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Luftwaffe M43 Field Cap Size 58

A very good lightly used example of a Luftwaffe other ranks M43 Cap in a desirable size 58.
Constructed in a field grey wool mix material the cap is in overall very good condition and completely free from moth or other damage. It shows no real signs of fading and retains virtually all its’ original colour.
Insignia is in two parts with the machine embroidered eagle sitting above the rosette.
Side flaps are held in position by two pebbled buttons and both ear loops match the rayon lining which shows sweat marking at the brow but which is again without damage.
Nicely marked with the size 58 and 1944 date.

Code: 53606

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Propaganda Officer's M38 Field Cap

A very good service used example of an early Army Officer’s M38 Field Cap.
Constructed in a field quality wool with the forward scalloped edges of the side flaps and top of the cap piped silver aluminium cord and with an originally applied machine woven eagle and wire rosette. Each side has a single vent grommet.
The Soutache sits as an inverted V above the rosette and is worthy of special mention as I believe this to be the waffenfarbe of the propaganda troops, even allowing for age fading. Such examples are rare.
Inside, the cap is lined with a black rayon size marked 56 ½, the brow trimmed with brown leather.
Overall condition is very good, the Cap free from moth or other damage

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Kriegsmarine-Ausweis Leather Wallet

A very nice brown leather Kriegsmarine Ausweis wallet measuring 115mm x 75mm when folded, both sides with a clear celluloid window to retain the passes and with a good clear embossed golden eagle and swastika and “Kriegsmarine-Ausweis” to the cover.
Overall condition is very good but with both celluloid windows partially detached.
An unusual item and the first I have seen.

Code: 53604


Kriegsmarine / Late War Mouthpiece Gas Mask

Possibly inspired by the need for a compact Gas Mask alternative for use in the confined spaces of a service vessel or U Boat, Kriegsmarine regulations of March 25TH 1944 introduced a new emergency gas protection breathing device which consisted of a mouthpiece that was designed to fit on any of the standard gasmask filter. The emergency gas protection breathing device was designed to be easily carried and was intended for immediate usage in the event of a surprise gas attack.
This is the first example I have ever seen other than in photographs and is in very good condition, the mouthpiece itself being in excellent condition. The filter is 1938 dated and shows minor surface rush which in no way detracts.
What appears to be the original neck strap is in place but I can find no Kriegsmarine markings, the filters of course be generic.

Code: 53061

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M35 Q68 Helmet

A Q68 M35 Helmet the subject of much discussion and mixed opinions on German Helmets Walhalla over whether the decal is Kriegsmarine or a toned Heer. Certainly most would offer this as KM Helmet but my own view is that this is a toned Heer decal and is sold as such. 68 shell sizes are extremely rare.
Overall condition is very good, the original pea green factory paint first overpainted with a second decal applied which has failed to adhere well, flaking much in the way Kriegsmarine decals deteriorate. The helmet was then painted again with a grey green paint perhaps with aluminium oxide added to give it its’ rough finish, the decal carefully painted around.
Inside the skirt has the size 60 painted near the lot number 453. The liner is very good, supple and with the original drawstring in place. At the rear of the liner the owner, a Doctor, has written his name in ink. The liner band is the original non reinforced 1937 dated band.
The Helmet came to me without a chinstrap and I have added an original strap in the interests of completeness.
An impressive Helmet.

Code: 53316


Army General's Car Pennant

A very good example of the impressive and distinctive Army General’s Car Pennant introduced by order in 1941 to be flown on the wing (fender) when the General was riding in the car.
The oversized Pennant measures 39cms x 26cms and is encased in its original frame comprising three nickel plated sections with celluloid sides along with a section of pole cut at the base no doubt when removed from the car.
Double sided the typically army eagle has outstretched wings all beautifully hand embroidered with golden silk thread on a field grey background, top and bottom edges trimmed with golden tress with woven golden Swastikas, all in excellent condition.
The pole is missing its finial and there is bending to the top edge of the frame which has not damaged the Pennant. The three section of the frame are held in place by two butterfly nuts so I assume a simply process to open it up to straighten the bends if needed.
A very rare and attractive piece which displays well.

Code: 53426

1975.00 GBP

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Bristol Blenheim Control Wheel / Yoke

One time forming part of my own collection, this control wheel, or yoke, represents a very scarce example of the type.
The Blenheim is perhaps best remembered for its role as a light bomber, and with anti-shipping work, but it did of course serve in a fighter role during the Battle of Britain with some being fitted with gun packs.
Although I can’t tell if this has been repainted or powder coated, the condition now is excellent, with no damage or corrosion and with the finish totally unmarked.
Some elements of the gun button remain, such as the spring loaded plunger which sits under the gun button and the rear domed plate. There is no brake lever.
I have never been able to establish which variant this is from, but from what I can see, it is perhaps correct for all Blenheim types.
Always considered “The heart” of the aeroplane, control wheels make a pleasing display piece.

Code: 53603

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German Reichspost (Postal Service) Armband

German Reichspost (Postal Service) Armband in dark blue wool with machine embroidered eagle and Reichspost in golden thread.
Lined in white linen which carries stamp “Wästi" ( Wäschestickerei which translates to "Linen embroidery".)
The Armband is in very good condition.

Code: 53602

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Army Recruiting Officer Armband

German Army Recruiting Officer Armband in a heavy white cotton with black machine embroidered Heer eagle.
Just visible to the left of the eagle is a barely discernible circular rubber stamp.
Overall condition is very good and of note is an additional panel period added to increase the size.

Code: 53601

120.00 GBP

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Army Air Defence Leader's Armband

A scarce Army Air Defence Leader Armband with black machine embroidered Heer eagle on a white rayon Armband finished top and bottom with a pale blue edging.
Although without holes or similar damage there is staining which shows well in the pictures.
Rare to find

Code: 53600


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