with the original Stalloy diaphragm and 10a / 7066 this example is in very good condition with some scratching to the surface.

Code: 54066

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NSKK Sleeve Eagle

A good and perhaps unissued example of the silver bullion NSKK eagle, worn on the left sleeve of the brown uniform.
Overall condition is very good with some pulls to the threads, the brown baked cloth variety being somewhat scarcer.
Wingspan approximately 85mm

Code: 52334

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