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Cased Iron Cross Second Class by Deumer

The second of and last of these rare privately purchased cased Iron Cross Second Class is this lovely non maker marked example by Deumer.
The Cross itself is in excellent condition, completely free from damage with bright frosting and an unblemished magnetic core.
There is approximately 16 cms of ribbon neatly folded into a recess in the case. The case itself is extremely unusual and of a very high quality and design I have not previously encountered. Condition is very good with a good strong closure catch and clean velvet lining.

Code: 54236

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Iron Cross Second Class in Knights Cross Style Case

A quite superb example of a privately purchased Iron Cross Second Class, the best one could by in the so called Ritterkreuz Etui (Knights Cross Case).
When LDO took over quality control of the private retail market this style of case was no longer sanctioned but was most probably still available.
The unmarked Cross is no doubt by Wachtler und Lange and is excellent unused condition, the frosting still bright and the iron core without loss to the finish.
Approximately 30cms of ribbon is neatly folded into its recess at the top of the case in the same manner as a Knights Cross and is in as new condition.
The case is in very good condition with a firm closure catch and no damage.
It would impossible to upgrade this superb and rare example.

Code: 54235

890.00 GBP

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British Army Officer's Inter War Pullover Shirt

A British Army officer's collarless shirt by Robinson & Cleaver in very good condition and stamped to a size 161/2 collar.
Tailored in a style similar to WWI shirts and with a double cuff, this example dates from the mid to late 1930's period. It has plastic buttons and is olive green in colour, typically found on shirts in WWII.
This shirt would have been worn with a separate collar attached however this is no longer present, I have it priced it accordingly.
A useful item for the collector wishing to create an officer display or indeed for the reenactor.

Code: 54234

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1937 Battledress Trousers. Australian War Aid (Commando Airborne Interest)

A rare pair of Australian "War Aid" P37 battledress trousers in very good condition.
The manufacturer's label is now missing as is usually the case with battledress trousers, however War Aid was obviously only made during wartime. With the exception of two small units (their commandos and their parachute battalion, see last picture) the Australian army did not wear battledress in WW2.
Australian battledress was made for issue to British troops and indeed this particular pair was issued to the Royal Artillery DEMS gunner who's battledress blouse I have also listed. A near identical pair of Australian War Aid trousers was discussed on the Wehrmacht Awards forum in 2011 where the commando and parachute connection was pointed out, and it was universally agreed that such trousers were a singularly hard to find. This is certainly the first pair that I have been able to offer.
A rare pair of trousers in exceptional condition, ideal for a WW2 British Army or Australian Special Forces depiction.

Code: 54233


NSKK Regiment Speer Officer's Cap

Certainly the first I have ever been able to offer and I believe an exceptionally rare, NSKK Regiment Speer Officer's peaked or visor hat. This unit was attached to the Luftwaffe, and personnel wore Luftwaffe uniforms with NSKK insignia or the brown uniform of Speer’s staff.
At first glance the Cap appears identical to the Luftwaffe officer’s cap but there is a subtle difference. Luftwaffe caps are constructed with a non-removable mohair hatband. With NSKK Caps the hatband is again non-removable but either of brown or the more scarce black wool as we have here.
The Cap appears to be a late war example, the NSKK reaching maximum strength in 1944 and is best distinguished as such by the subdued aluminium piping and imitation leather sweatband.
The NSKK eagle is zinc and the winged cockade is the standard Luftwaffe hand embroidered silver wire with an aluminium wire chin cord lying on a green backed vulcanite peak.
Inside, the lining is a golden rayon, the celluloid sweat shield still completely intact.
Overall condition is generally very good with light moth nips, primarily to the underside of the brim.
The Cap has been forum discussed to 100% positive acclaim, one suggesting being that it was perhaps manufactured in one of the occupied territories, perhaps Holland or France.

Code: 54012

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Single Set of RAF Sergeant's Stripes

A single set of RAF Sergeant’s Stripes in very good uniform removed condition.
Dark blue backing trimmed to the edges of the chevrons.
Ideal for the creation of a typical Blouse as used by aircrew on operations who often had only one set applied to the right sleeve and indeed sometimes had no further brevet. The last picture shows Polish fighter pilots of 317 or 316 squadron clearly showing the lack of brevet and the wear of a single set of stripes

Code: 54231

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WW1 Period British Officer's Breeches - Early RFC Interest

A very good pair of WW1 British officer's breeches that were most probably made for an early entrant into the Royal Flying Corps.
Whilst the name of the original owner is unknown the breeches have been tailored with a flap at the front instead of the standard fly, and this very specific style is known to have been favoured by some RFC officers pre WW1. It was based on the idea used for both the issue "other ranks" RFC breeches and the issue leather flying trousers of the early period, this being that a frontal flap afforded a better protection against "wind chill" than a standard fly when in the air.
By 1915 such quaint ideas in regards to flying clothing had largely been abandoned and from that time on breeches with a standard fly were more the norm. This wartime simplification equally applied to the war produced issue RFC breeches and this change is well described in Mark Hillier's excellent book "Royal Flying Corps Kitbag".
The breeches are used but in very good condition overall with one moth hole to the left leg which shows well in the pictures along with a few very minor nips.
They are tailored in a light khaki wool and use of this pale colour is again very typical of RFC officers. To the rear of the waistband there is a blank tab for the owner's details, sadly however this has not been filled out and so there is no definitive RFC confirmation.

Code: 54227

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Wehrpass and Soldbuch to Hauptmann Hans Stolz – SS Police Regiment – Einsatzgruppen?

Compising his Wehrpass with a good uniform photograph on page 2, the pass with all pages present and in very good condition.
Stolz came from the civilian Police to the Feldgendarmerie, received his training and was commissioned Leutnant der Feldgendarmerie in 1942. He subsequently returned to the Schutzpolizei and served on the Eastern Front with an SS-Polizei Regiment.
His Polizei Soldbuch with his photograph removed but in otherwise very good condition. He gained several combat awards including: Iron Cross Second Class, Iron Cross First Class, War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords, Wound Badge in Black, Wound Badge in Silver, Infantry Assault Badge.

This set came from a major German source who sadly split the set and sold off the award documents separately. These documents revealed that he served in III./ SS-Polizei Regiment 9 and I./SS-Polizei Regiment 16. These units were both part of Polizei Kampfgruppe Jeckeln. Fortunately, although I do not have the original documents I do have colour photocopies which show well these units. They are included in the sale.
SS-Obergruppenführer Friedrich Jeckeln, the Einsatzgruppe commander was responsible for countless atrocities during his "police" actions and several reports from this unit refer to the execution of so called “Bandits” (usually Jews)
According to one of the top researchers on the subject of the Einsatzgruppen, even if Stolz did not participate directly in the "questionable activities" of the Einsatzgruppen he was certainly associated with those who did. So although no firm evidence against Stolz is known he certainly belonged to a notorious unit.
A very rare Soldbuch and Wehrpass, formely part of the Gordon Williamson collection.

Code: 53331

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TeNo (State Technical Emergency Service) Armband

TeNo (State Technical Emergency Service) Armband in white rayon or silk with machine embroidered TeNo logo at centre.
Very good overall condition with light age staining and four marks to the reverse where it appears to have been displayed with Sellotape. Manufacture's and ges.gesch (pattern pending) to the reverse.

Code: 53295

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Kriegsmarine Official’s Cap Badge for the Field Grey uniform Schirmutze.

A scarce Kriegsmarine Official’s Cap Badge for wear on the Field Grey uniform Schirmutze. Although generally associated with the Coastal Artillery the field grey uniform was initially issued to all branches of the Kriegsmarine but later issued only to the Coastal Artillery or when needed by other specific branches.
Silver wire wreath with a white metal rosette all set on a dark green wool backing.
Overall condition is very good with slight loss to the wire exposing the pattern to some outer oak leaves.
This is the first Official’s badge I have owned for the field grey Kriegsmarine uniform cap.

Code: 53353

85.00 GBP

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