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Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge by Schwerin

A good service used example of the Kriegsmarine Destroyer War Badge by Schwerin, Berlin.
A later war item the badge is cast in zinc with a fire gilded wreath and eagle with the ship and waves blued.
The badge is without damage but shows light wear to both the gilding and blueing.
The reverse shows the makes name and the broad horizontal fitting pin typical of Schwerin along with the top securing hook

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Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruiser Badge in Tombak

A very good used example of a Kriegsmarine Auxiliary Cruiser War Badge struck from Tombak with a fire gilded finish.
Although no maker’s name appears I’m inclined to think this badge is by C.E. Juncker with such features as the hinge block, coastline profile on the globe and indeed the separate face of the globe itself pointing to this manufacturer.
A portion of the right side of the gilded wreath along with the bow of the Viking ship and the reverse of the badge in the same areas have become discoloured and this may suggest loss of the gilding. Other than these points there is no damage to the badge which still remains a very appealing and rather rare badge.

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1943 Pattern Heer Breast eagle

An unissued example of the 1943 version of the BeVo style Breast Eagle produced entirely in rayon, the eagle machine embroidered with pronounced detailing.
Cut from a roll the outer edges of the green rayon backing have not been finished with pinking shears and have frayed slightly.
Overall condition is very good.

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Scarce Cloth Version of the Black Wound Badge

The first I have personally encountered this rare cloth Black Wound Badge is printed on rayon with a waxed coating to the reverse. the oval surround to the badge is field grey in colour, appropriate to wear by the land forces.
Cut from a roll it measures approximately 80 mm x 65 mm and is very good condition, free from damage.

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Close Combat Clasp (Nahkampfspange) in Silver

A very good example of the Close Combat Clasp by JFS, die struck in zinc the reverse well marked with the designer's name and address, "Fec. W.E. Peekhaus Berlin" and manufacturer's logo both raised in the casting. The pin is the standard “coke bottle” design.
Overall condition is very good with no damage but with most of the silver wash now absorbed into the zinc as is always the case. Despite this the condition may be described as all above average.
The Close Combat Clasp series of awards were introduced on November 25th 1942 for award to personnel who fought in hand-to-hand combat situations unsupported by armour.
The Clasp was issued in three grades, Bronze, Silver and Gold with each successive grade signifying more days spent in hand-to-hand or close combat. Criteria for award of the clasps consisted of fifteen days of hand-to-hand combat for bestowal of the Bronze clasp, thirty days of hand-to-hand combat for bestowal of the Silver clasp and fifty days of hand-to-hand combat for bestowal of the Gold clasp.
There was also a prescribed, combat to time served ratio, enabling long serving personnel to be eligible for award of a clasp.

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Army Officer's Cap Insignia Set

A used but very good and well matched set of Army Officer’s Cap Insignia.
Both being of silver wire on a dark green wool backing, the Cockade has a nickel plated inner roundel with a red wool centre. Some wear is evident to the top left side with the wool backing trimmed closely to the hand embroidered oak leaf pattern.
The Eagle is very good and really quite scarce to find.

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Stielhandgranate 24 Training Stick Grenade

A very good example of a German Training Stick Grenade intended to replicate the Stielhandgranate 24 in design and weight during training exercises.
The shaft is of natural wood with a black painted steel sleeve.
Overall condition is very good.

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'44 Pattern German Army Canteen,Feldflasche

A very good example of the 1944 pattern German Army Canteen, the Feldflasche, in overall excellent condition.
The felt covering is very good as are the four press fasteners, the flask itself is without dents and the leather harness without cracks or tears.
The screw cap is undamaged and the throat of the flask is stamped CFL43. The leather harness is ink stamped CA and SSL 43
The Bakelite or plastic drinking cup is undamaged.

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M31 German Canteen and Cup

Known as the M31 Feldflaschen this German Canteen and Cup are in very good overall condition with no moth damage to the felt covering and no obvious dents in the aluminium Canteen itself. The throat of the Canteen is clearly stamped WAL41 and the Bakelite screw top is very good.
The early style aluminium cup has perhaps been repainted and no markings are visible whilst the harness has faint markings which suggest a 1942 date.
Generally a very good example.

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M38 Officer's Field Cap (Feldmutze) Medical

An M38 Feldmutze in virtually mint unused example produced in field grey wool mix material to an officer in the Medical branch.
Top and scalloped edges are piped with the regulation aluminium twisted cord. The eagle is a very bright machine embroidered example whilst the cockade is hand embroidered in aluminium wire with a medium to light blue Soutache stitched in place at 90 degrees to the cockade.
Inside, the cap is lined with a grey cotton showing no signs of use but with one small split.
It would very difficult to upgrade the condition of this example

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