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Double Decal Luftwaffe M35 Helmet. NS64

A good example of an early Luftwaffe M35 Double Decal Helmet, being and NS64 with a lot number of D125.
Once forming part of my own collection the helmet retains the original Luftwaffe grey smooth finish with both decals in place but with the eagle showing service wear evenly distributed over the entire decal. Commensurate wear is apparent to the painted shell but there is no damage.
The liner band is an early non reinforced example dated 1937 and displays no splits in the metal. The liner leather is without loss and remains very supple with all tongues held in place by the drawstring. There is a good clear 1938 dated acceptance stamp to the dome. The chinstrap is very good but no markings remain as it has been shortened slightly by the wearer.
Generally a very nice helmet and rare to find with both decals in place.

Code: 53730


Kriegsmarine M35 Single Decal Helmet

Once in my own collection is this very good and totally unmolested Kriegsmarine single decal M35 SE64 with a lot number of 22000.
Far scarcer than even SS Helmets, virtually all that you may see for sale are in fact Heer Helmets with the silver decal toned with age. This is not the case here.
Featured on page 186 of Brian Ice’s book (revision 1) this batch would seem to be the last M35s produced by SE as single decals to M40 specifications for the Kriegsmarine.
Overall condition is very good with some loss to the decal as we expect in Kriegsmarine helmets due to the nature of the manufacturing process of the KM decals. The shell retains most of the original factory finish and is completely without damage. The liner leather remains soft and the chinstrap is supple and undamaged.
Liner band is too tight to determine any further details.
A particularly nice example of a genuine M35 Kriegsmarine Helmet.

Code: 53729


British Airborne Drop Pannier - Signalling Stores

A very good example of a British Airborne Drop Pannier used by British Airborne troops for the carriage of various supplies and equipment and in this case for signalling stores.
Measuring approximately 73 x 44 x 44 cms the Pannier is in overall very good condition with some minor loss to the wicker strips.
The sliding lock works well although the latches need some manipulation to close and the pig skin protector strips remain on the edges. The canvas lid cover is in place and this is clearly stencilled “Signalling Stores”. Both of the wooden base skids remain with one cracked through.
A very nice background display item for any airborne collection or display.
A heavy item so pick up is available but as a guide shipping within the UK will be £30, Europe £86 and the rest of the world £230

Code: 53728

420.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Luftwaffe 10-76 B-1 Kapok Life Preserver (Kapokschwimmwesten)

A quite outstanding example of the very rare Luftwaffe 10-76 B-1 Kapok Life Preserver (Kapokschwimmwesten)
This improved version introduced in 1943 featured an open back following the hard lessons learned from the earlier pattern where flotation pads at the back allowed an incapacitated wearer to float face down.
Worn by Aircrew, Fallschirmjager and some Kriegsmarine personnel these Kapok filled jackets were made of a strong cotton fabric with tubular shaped pockets holding the Kapok. A large collar of identical construction was attached to the body and could be worn up to support the head in water, or folded down. At each side of the collar are flaps with press fasteners which serve to close the collar and hold the face upwards when in the water. The jacket is closed by three wooden toggles and cords with a single tape passing from the back between the legs and securing at the front to two rings.
Overall condition is very good with just some very minor pulls to the covering absolutely in keeping with service wear and perhaps caused by a parachute harness. All tapes, ties and toggles are in place and it is generally very clean without fading. The original label is clear and firmly stitched in place.
Ideal for mannequin display this Schwimmweste was taken from a German airfield at Plzeň in Czechoslovakia by an assistant-technician who worked the on German aircraft and it has remained in the family ever since.
It would be difficult to upgrade this lovely example.

Code: 53727


RAF Mk111b Instrument Panel Clock

A very scarce early war Smiths Mk111b Aircraft Clock used in a multitude of aircraft types and dating for the 1939 -40 period and differing only from the Mk111a by the 24 hour dial.
Whilst the clocks themselves are scarce it is very rare to find one in good working condition as we have here, the high quality movements by both Jaeger Le Coultre and Carley and Clemence proving susceptible to damage by rough handling of the long stalked winding and setting knobs. Not surprising with a heavily gloved hand but also because the movement is unusually wound anticlockwise which caused confusion and subsequent damage.
Time keeping appears very good and all functions including the secondary time of (elapsed) trip timer work well. The dial is clear and the luminous infill to the hands is intact. Stampings on the dial are not white paint filled and appear never to have been fully applied showing just Mk111 No. / 8 (1938?) S Smith & Sons (MA) Ltd. London 6A/. The case back carries a good Air Ministry stamp and 5944.
Cosmetically the appearance is very good with just slight loss of paint to the front plate and a very small chip to the outer edge of the glass near the right hand knob.

Code: 53726

525.00 GBP

Shortlist item
Three German Army Shooting Prizes To One Soldier

Three very attractive shooting awards to the same Uffz. Julius Keppner of Uffz Korps 6 /JR41.
The awards take the form of targets with Keppner’s details hand painted around the circumference. At the centre are the targets themselves with the theme printed on paper. The 1938 target is 50cms in diameter and 1932 and 1940 targets are approximately 48cms.
Two are on board whilst the 1940 example is compressed cardboard.
Overall condition is very good with loss and wear to the paint whilst the 1940 piece shows it has also been used as a darts target.
Very nice example of German art that will make excellent wall decorations.

Code: 53725


USAAF/ US Airborne / US Navy Life Jacket Dye Marker Pack

A very useful and usually missing accessory to complete a US Life Vest is this unopened Dye Pack.
Measuring approximately 130mm x 95mm the dye is contained in a yellow rubberised outer with clear operating instructions.
Overall condition is very good

Code: 53724


RFC 1905 Pattern Service Dress Cap

A very good example of a 1905 Pattern Cap, Service Dress, this particular piece being of Canadian manufacture and with the lining showing the Canadian acceptance stamp.
Made in the same material as the rest of the uniform and worn by all other ranks the Cap is in very good condition and shows only minor wear holes, mostly to the upper side of the peak.
There is a very nice Royal Flying Corps cap badge which I believe is bronze and this appears always to have been in place.
Although the Cap is not dated the brown leather chinstrap is of the type introduced in 1908. This is again in very good condition and is secured by two general service buttons.
Inside, there is no sign of damage, the leather sweatband remaining stitched in place and supple with the black cloth lining is clean. The underside of the peak has its green paper lining in place.
At each side beneath the brim are two ventilation grommets.
This actual cap will be published later in the year in Mark Hilliers forthcoming work on Royal Flying Corps uniforms and flying clothing, the next in his well received "Kit Bag" series.

Code: 53720


Walther PPK Holster

An unissued and near excellent example of a brown leather Holster for the Walther PPK.
Part of the large hoard of German Holsters found in Russian stores some years ago, this example is completely without stamps of any kind and was presumably part of a commercial contract diverted for military use.
It would be very difficult to upgrade the Holster

Code: 53719

105.00 GBP

Shortlist item
M1 Fixed Bale Centre Seam Combat Helmet

An excellent example of an early US M1 Combat helmet with welded steel chinstrap loops (fixed bale) and centre front seam rim edging all conforming to Helmets manufactured between 1941 and 1943.
The shell is in very good condition retaining most of the original factory applied drab olive green paint with the cork mix remaining prominent. Part of the heat of steel number is just visible beneath the front flair and the heavy khaki coloured chinstrap with arrow buckle and hook arrangement remains stitched in place on the bales. The shell shows clearly the classic stress cracks at the back for which these early shells are synonymous.
The high pressure plastic resin liner is in very good undamaged condition and carries the stamp of the Westinghouse Electric Company who produced some 1,000,000 of these liners. The clip on adjustable headband shows little signs of use with all other elements being of khaki rayon with the neckband marked small.
Finally the liner chinstrap is of leather with garter clips for attachment and a cam buckle for adjustment.
A desirable early M1 helmet in very good condition

Code: 53717


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