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SA Musician's Wings

A good and well matched pair of what I believe are SA Musician’s “Wings” perhaps better known as "Swallow's Nests"
The golden tresse sits on a pink or plumb coloured background which reflects the SA region whilst the reverse is blue felt with five attachment hooks for fitting to the jacket or shirt. Overall condition is very good with no sign of damage other that one missing hook.

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Bartholomew Evasion Map K1/2, Malta, Sicily, Crete, North Africa

A very good example of an early RAF Bartholomew Silk Evasion Map, this being sheets K 1 / 2.
K1 covers the area from Crete in the North, South to 28 degrees North and from Port Said in the East to Benghazi in the West.
K2 continues to the West from the Egyptian Libyan border as far as the Straits of Gibraltar and South to Nigeria and Chad.
Most importantly Sicily and Malta are shown in the North which along with the North African coast shows a hotly contested area on both land and in the air.
An essential evasion map for the desert Air Force in a scale of 1:1,657,000 with Isogonals correct for 1937.
Overall condition is very good with four minor stress tears

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RAF Evasion Map E/F From The 1943 Series

A very good example of one of the more sought after of the 1943 series RAF Silk (or more likely Rayon in this case) Evasion Maps.
Double sided, this is sheet E & F covering Germany (North), Protectorate (Bohemia & Moravia), Slovakia, Poland and Hungary (North) on side E and Croatia (W& Central) Montenegro (West) Hungary (West) Slovakia (South), Germany (South), Italy (North & Central) and Switzerland (East) on side F. Scale is 1:1,000.000 with borders correct for September 1943.
Overall condition is very good with light fraying and one or two minor nicks to the unfinished borders and one liquid stain in the centre which I have shown in the images.

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Very Rare Normandy Camouflage Binoculars

An exceptionally rare pair of 6x30 Dienstglas Binoculars with brown Bakelite Case.
The Binoculars themselves have a period applied sprayed camouflage finish now known as the Normandy pattern which comprises an ordnance tan base coat with random over sprayed patches of green and a reddish brown.
Made by cag ( Swarovski, Austria) the Binoculars are contructed in a heavy alloy typical of this manufacturer and have no reticule suggesting late production. The right prism cover is marked Dienstglas, 6x30, 164127.
Overall condition is very good with oculars adjusting smoothly and with the eyecups free from chips. The optics are undamaged but very dirty and whilst I would normally have Binoculars cleaned and serviced, these have never been opened and since doing so will most probably result in some loss to the camouflage over paint I decide to leave them as they are. Neck strap is original to the glasses.
The Bakelite case is no less pleasing and is the very rare red brown Bakelite type, loved by collectors but seldom seen. It’s condition is very good, free from cracks or chips and with very good leather belt straps.
A perfect display set for a Normandy collection

Code: 53502


Early Zeiss 6x30 Dienstglas wirh Bakelite case

A very good example of a c1939 pair of Zeiss 6x30 Dienstglas Binoculars, contained in the correct Bakelite case.
The Binoculars are in overall very condition, retaining virtually all of the Rauhlack exterior finish. Both brown Bakelite eyecups are undamaged and the oculars adjust smoothly. Markings on both shoulder plates are clear and without damage.
Optically the glasses are in very good condition with a light haze. They are in collimation but the range reticule has been removed.
The Bakelite case is generally very good but with a hairline crack running from the front left of the lid down into the main body of the case. Nevertheless it is intact and sound.
The closure strap works well and the leather tab is in place. Both belt loops are in good condition, one displaying a good waffenampt stamp.
Generally a very good set, ideal for display or use.

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SA Haupttruppfuhrer Collar Tab Set

A scarce pair of post 1939 Collar Tabs for a Haupttfuhrer in SA Group Nordmark, Standarte 216 based at Kiel under Brigade 16.
The dark green wool backing (known as Steel Green) is surmounted with the unit details on the Tab worn on the right side whilst the left Tab carries the rank insignia with the RZM manufacture’s label dated 1941 on the reverse.
Although well used the Tabs remain in good condition and free from moth damage but with the golden yellow piping missing along the top of the right Tab.

Code: 52333

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SS BeVo Weave Trapezoid

Obtained from the immediate family of Sgt. Charles Ruzicka, a Tank Commander with the US 6th. Armoured Division which saw extensive action throughout Western Europe and participated in the Battle of The Bulge and most importantly, the liberation of Buchenwald Concentration Camp.
This BeVo weave SS Trapezoid is one of a limited number I will offer for sale and is cut from a roll brought home by Sgt. Ruzicka. Condition is as new, the Trapezoids having been offered for discussion on both the War Relics and Wehrmacht Awards Forums where they of course received absolute positive acclaim.
The Trapezoid you receive will be cut from the same roll as the one shown here and is guaranteed to be in the same, as new condition.
Research suggests the probability that most and perhaps all of the items were collected from stores at Buchenwald and some support is given to the theory by the presence in the collection of an aluminium SS clothing requisition tag which I understand was from the camp, along with Buchenwald Lagergelt. Certainly, Sgt. Ruzicka was in a position to transport his booty away.
A video recording of Sgt Ruzicka being interviewed at a 6th Armoured Division Reunion can be seen here. He is second to appear:

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M35 Camouflaged Helmet with Net Hooks

This Helmet was originally obtained from a family in Alsace in North Eastern France who told me it was left in their house after the liberation and had remained in the family ever since.
An ET64 with a lot number of 4871 the Helmet remains completely untouched and has never been cleaned, oiled or molested in any way. The shell is without damage and has at one time been overpainted with what appears to be a snow or very pale tan camouflage, later repainted again in a field grey. During both applications the Heer eagle has been carefully painted around whilst the ghost of the tricolour decal is clearly visible under the paint on the right.
Inside, the Net Hooks have been correctly fitted to the reinforced aluminium liner band which has clearly never been disturbed, the paint overlapping in places. The chinstrap is very good and dated 1938 whilst the liner tongues are completely undamaged though somewhat dry. The drawstring is original to the helmet as are the net hooks.
A very good and completely untouched Helmet not only with a camouflage application but with original Helmet hooks

Code: 53499


Case for the Kriegsmarine Zeiss Gas Mask Binoculars

Cases for the Zeiss Kriegsmarine 7x50 Gas Mask Binoculars have always been hard to find and here we have a very good example.
The case is without damage other than a small horizontal scuff at the front. The closure strap is complete and with a good strong spring, the lid hinge is perfect and all blocks and lens holders are in place inside.
At the front is the correct Kriegsmarine Wa stamp below the late war Zeiss code rln

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German POW Made Model Radio

A nicely detailed model of a German Torn Fu d2 radio made, I believe, by a German POW whilst being held in Southern England.
Measuring 195mm x 165mm and fashioned from thin pine he has gone to great trouble to create a realistic model. All knobs turn and those selecting frequency turn the dial behind, data plates have painted details and there is a carrying handle at the top. One knob is missing.
A small draw slides out at the bottom, perhaps for keeping his small items in.
Overall condition is very good with a small amount of wood missing on one rear corner.
An interesting piece of German Prisoner of War history

Code: 53496

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