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Luftwaffe Officer's Cap Cockade

A very nice Luftwaffe officer’s uniform cap removed winged cockade in hand embroidered aluminium wire with matching roundel.
Quite modestly padded the cockade is in overall very good condition with all threads in place and showing light service wear only.

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Kriegsmarine Cap Cockade in GoldenThread

An excellent unissued example of a Kriegsmarine Cockade for wear on the peaked (visor) cap by officers and senior NCOs.
Hand embroidered in bright golden thread with dark blue wool backing and with a wire embroidered central rosette of the national colours.
The reverse has the paper backing intact.

Code: 53898


1942 dated New Zealand Made Battledress Blouse and Trousers

A fine example of a 1942 dated New Zealand made Battledress Blouse with matched Trousers
Marked to a size 8 which I believe equates to a 37” breast and 32 -33” waist, the Blouse is in very good condition with three very small moth nips and one noticeable hole of 6mm on the sleeves. All buttons are in place and there is no other damage.
The Trousers are in similarly fine condition with close inspection revealing about four moth nips none of which are noticeable. All but one of the dished steel buttons are in place.
A really nice well matched pair, better made and of a slightly more lightweight material than British made examples and difficult to upgrade.

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Kriegsmarine / Late War Mouthpiece Gas Mask

Possibly inspired by the need for a compact Gas Mask alternative for use in the confined spaces of a service vessel or U Boat, Kriegsmarine regulations of March 25TH 1944 introduced a new emergency gas protection breathing device which consisted of a mouthpiece that was designed to fit on any of the standard gasmask filter. The emergency gas protection breathing device was designed to be easily carried and was intended for immediate usage in the event of a surprise gas attack.
This is the first example I have ever seen other than in photographs and is in very good condition, the mouthpiece itself being in excellent condition. The filter is 1938 dated and shows minor surface rush which in no way detracts.
What appears to be the original neck strap is in place but I can find no Kriegsmarine markings, the filters of course be generic.

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M21 Spanish Sin Ala Helmet

A scarce example of the Spanish M21 Helmet in good overall condition but lacking its’ chinstrap and tips of five of the liner tongues. In addition the leather liner band itself has a break in it.
This was Spain's first locally produced helmet, made at the National Arsenal of Artillery at Trubia. The helmet was given the name "Sin Ala" or "Without Wings" due to the straight sides of the helmet. Only around 12,000 of these were produced .
In 1943 these helmets were refurbished and fitted with a new liner and chinstrap. Green paint was applied and a small frontal bracket was affixed to support the new National Army Insignia.

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Luftwaffe Officer's Fliegerbluse - Flying Branch

Once forming part of my own collection, this Luftwaffe Fliegerbluse to an Oberleutnant flying branch is perhaps the nicest I had ever owned
Tailored in a high quality officer’s ribbed wool, the blouse is in overall very good lightly used condition with just a few minor moth nips which have been carefully darned with identical thread to become almost unnoticeable. All buttons are original and present and the chest size is approximately 38”.
On the right breast is the originally applied aluminium wire hand embroidered eagle whilst the collar displays the again originally applied tabs appropriate to the rank. On each shoulder are the rank boards with a single gold pip.
Inside, the Bluse is lined with a grey rayon with a single pocket. Each sleeve is lined with a stripped cloth.
A really lovely example in a good size.

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1941 Dated Australian Mk11 Helmet

Certainly one of the more scarce Mk11 Brodie Helmets are those manufactured by the Commonwealth Steel Company of Australia, a direct copy of the British Mk11 but without an edging to the rim. More than two million were produced and used by not only Australian forces but also by other countries.
This exceptionally nice 1941 dated example is in overall very good condition. The shell is without damage and retains virtually all of the factory applied grit finished paint.
Inside, the rim is stamped CS 206 with both chinstrap securing mounts dated 1941.
The liner remains supple with some wear to the lower edge but is generally very good as is the chinstrap.
A surprisingly difficult to find Helmet and one which would prove difficult to upgrade

Code: 54221


Italian Navy M33 Helmet

A very nice Italian Navy M33 Helmet of the Regia Marina with yellow painted fouled anchor
Overall condition is very good. The shell retains most of the original smooth green painted finish with just minor wear to where the helmet appears to have been stacked with others. There is no other damage.
Inside, the leather liner is soft and supple and without damage and has the size 56 punched into the leather. There is no draw cord. The green leather chinstrap with claw buckle is also in very good condition and there is evidence of some markings at the tip of the strap but this is no longer discernible.

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German Army Chaplain's Schirmutz

This German Army Chaplain’s Schirmutz (visor) Cap is the first I have ever seen other than in period photographs.
Purchased from the carefully scrutinised Estand section of the Wehrmacht Awards Forum where it was offered flattened, with the chin cord and sweatband missing and the peak or visor broken in half. The cap was then restored by adding an original visor, chin cord and sweatband.
The Cap carries the Erel Sonderklasse Logo accompanied by the Offizier Kleiderklasse Berlin etiquette beneath the protective celluloid shield in the crown and would have been purchased through the Kleiderklasse catalog or at one of the branch offices. This is the “Extra” model.
Completely free from moth damage it appears to be of doe skin construction but has taken on somewhat “fluffy” appearance perhaps as a result of having been rainwater soaked in service or possibly just as a result of age.
Piped with the purple waffenfarbe of a Chaplain the cap carries a nicely matched hand embroidered silver wire eagle and cockade between which sits the metal crucifix of a Chaplain. The aluminium wire chin cord sits on the vukanfibre peak or visor which is cross hatched on the underside for a better grip.
Inside, the sweatband is in good condition but the stitching confirms the replaced visor.
The gold rayon lining is in very good condition but the celluloid protective sweat shield shows some cracking and stitching loss.
An extremely rare but restored Cap showing extensive service use but still in good condition.
The image of the Chaplain is to show an example of type and is not included.

Code: 54218

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Rare 1946 Pattern ( Modified 1940 Pattern) Battledress Blouse. Royal Signals FARELF

A 1946 pattern battledress blouse to a corporal in the Royal Signals, Far East Land Forces (FARELF). The blouse is dated 1946 and is of the pattern introduced in that year. This pattern was an official post war modification to the 1940 Pattern Battledress and in fact this blouse still bears a manufacturer's label from that pattern.
This blouse is from the period immediately post WW2 when the British Army was involved in several peacekeeping and counter-insurgency operations in the far east due to the power vacuum created by the Japanese surrender.
Absolutely typical of far east issue all of the FARELF insignia is theatre made and is a rare full set, with even the formation signs produced locally. To each sleeve there is a Royal Signals FARELF shoulder title, followed by the formation sign for the GHQ of FARELF, and then in turn standard corporal stripes. The corporal stripes are interesting because they appear to be of WWI manufacture. The use of such old stock was not unusual in the Far East where often stores/tailors had not been replenished for years.
Overall condition is very good but with about six moth holes, the largest measuring about 7mm
A little known pattern and scarce battledress blouse.

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