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RAF Type 48 Microphone Assembly. New Old Stock

Perhaps best described as new old stock, this a complete Type 48 Microphone Assembly 10A/14381 for use with the Type E, E*, G and occasionally the D Mask when used with an adapter ring which is not part of this assembly.
The assembly is of course guaranteed to be in mint condition and will be found wrapped in cellophane and complete with connector cord and plug. They are then packed in a cardboard box and sealed in a heavy black wax and paper wrapped.
All stores labels are in place

Code: 53747

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Luftwaffe Officer's Breeches

A good pair of Luftwaffe Officer’s Breeches, ideally suited to a mannequin display.
Made in a field grade wool rayon mix the Breeches were no doubt intended for combat wear rather than walking out but follow the pattern of the high quality Trikot wool Breeches.
There are two diagonal front slash pockets, one flapped back pocket and a front horizontal watch pocket with loop for attaching the fob. Closure is by four buttons and a hook and eye with the waistband having six belt loops and with two adjustable side straps and buckles.
At each calf are cotton tapes for securing the legs while putting on boots.
Overall condition is good to very good with the last button of the fly having ripped the cloth and with some stitching to repair a split it the base of the fly. There is minor wear to the opening of the slash pockets from use.
The cloth retains most of the original nap and colour and I can find only three very small moth holes.
Waist size is approximately 32” whilst the legs are of course short for wear with riding or flying boots.

Code: 53743

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An Important Collection of Some 160 Original Wartime Prints Including Arnhem

A most amazing and historically significant collection of some 160 original wartime prints covering, amongst other areas, the airborne assault on Arnhem, France, the Rhine Crossing, Holland and Germany.
Discovered in 1947 and placed in an album at that time, a pencil written explanation written on the inside front cover reads “These images were added in this album and were found with many more in a cabinet at an old SS Barracks in Belgium. They were on index cards with info on each photo but some of the cards were in poor condition. (So added?) They are images of such an amazing time in history”.
My interpretation is not that the Germans collected the images but that the barracks were later used by British military photographers and were simply left behind at some time prior to 1947.
There are perhaps about 60 photographs of the Arnhem assault, some I have seen before, some I have not.
The remaining photographs are no less interesting in their content and follow, in no particular order, the advance through Western Europe with scenes of liberation, troops in the field, tanks, a wrecked train, German prisoners, U Boats pens, Monty, US troops and an Arado Float Plane on a ship’s deck
All are in good condition and glued onto the album pages.
Sadly I have not been able to show all the photographs in my listing and have chosen a few with a bias towards Arnhem.
A fascinating collection of original wartime prints at a fraction of the cost of buying modern copies

Code: 53742

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WW1 German Imperial Navy Shoulder Boards

A very impressive pair Kaiserlische Marine Shoulder Boards, intended for wear on the Tropical brown uniform.
Handmade in a heavy silver bullion thread with alternating black and red diagonals, the boards show two golden pips of a Kapitanleutnant.
Backed with a bark blue wool they are finished with a short wooden post which secures them through an opening in the Tunic then held in place with one button.
Overall condition is very good with some wear to the wool on the posts

Code: 52480

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Imperial German Naval (Kaiserliche Marine) Officer's Cap Badge

Worn on the Kaiserliche Marine naval officer’s schirmütze this badge is made of fine gold bullion with the exception of the Hohenzollern Crown which is of guilded metal and represents a rare variation, the Crowns usually being bullion.
The bullion extends to the laurel leaves that encircle the badge’s kokarde, these varied according to officer’s duties. This particular variety is for an officer who served aboard a Kaiserliche Marine ship.
The kokarde has a red centre surrounded by rings of black and silver, indicating the Reich rather than a particular State.
Overall condition is very good with some darkening from age but with no damage to the hand embroidered bullion or black wool background.
A beautiful badge made even more attractive by the rare variation to the Crown

Code: 52387

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Aviation Gauntlet / Mittens

Although something of an enigma one UK aviation website recently offered an identical pair of these Mitten / Gauntlets as being for use by the Fleet Air Arm. Certainly one photograph does exist which appears to show something similar in use by a Swordfish observer.
Ingenious in design they are intended for use either as a Gauntlet with an imitation fur covered section reaching up to the elbow or, when folded in on themselves, as a Mitten.
I have to assume that the Gauntlet configuration is for their duty use which would suggest some flying application whilst the Mitten is ideal when a Gauntlet is not needed.
There are no labels or stamps although the zips are by Lightning.
Overall condition is very good. The leather is soft with just some very minor nicks and zips work well with a small split to the fabric on one.

Code: 53741

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RAF Tape Measure AM 1940

For the aviation collector who has everything else, this 1940 dated AM marked 100’ Tape measure is in very good condition and operates well.
The stiff outer body is covered in a brown leather with the winder and fittings of brass.
Markings on the upper side are John Rabone & Sons, Birmingham England, the reverse marked Rabone’s Mettalic Wired Tape.
An interesting and nicely stamped RAF item.

Code: 53738

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Two Part German Police Officer's Eagle in Cupal

A scarce two piece Police Cap Eagle popularly referred to as the officer’s eagle and available at extra cost to all personnel prepared to pay for upgrade
Constructed in Cupal with a nickel plating this desirable example is in very good undamaged condition with light wear to the plating allowing to copper element in the metal to be partially visible.
A seldom seen and desirable variation, formerly part of the collection of Gordon Williamson.

Code: 53351

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SS "Danziger" Allgemeine Cap Skull

First pattern SS Allgemeine (Circa 1923-1934), nickle/silver plated Imperial Prussian Danziger style skull, with no bottom jaw, superimposed over crossed bones. The skull features two rows of teeth, oval eye cut-outs, a triangular nose cut-out and embossed cranium detailing.
The hollow backed reverse is a mirror image of the obverse and both of the soldered, staggered attachment prongs are intact. The skull has no visible manufacturer’s markings.
Worn on the peaked or visor cap this style of Skull was replaced by the more frequently encountered design with lower jaw.
Overall condition is very good with a pleasing patina.

Code: 53406

250.00 GBP

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Large photograph of Kriegsmarine Officer Cadets at the Marineschule at Flensburg-Mürwik

An impressive 290mm x 230mm photograph of Kriegsmarine Officers and Officer Cadets at the Marineschule at Flensburg-Mürwik, the Kriegsmarine Academy.
Undated, the picture shows an Engineer Officer course, part of the average intake of 500 + Officer Cadets (Oberfahnrich)who were to pass through Mürwik during each year of the war.
The photograph is in very good condition with no tears or creases.

Code: 53483

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